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Mi amour [my love] my mate – Prologue

Hey lovely peoples, I am Lexi and Il am new here. I like the pair of kanchi so I am going to start their story. I hope  you all will support me and comment and like the story . Well its not compulsory though.

My story is a bit different. I mean that it dont have hospital plot. Its imaginary story about werewolves.

Characters will be same.

Its teenage story.

Some important points I would like to tell is

1) werewolves finds their mate when they turn 18.

2) Mates are the one who loves eachother unconditionally.

3) If one of the werewolf dont want his/her mate he/she can reject their mate .

4)mates are coupled by moon godess.

5) marking and mating is like marriage for werewolves.

I will tell you all further details when the story will progress.


Sanchi’s pov.

Hycans, hycans are the most powerful creatures in this world. They are blessed by the qualities of lycans and hybrids. Hycans are considered as angel created by moon goddess. Lycans are the followers of the hycans and werewolves are the worshipers of hycans and lycans. Not many of them knows about hycans. Only lycans are aware of them and have saw them. Werewolves are not allowed to see a hycan’s real form-” I was disturbed by the librarian yelling at us to get off our asses from library. Jezz! How I wish to meet a hycan one day!


Thats a small introduction of the story. I promise the story will get interesting further. I will soon post the first chapter.

Till then

Have a nice day.

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