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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 56- Shivaay meets Mr Rana

A very huge thanks to all for encouraging me to continue my fiction. It’s just because of your support that today i’ve completed 100 episodes and it’s all credit goes to all of you.😚😊

“Dev pressing Makhu neck” if you want these breath to be with you then tell me the name of your boss.

“Makhu laugh” even these breath are slave of my boss and even i’ll be taking last breath i won’t open my mouth

Police” Mr Rajput please leave him don’t take law in your hands why you are staining your hands with his dirty blood…. He free Makhu from Dev holds

“Dev angrily gazes him” kill him….he starts leaving when Makhu voice stops him

Makhu” maut nay tumhare ghar ka rukh kar liya hai DSR.

Scene shifts to kankroli

Shivaay” standing outside SM which is now plated as Rana’s villa


Shivaay” dev uncle please try to recollect all the happiness of last years. I’m damn sure someone helped Sanjay to destroy you.

Dev” No! Sanjay and Indra were only sons of….. And after their mother came to know about her sons  deeds she got heart attack and passes away”

Shivaay” then who it can be? If no one is left after   Suryavanshi. Then who?”

Dev” Shivaay! Leave me alone please”

Shivaay pov” uncle i can feel your pich but i’m sorry i’m helpless.

“Shivaay gently presses Dev hand” where are the roots of Suryavanshi

Dev” kankoli”

Shivaay pov” then kankroli will give answers to all questions.”

He makes call to khanna and instruct him.

Flashback ends

“Gate keeper questioning Shivaay” G without whom you want to meet?

Shivaay” Mr Rana… tell him SSO has came to meet him”.

Gk” Oh! Come he’s waiting for you”

Mr R” reading newspaper having hot cup of tea”

Servant” Sir! Mr Oberoi is here”

Shivaay” excuse me Mr Rana”

“Mr R pick his gaze up comes out of his sitting position”  he foward his hand…. Hello Mr Oberoi nice to meet you

“Shivaay shaking hand with him” Same here Mr Rana.

Mr R” please sit Mr Oberoi good to see such a gentleman in kankroli”

Shivaay passes fake smile to him( how can he smile when his love is not with him anymore) but still he curve his lips passing gesture of gentleman

After doing some business talks Shivaay comes to the points

“Shivaay questioning him” Mr Rana before signing any deal it’s are policy  that we  check whether property is first handed or not?

“Mr R smiling on Shivaay’s acts”

Shivaay” is everything alright Mr Rana?”

Mr R” yup everything is perfect. Actually the moment you walk in and your body language reminds me of someone”

“Shivaay curiously gazing him” may i know about whom you are talking?

Mr R” Dev Singh Rajput”

Shivaay” eyes gets widen”

Mr R” he too had the same fire in his eyes ,same gaze of owning this world and same talks.”

Shivaay” having flashback

Anika” once i said na baba that i’m not hungry means no”

Dev” have i asked for your no’s and yeses?”

Shivaay” laughs

“Anika frowns Shivaay”

Dev” Anu! Stop giving this look to Shivaay”

“Anika  gazing both and blabber” pata nahe kaha say dono nay tuning karwai hai. Chutki k shankarji nay spare part to dono k alag he fix kiya hai per dono ki baatey, chal aur tadi  ek jesa hai.

Phely Shivaay kehtey rehtaye thy main tum say pouch nahe raha bata raha hoo aur ab to baba bhi hum pouch nahe rahey bata rahey hai. 🙁

Shivaay smiling” Dev uncle listen what she’s saying?”

“Anika gets shocked” glance Dev….

Dev” what she said?

Shivaay” she is saying that we both….Aaahaaaaa

“Anika smashing his foot” nodding no……

Flashback ends

Mr R” where you get lost is everything ok with you?

Shivaay” Yeah! Everything is Ok.

Mr R” so what you were asking I’m the first owner of land?

Shivaay” Yes!

“Smart boy” Mr Rana smiles while addressing to him…. Actually we are not the first owner of that land…. it was actaully belongs to Suryavanshi

“Shivaay immediately” but i’ve heard years back suryavanshi ended then how?

Mr R” hold on Mr Oberoi take a breath you have done research on suryavanshi”

Shivaay pov” SSO be careful what are you doing ? Your one mistake and all gone….( Shivaay coming back to earth)

No! It’s not like that but sometimes big names makes history which leave marks behind them too.

Mr R ” but i’m the thrid person of this property….. there’s mid man too…..

