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The day when it rained – Part 21

Part 21
Later that night. U was trying to sleep but my mind was disturbed. I tossed on the bed. I keep drinking water and walking on the room. I looked at my mobile. It was almost midnight.
I dialed Sameer’s number. Sameer picked the call at the last ring.
Sameer: hello…??
Me: Sameer?
Sameer: Naina?
Me: haan.
Sameer: Naina! Why are you calling now? Is everything fine???
Me: why can’t I call without reason?
Sameer: it’s not that I mean.
Me: then?
Sameer: you don’t usually call me late at night, that’s why.
Me: today I feel like calling you….
Sameer: ok my angel…
Me: Sameer…
Sameer: hmm…?
Me: are you angry with me?
Sameer: no… Why should I be?
Me: because….. I…. I don’t….
Sameer: what happen to you? What are you talking??
Me: you don’t think you are lucky??
Sameer: lucky??? Now we’re did luck come from.
Me: you told Arjun is lucky because he has Shefali. Aren’t you lucky?
Sameer: Naina, you are still on that???
Me: tell me Sameer… Don’t i care for you enough??
Sameer: Naina. . .
Me: hmm…
Sameer: Naina. I am the luckiest person on the whole world. Because I have you in my life. I am lucky because you are with me. You are my luck, my angel…

Sameer: Naina…
Me: Sameer.. You know I love you. I care for you…
Sameer: Naina…..
Me: hmm…
Sameer: I love you too. You are the most important person in my life. ..
I keep quiet.
Sameer: Naina….
Me: say…
Sameer: I love you..
Me: Sameer….
Sameer: now what….
Me: nothing…
Sameer: Naina, I am not asking you to say it all the time. Still, it’s fine to say romantic things sometimes…
Me: say what….?
Sameer: like say how much you love me… Say that you miss me. Say such romantic things na….
Me: really Sameer???
Sameer: ya Naina… I know you love me and all but sometimes expressing it is important.
Me: I am sorry Sameer.
Sameer: no Naina. I am not blaming you. What I mean is expressing your self will make it all more beautiful. It will make me feel special when you say you love me and all that’s why.
Me: I understand Sameer… I am sorry….
Sameer: Naina…. If you say sorry again na….
Me: sorry…
Sameer: Naina…..
Me: Okk okk….
We both smiled.
Sameer: ok.. It’s been so late, now go to sleep…
Me: ok…. Good night…
Sameer: good night… Sweet dreams.
Me: you too…
Sameer: bye…
Me: Sameer….
Sameer: huh??
Me: I love you…
Sameer: love you too my angel… Sleep well….

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