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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni and Parth caught together at minister’s house

Dil Se Dil Tak 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teni placed a knife over Parth’s neck, recalling how she had done this once before while fleeing Bhanushali house. The terrorists break into the house, Teni goes to peek from upstairs but Parth drags her behind. They share an eye lock. Teni gets his grip loosen over herself.
The terrorist places a knife over Minister’s neck and makes a recording, they demanded the release of their leader else the minister would die. He instructs his fellows to spread the video on social media. A guard attempts to pick up a gun, the terrorists cut his neck to kill him. Teni blames Parth for involved in such terrorist attacks. She bites Parth’s hand but he doesn’t scream. He questions why can she be so idiot, why would he be hiding if he was on terrorist’s sides. Teni agrees to him. They hear the terrorists

coming upstairs. Parth and Teni hide inside the wardrobe, the terrorists look inside the room then leaves. Teni was relieved that the bastards left. She notices Parth staring towards her and forbids him be happy for love by chance. She shows Parth her engagement ring as she has been booked for lifetime. She was sure Iqbal would soon be here to save her.
Iqbal watches the news in television and calls Teni. Teni hears the phone bell ringing downstairs in the hall. Teni was happy to hear the phone bell, they go outside to see the terrorist speak to Iqbal. He thanks Iqbal for making them realize there are important people with minister to take care of. Iqbal was intrigued and requests the goon not to punish Teni for his mistake. Upstairs, Parth asks Teni to hide in the wardrobe again. She thinks about some other idea, then takes Parth to the third floor. The terrorist speaks to Iqbal that there is no other girl. Iqbal was sure she is there, she can’t forgive her phone anywhere. He says even if there was a girl they wouldn’t have spare her until their demands are fulfilled.
On the roof, Teni asks Parth to call Iqbal. She needs to speak to him, he will surely find some way; and asks about his phone. She doesn’t recall the number of Iqbal correctly. Parth mocks if she is going to marry the same man? Teni says no one memorize numbers these days. She recalls the number, Parth was taken aback. He thinks Teni is weird, she still remembers his number. Teni asks why Parth is wasting time. The police calls on loud speaker for terrorists to surrender. The terrorist deters to shoot the minister. Teni asks Parth to make the call, Parth says he can’t call his own number. He questions how she recall his number. Teni says she was trapped in his house once and called him a number of times. Parth says she is with Iqbal for last four hours and doesn’t know his number.
Teni was irritated and heads inside. Parth stops her and says what if they shoot her leg, would Iqbal marry her then. Parth says he must think about it. Teni was sure Iqbal would marry her, he loves her dearly. Parth asks if Teni also loves him. She was thoughtful.

PRECAP: Parth tells Indu about being trapped at minister’s house. Indu was worried at home. Iqbal speaks to the police but they say they have to save Minister first. Iqbal takes his licensed gun to save Teni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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