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Mere Sai 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Rescues Keshav From Falling Down

Mere Sai 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man and his son comes to Sai and greets him. Sai blesses him. Man introduces himself as black smith and tells that his son has a stomach pain, can’t sleep or have food. Dilawar asks him to make his son eat fish and meat and says then he will be fine. Sai mixes Vibhuti in water and asks boy to drink it in one go. Om Sai song plays….Boy drinks it and says he has no pain now. Dilawar’s sevaks get surprised. Dilawar says you can do miracles also, and tells blacksmith that his mind is corrupt while doing blacksmith work and asks him to take burning coal in his hand. Blacksmith man gets scared, and tells Sai that he will go. Sai blesses him. Dilawar says I have never seen anyone using ashes to this extent and gets angry. He asks his sevaks to make food, wash clothes and massage his feet. Sai smiles.


and Bayaza comes to Sai’s Dwarka Maai. Bayaza asks Sai how can he let anyone stay in his Dwarka Maai and asks him to tell them to go. Sai says Dwarka Maai is of everyone. Appa says you have less space to stay. Bayaza asks him to stay with them until they stay there. Sai says this can’t happen and says I got a chance to understand or learn something. Bayaza says from him. Sai says yes. Bayaza says when you have made up your mind, then nobody can change. They leave. Dilawar asks his sevak, how much time he will take to make food. Sevak says soon. Dilawar sees new pot with Sai and says it is mine now, don’t dare to touch it. Sai says we shall help each other. Sai Om plays…..Keshav asks shall I go out and play. Rukmini is hesitant to let him go. Keshav says I will fulfill my promise and will not go to Dwarka Maai or meet Sai. Rukmini says I know, and I also know that you cares and loves Sai a lot. Keshav asks Rukmini to sit and says if Sai comes infront of me then I will remember how Pitaji tried to throw you out. Rukmini hugs him.

Sevak says food is ready. Dilawar asks him to serve. They sit to have food. Sai asks Dilawar if he wants to have his food. Dilawar says I don’t eat food which you got in charity.

Keshav comes to his friends and apologizes to Jhipri for his behavior. Jhipri ties cloth on her head and tells Sai’s words that she knows it is his helplessness which forces him to do this.

Dilawar tells his sevaks that he will rest now. The young one goes outside to play. He thinks it is enjoyable to play in open. He drinks water kept for the passer bys. He sees Jhipri and others playing and thinks even he used to play with his kids like this. Jhipri thinks he is the sevak of that man. Boy asks can I play with you. The boy whom Dilawar threatened to kill asks him to go. Boy sadly goes. Keshav climbs on the tree to pluck mangoes, and falls down. Sai holds him hand. Keshav is surprised to see him and gets worried. Om Sai plays. Sai says even if you don’t call me then also I will come to rescue you. All boys smile. Keshav recalls his promise given to Kulkarni and also recalls his conversation with Rukmini. Keshav tells Jhipri that he has promised his father that he will not go to Dwarka Maai or talk to Sai, else Pitaji will throw my mother out.

A man comes to Dilawar and says he got treasure as per his astrology. Dilawar thinks soon people will forget Sai.

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