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Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 11)

After 1 month.

Sayyam is getting ready in his room when his gets a call from the unknown number. He picks it and starts talking.

Sayyam – Hello.

Caller – Am I speaking to Mr Sayyam.

Sayyam – Yes. But may I know who you are.

Caller – Sir I am calling from the city hospital, your wife was in coma right.

Sayyam – (gets excited) Yeah tell me is everything fine?

Caller – Yes sir everything thing is fine. Actually she is recovering and she may wake up anytime. So you need to come here, we will discharge her.

Sayyam – (He gets too happy and jumps in excitement) Yes I am coming there.(He cuts the call).

He runs to the hall and calls everyone in the hall.

Suhani – What happened Sayyam why have you called us here. (He hugs her tightly and she gets confused)

Sayyam – Today it’s the happiest day of my life Maa, Krishna can anytime come out from the coma.

Everyone is happy.

Yuvani – Then why are you wasting your time here. Go fast and bring her.

Sayyam – But no one wants to come with me?

Suhani – No you go and bring her we all want to do a grand welcome.

Sayyam – (Gets happy) OK I am leaving Bye.

In the hospital

Sayyam rushes to the doctor.

Sayyam – Doctor I received a phone call from here telling that Krishna is waking up.

Doctor – Yes you go to her room, she must be waking up anytime and I am coming in 5 minutes.

Sayyam goes to her room and sits beside her holding her hand.

Sayyam – (Krishna comes back to her senses but acts like sleeping to listen to what Sayyam says) Krishna you can’t imagine how much I have waited for this day. For me this one month was going like 1 whole life. For me every second was like a whole year. I just can’t wait to see you arguing with me and troubling me. Well I even left drugs.

Krishna (jumps in excitement) – Really

Sayyam (his eyes widened) – What you were awake and listening to me. Very bad.

Krishna – Of course now you always hide things right so now if I want to know anything about you this is the best method. Because now I came to know that when I am asleep that time you talk to me.

Sayyam – There is nothing like that don’t assume things. Actually I was missing you very much. I was missing your arguments.

Krishna – (gets sad) What should I do, because of you I was in this condition.

Doctor enters and sayyam moves aside and the doctor checks Krishna.

Sayyam feels bad as Krishna considers him to be responsible for that accident, which is true somewhere.

Finally all the formalities are completed and they are about to leave.

Krishna – Aah!!

Sayyam – (Worried) What happened Krishna are you fine. Please tell me.

Krishna – My legs are hurting.

Sayyam – Yes the doctor told me that as you didn’t walk from 1 month so it will take some time to normal

Krishna – So how I am gonna walk now.

Sayyam – I will help you.

He keeps Krishna’s hand on his neck and holds her firmly by her waist and takes her to the car. When she is seated comfortably he starts driving. There is a complete silence Krishna is looking out from the window and Sayyam is looking at her. Finally Sayyam decides to break the silence.

Sayyam – Krishna I am sorry for that day.

Krishna – (Looks at him) It’s OK. Whatever has happened we can’t change it so why to remember it over and over.

Sayyam – Though you are saying this Krishna. But I can feel coldness in your voice.

Krishna – Actually Sayyam I have forgived you but I can’t deny the fact that because of you I was going to die. I am sorry to say but Sayyam the trust I had on you I can’t have the same trust again. First I felt like no matter what happens but you won’t be the cause of my pain but you ruined that feeling. I am now scared to be around you, maybe you will hurt me again. But keep this thing in mind that I have forgived you. (She smiles at him)

Sayyam felt like he doesn’t want to live anymore. The person he loved the most is now scared to be around him.

Sayyam – Krishna I don’t know if I will ever be able to gain the same place in your life as I had before but I want to tell you that I have changed.

Krishna – The respect which I had for you has increased. You realized your fault and left the 10 years addiction in just one month. (In a serious voice) Sayyam stop the car.

Sayyam – (Confused) Why what happened we haven’t reached home.

Krishna – (again in the same voice) Sayyam I said stop the car.

Sayyam stops the car and helps Krishna to get out from the car.

Krishna – Today Navratri has started and I saw this temple. Come we will take blessings.

Sayyam realizes that it is the same temple in which he prayed for Krishna’s recovery. He then lifts Krishna in his arms and walks. She is shocked and looks at him but he is looking straight. They are now standing in front of the Durga’s Idol.

Sayyam (in mind) – Thank you Maa for me my love back. With your blessings soon we will be together. Please give me an indication that you are with me.

Krishna (in mind) – Maa please keep my family protected and happy. May Sayyam find his true love and start a new life.