“Shivaay again cuts him” what’s is the name of that person?

“Mr R narrow is eyes” Are you businessman or syp?

“Shivaay invisibly slap himself” No! actually i’ll be needing there signature too. So that’s why i question because i don’t want any problem in future. So can you tell me the mid man name

Scene shifts to RM 

Vanhi pov” what the hell it’s? Now how i’m going to take her out from here( she evilly gazes Aarohi)

Gauri” Maa! Where are you going?”

Aarohi” beta i’m going mandir with your maasi soon i’ll be back”

Pinky aunty” bharjaji! Per Dev bhai sahab strickly said that you are not suppose to go out”

Devi g” haan beta still Dev don’t get back please don’t go

Aarohi” Vanhi! Wait for sometime let Dev come

Vanhi smiles” fine jiji but please have something. You have not eaten anything.

“Dadi cup Aarohi face” puttar…. Devi is your mother-in-law but i’m your Maa. And child can say no to everyone but not to her mother.

“Aarohi hugs Dadi tightly cries” haan maa g bacha apni maa ki baat kabhi nahe talta. Per kuch Maaye hum jesi bhi hoti hai jin ki bachi……..( Aarohi couldn’t complete)

Scene shifts to kankoli

Shivaay pov” how long Mr Rana will take to call that mid man. I’m already late… i’ve to go somewhere else too.


Mr R” comes with the mid man. Here he’s Mr Oberoi


Shivaay” i’m already late please tell me the name of the owner and where i’ll get him?”


MM” here name is………..


Shivaay” anxiously waiting for his response.”

After few hours RM

“Dev patting Gauri cheek” princess get up why you are laying in hall like this?

“Gauri semi consciously holding her head” Dad! I don’t know

“Dev sprinkle water on Gauri face” what happened to you ?

“Gauri gets consious”Dad! When you came and what i’m……?

Dev” Princess where are rest?”

Gauri” look around Dad i don’t know let me check”

“Dev minds click” Princess where’s Aarohi? He question her worriedly

Gauri” Dad! Maa will be in Di’s room

“Dev rushing to Anika’s room” Princess quickly check others hurry i’m going to Aarohi. I hope she’s fine……. while running dev having flashback of makhu words…..

Gauri gets shocked to see Pinky aunty laying in kitchen…. soon she with the help of pinky aunty finds rest of memebers who where too laying unconsciously at different places

“Dev shouts” where’s Aarohi?

All holding there heads gather in hall

Devi g” Dev! What happened?

Dev” Maa ! Aarohi kaha hai?

Bhavya” Maa was in Anika di’s room.

“Dev in frighten voice” she is not there.

All get shocked and start looking for Aarohi.

Rudra” Anuty g is not out”

Om” nor in basement”

Gauri tensely” Dad! I’ve checked the all rooms but Maa is no where.

Dev shouts” then where she’s?”

“Jhanvi trying to re-again” Haan! Yaad aya.

Dev ” what?”

Jhanvi” bhai sahab woh bhabhi ji was saying she is going mandir with Vanhi”

“But i’m here” Vanhi  sounded from enterance

Devi g” beta you where saying that you and Aarohi have to visit mandir then where’s Aarohi”

Vanhi” i don’t know i was…….      ( Dev cuts her)

“Dev clutches her” then from where you came from ha?

“Vanhi angrily gazes Dev” she pulls his hands down… Dev i don’t know… and i went out for few minutes to stop press and media to enter RM.

Through my sources i came to know that press came to know about ASR and what to bash you Rajput’s.

Dev” stares Vanhi”

Bhavya cries” but where’s Maa then?

Screen splits into three gets freezes on Shivaay, Temple and Dev




Precape will Shivaay be able to keep Anika’s moon brighten 


Once again thankyou so much for bearing Nati till now.



As i’ve completed 100 epsiode so it’s a resquest to all active and silent readers specially to break their silence now and take your time but do answer my questions plzzzzzzz do comment

1. Which episode you like the post and which was the worst one/ best moment

2. The best dialogues from both sequels?

3. Did you like Aarohi’s role in Anika’s life?

4. The way Shivika relation is speeding

5. Last but not the least: your good and bad view about Author style of writing.

“Be honesty guys while answering even your negative comments are welcome”

Next update will be done when i’ll be getting answers to these questions.

 Till then have a blessed life and again thankyou to all. Soon see you in comment session………..

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