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Beautiful Surprise (OS) by Monaa

Kunj was waiting for Twinkle to call him since last 2 days.

Ever since he had come to London two months ago, to grab a new business deal here, which could be a profitable venture, he and Twinkle had made sure they talk to each other daily. Either on phone or on skype. Last week was no different. They continuously called each other and texted when the other was busy.

This week though he noticed Twinkle being distracted during the phone call.

He couldn’t point to what felt different, but something was up with her and Kunj felt it.

Two days ago, she told him that she will not call him as she is busy with her new Album.

He understand, with her being a beautiful singer, she has commitments which she need to fulfil.

But she should have at least texted him or replied to his texts.

He was soo worried for her as he was hundreds of miles away from her. He even tried to get information regarding Twinkle from his family members, but they were also not saying anything on this matter.

They always change the topic as soon as he starts talking about Twinkle.

He couldn’t even concentrate on his work today. All he wanted to do was fly to his wife, his life and know what’s wrong with her.

He was scared, scared that she has some problem in her life and she is not sharing it with him, not wanting to worry him.

She was supposed to be with him here enjoying their honeymoon again in London but due to her pending commitments, she couldn’t come with him. And now he is missing her like hell.

Kunj enters the restaurant in which he, his PA cum friend Aman (not to forget Twinkle’s friend too) usually come to enjoy on weekends.

Now being away from his love and his family, he too need a little distraction not to think much about his wife otherwise he will end up returning back to her, which ofcourse she wont like as it would cost his business adversely.

As soon as he enters the place, he notices a familiar figure sitting along with Aman.

Kunj’s heart skips a beat. She is laughing to whatever story that good for nothing Aman is telling her whilst looking so freaking beautiful in black top, and long skirt with a flower prined scarf hanging in her neck.

He rubs his eyes to make sure that it isn’t a dream. A very beautiful dream it would have been indeed.

Finally, she notices him, and he is close to heartattack after watching her entire face break into a smile after seeing him.

She gets up and speed walks towards him while he stood there dumbfounded.

She hugged him so tightly that even air couldn’t pass from between them.

He sighs into her embrace and after what felt like decades, Aman pats him on his back, teasing them relentlessly.

He takes Twinkle’s hand in his and walks out of the restaurant, and makes her sit on the bench in the backyard.

He hugs her again to ensure she is real and not just his imagination. He breathes a sigh of relief in Twinkle’s arms.

“I missed you so much Twinkle. These last two days have been a literal hell.” said Kunj closing the distance between their lips.

“I missed you too Kunj” replied Twinkle in between their kisses.

“Vo.. Kunj.. vo.. i need to talk to you about something” she said breaking the kiss and tucking a loose hair strand behind her ear.

Kunj’s heartbeat increased. So, he was right. Something was not right with her and it scared him.

“What happened Twinkle?? Us everything ok?? U r ok right??” Kunj asked restlessly cupping her cheeks in his palms.

“Vo actually Kunj.. i want to say.. i mean someone is comming in our home soon” She said shyly.

“Someone is comming?? Our home?? Is there any guest or any of your friend is comming??, asked a confused Kunj.

“KUNJJ !!! Why are you being such a tubelight?” whisper screamed an exasperated Twinkle.

“That someone is going to be our baby Kunj. I am pregnant”, said Twinkle successfully shutting up her super intelligent (sarcasm) husband.

Kunj’s heart stopped beating. Along with his heart, his brain also stopped functioning. He couldn’t believe it. He wanted to do many things at once but he couldn’t move. His body was frozen.

“Kunj!  Kunj say something??”, pleaded Twinkle breaking him from his dreamland.

“Oh my God…Oh my God Twinkii!!”, uttered Kunj after the shock subsided and he was able to move his body.

He stood up, taking Twinkle in his arms and twirled her around whilst screaming,

“I am going to be a Dad. Oh, my god, I am going to be a Dad !!!

“When did you get to know this??


You are ok right??”

“Wait that’s why you were not takking to me from last two days Twinkle? I was worried sick for you”  he bombarded her with a series of questions after putting her on the ground.

Twinkle, on the other hand, placed her hands on his shoulders and asked him to relax.

She told him how she was feeling dizzy and weak from the start of the week. How most of the week all she did was, sleep. She told him how two days ago after dinner, after taking in the smell of her favourate Browney, she vomited. How she considered the possibility of being pregnant only after Bebe pointed that fact out. How she found out that she was pregnant by using pregnancy test kits.

She told him she was very nervous and didn’t know how he would react but still she wanted to give him this news in person and not on phone or by some text.

She told him she was very scared and it took two days to gather the courage to fly here and tell him the news.

 “Twinkle you’re Pagal. But you’re my Pagal. I love you so much Twinkle. Today you made me the happiest person alive. I love you. So much.” said Kunj opening his heart in front of his wife.

He kissed her temple showing how much he missed her and her warmth and slightly pecked her lips showing his love for her. He bend down on his knee, slightly caressed her flat tummy over her top and pecked there too showing his love to their baby.

Twinkle smiled seeing his pure love for her and their unborn and felt blessed to have him as her lifepartner, her soulmate.

He got up and told her how much he missed her. He told her how he cannot kiss or how he cannot hug her or sleep in her lap after a long day of work.

He told her how much he missed hugging her, waking up to her face and making love to her.

To which Twinkle laughed mischievously and asked her husband to prove to her how much he missed her.

He laughed at her eagerness and they both left from there to have their dinner and a long long drive.

And Kunj did just that, proved his love to her life showing how much he missed her all-night long.

How can he not fulfill the demand of his Twinkii..(wink wink)

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