They both are about to leave when Krishna’s duppatta gets struck in a nail on the pillar. She gives her puja thaal to Sayyam and tries to remove it. Meanwhile some children are playing in the temple and by mistake a child pushes Sayyam’s hand so the the thaal goes in the air and is going to fall down. The sindoor from the thaal falls on Krishna. Sayyam is gets happy seeing the indication. They both leave for BM. Soon they reach BM


Suhani hugs Krishna. (She is about to enter the house)

Baby – No Krish you can’t come inside.

Yuvani – Krish first in bollywood style ki this pot filled with rice and then Mumma will do the aarti.

They do all the welcoming process and bring  her in the hall. The hall is full decorated.

Krishna – Thanks to all of you. But there was no need of getting troubled.

Yuvraj – Ooh come on Krishna after all my daughter has returned after so many days. It needs to be done. (They both hug each other)

Suhani – Krishna if you don’t mind I want to ask you something.

Krishna – Ask na aunty.

Suhani – Beta how you fell on the glass table

Krishna (all the color from her face fades she looks at Sayyam who looks down due to his guilt) – Aunty actually I was walking and my leg slipped I lost my balance and fell on the table. Now please I just want to forget it can we talk about anything else.

Suhani – No dear no more talking you need rest now go to your room we will talk tomorrow.

Sayyam helps Krishna go to the room.

Sayyam – Why did you lie.

Krishna – Because whatever you did it was under the influence of drugs so I don’t want to make it a big issue.

Sayyam (he sits beside her and takes her hand in his.) – Krishna I just want one chance. Please

Krishna (takes her hand away from sayyam) – I am tired and I want to have some rest.

Sayyam gets sad he leaves from there and goes to Yuvani’s room.

Krishna (to herself) – I am sorry Sayyam. But I want to free you from forced relation. In which you don’t love me and even i don’t love you.

In Yuvani’s room

Yuvani – What happened Sayyam why are you so sad.

Sayyam tells her everything.

Yuvani – Sayyam you need to make efforts to make her realize.

Sayyam – Will you help me.

Yuvani – Of course I will.

In Kriyam’s room

Baby comes to Krishna with food.

Krishna – Arre Baby come sit so many days have gone many things must have happened. Now tell me everything that happened in this month.

Baby – You know everyone missed you but Sayyam missed you the most. (She tells about his walking on the coal). Every minute he missed.

(Krishna gets shocked by this)

Baby tells her all the important happenings

Krishna – You told me about everyone but you didn’t tell me anything about happenings in your life

Baby – Yuvan and I accepted our love for each other and have become one but

Krishna – Wow Baby that’s amazing but why you told me this in the last.

Baby – Because their is something bad behind it.

Krishna – What bad don’t create suspense. Tell me quickly.

Baby – I had accident na so if you remember the reports had not arrived.

Krishna – yes they were going to arrive one day after my accident’s day. So what was in the report (gets worried)

Baby – (with tears) The reports said that I can never become a mother.

Baby hugs Krishna and cries badly, while Krishna tries to calm her.

Baby – This is all bad “Karma” that has returned to me. I deserve this.

Krishna – No Baby stop blaming yourself. You don’t deserve it and believe me everything will be fine.

Baby wipes her tears.

Baby – Krishna I shouldn’t have stressed you so much. Please have your dinner and then take rest.

Krishna – Hey come let’s eat together

Baby – No need Krish I had my dinner.

Krishna – Nothing happens I want you to eat so eat (cutely)

They both feed each other other and then Baby leaves. Krishna is about to go to her coach when Sayyam enters.

Sayyam – No need to sleep on the couch you need complete rest sleep on bed.

Krishna – (confused) so where are you going to sleep?

Sayyam – Of course on the bed.

Krishna – So you are asking me to share a bed with you.

Sayyam – Yes I know why you are asking me, you think that I will hurt you again but

Krishna – Stop doing emotional blackmail. Fine I will sleep on bed. And ha I was worried to share a bed with you because of your snoring.

Sayyam – What!!! Snoring. Don’t lie I never snore.

Krishna – Ooho Mr Sayyam you snore daily I always hear it

Sayyam – Maybe you snore and hear it and then assume it to be mine.

Krishna – (pouts cutely) fine this time I will do a video recording and show it to you.

Sayyam – Record it later sleep now but need rest.

Krishna shows her tongue to sayyam and they both sleep on their sides.

Precap – Krishna gets a clue of her past. She goes to her dead parents’ old house. She asks Sayyam’s help.
















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