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Ek Deewana Tha 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash sees flashes of Kapali Hills Temple

Ek Deewana Tha 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajan asks Suvarna if she understands what wil happen if Shiv remembers everything. She nods. this is what I want. I want them to remember everything. Things will turn worse as they took birth to unite. They will be united righ under this roof and in front of your eyes. Stop it if you can! Rajan slaps her.

Radhika tells KK his wound is bandaged. Rest now. I am going. He holds her hand. She tells him his wound has been already taken care of. I will charge for what I just did. He speaks of giving her blank cheque. She says what if I put any amount on that and you are bankrupt. He replies that he will die by her smartness. I wont do it. You can turn into a Lady Don. Our romance will be so much fun. I can give you one thing in writing. Our movie will be super hit. She says I can see the effect

of your wound. He smiles. He holds her hand as she gets up to go. She thinks she does not know why she is getting pulled to him. Whenever you mention of your death, I feel as if it is related to mine in some way. It will be normal flirting for you but I feel our past is somewhat connected. KK thinks I don’t know what was there in their past but he knows that she is his present. He makes her look at him. Title track plays in the background. Radhika takes Rajan’s name to distract him and runs outside. KK smiles.

Radhika meets Akash as she comes downstairs. You dint sleep yet. She says the same to him. Someone is watching them. Akash praises Radhika. How can someone smart like you fell for KK? She asks him if he does not think he said a little too much. He tells her he is a little worried for her. I don’t think you should go close to KK. She tells him that it is only her right to decide what she should or should not do. He agrees. I know KK and stars like him a little more than you. They change girls like clothes. It is so normal for them. You are Shivani’s friend so I ought to be worried for you. I don’t want your heart to break. I am a little concerned for you. She says I feel we can be good friends. The shadow thinks of Sharanya and Vyom’s love / friendship. Radhika tells Akash she is happy to hear it but she can take care of herself. You don’t need to worry. He says it means you are not upset with me. She nods. He offers to make coffee and she agrees.

KK is smiling to himself. I feel so different whenever I meet her. There is something about her for sure!

Madhvi slaps Suvarna and KK stands up feeling restless. He cannot understand why he keeps seeing that old woman again and again. I don’t know what relation we share. He warns himself to focus only on himself and Radhika. I don’t care even if someone is standing right outside my room and shouting. I would ignore it. I would ignore it when I see someone drenched in blood even. I will ignore all the drama. I don’t want to go mad. All this while, Rajan and Madhvi are torturing Suvarna. Rajan says I will kill him. She says if that was possible then he wouldn’t have come here. He has come as your Kaal this time to punish you all for your sins. Wait and watch! Rajan holds her by her throat. I don’t know if it is your son or you who will die by my hands!

KK tells himself to focus. My career will be ruined if I fall in this shit. Think about your fans and Radhika. Your parents loved you a lot. This woman has no connection with you. It is 21st century after all. No such things happen nowadays. Focus only on your work and Radhika.

Madhvi stops Rajan from killing Suvarna. If we start this game of bloodshed once then it wont stop. We decided we wont repeat the mistakes that we committed 25 years ago. We wont kill any innocent person now. He says it will be a problem if she comes running outside again like before. Madhvi says we wont let her ruin our plan. I agree I made a mistake by keeping her here. We will take her far from here and leave her there so she cannot come back from there. She says sorry to Suvarna. I dint want to do it but I have no choice. She covers Suvarna’s mouth with a piece of cloth and they take her with them.

Akash is making coffee. She offers to make it but he says everyone in the college always wanted me to make it. She smiles that her friend wont need someone to make coffee for her. Akash tells her that her friend does not care about her.

Shivani thinks to tease Akash first before pacifying him. She heads to his room.

Radhika says she loves you very much. Akash says I also love her very much. She dint even take me out to show her town. She offers to take him for sightseeing and tells him famous places. She speaks of a very old and famous Devi Ma temple. He shares that he does not go to temple. She suggests him to take Shivani along. He complains that she does not have time.

Shivani worries upon not finding Akash in his room late at night.

Radhika tells Akash to go this time. Your opinion towards temples will change. He asks her where the temple is. She ends up saying Kapali Hills. Akash sees some flashes from the past. He drops the coffee cup and pan on the floor. Radhika is taken aback to see it.

Precap: Radhika hears a scream and looks out of a window. Rajan and Madhvi are keeping someone (Suvarna) in the trunk of the car. Someone covers her mouth from behind and whispers Sharanya’s name in her ear. She looks panicked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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