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Riansh (ishq mein marjawan 2) a different love story episode 13 – love confession

The episode starts with:

Riddhima was really happy that vansh was jealous. The day ends. At departure time Akshay goes to Riddhima.

Akshay: riddhu would you like to accompany to home today.

Vansh hears this and he goes towards them and holds Riddhima’s hand. He drags and takes her to a side.

Riddhima: sir what are you doing?

Vansh: what are you doing? Why are you getting so close to Akshay? Don’t you dare go with him.

Riddhima: why is he affecting you so much?

Vansh: because I love you..I love you so much..

Riddhima starts crying.

Riddhima: you are my teacher..how can you think of this.. how can a teacher love a student.

She runs away. Vansh comes out of his dream(don’t throw chappals at me😂😂😂). He was still standing there only. It was all his imagination.

Riddhima: I can’t accompany you akshu.. sorry because I have to do dance practice with vansh sir.

Akshay: ok no problem.

He leaves.

Vansh(thinking): no no no I can’t propose her..what she will think of me..I can’t hurt her.

Riddhima comes to him.

Riddhima: should we leave?

Vansh nods. They reach RS mansion. Riddhima recieves a call from Akshay.

Vansh: why is he calling you? Didn’t he know that you are with me?

Riddhima: sir he is my best friend..

Vansh: you met him today only and he became your best friend.. tomorrow he will become your boy friend..I am going if you want to come you can..

He leaves. Riddhima starts laughing. Everyone of Raisinghania family were present there. They all were shocked seeing vansh’s behaviour.

Ishani: oh god vansh bhai is jealous (laughing)

Riddhima: whole day..(laughing)

Riddhima leaves.

Ajay: my son is in love..

Uma: yes. Hope they both realise it soon.

Riddhima and vansh start to dance. They were lost in each other’s eyes.

Vansh(thinking): she is so beautiful.. I can’t tolerate more.. I will say today what I want to.. if she gets hurt I will never show my face to her.. but I have to first listen to her opinion.

Vansh: Riddhima can you meet me at XYZ restuarant today? Please.

Riddhima thinks.

Riddhima: ok I will come but at what time?

Vansh: 8:00 pm.

Riddhima: ok.

Riddhima (thinking): what will he say?? Will he propose me.. yeahhh.

They practice and it was time for Riddhima to leave. Riddhima leaves the house. Vansh comes down.

Vansh: today I will propose Riddhima. I will make this moment best for us.

Everyone: whattt??

Vansh: yes I will propose her today.

Shivaay: the most awaited moment came.

Uma: yes. I can’t wait to make her my bahu.

Chanchal: me too bhabhi. She is so sweet.

Vansh decorates the place very well for Riddhima. At 8:00 pm Riddhima reaches there she was shocked to see the decorations. She enters inside and flower petals fell on her. She was clad in a dark blue gown with glitter sequins all over it. She was a wearing dark blue heels, diamond earings, diamond necklace and diamond bracelet. Vansh was stunned to see her. He was staring her. Vansh wore a red shirt,black pant and a read blazer. He was looking hot. Riddhima was staring him. Vansh came to Riddhima and bent on his knees.

Vansh: Riddhima the day I saw you was the best day for me. I became a fan of yours listening to your bold words. Noone ever dared to mess with me. You did that. I did not see your face when you were talking to me but when I saw you I was just lost in your Beauty. I can’t even think of a day without you. I want to spend my whole life with you. I love you so much Riddhima. Will you be my life partner?

Riddhima was shocked to hear his words. She had tears in her eyes. Vansh thought he hurt her but she bent to his level.

Riddhima: how can I deny to such a sweet proposal. The day I saw you I hated you but I don’t know what attracted me to you. Now I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you vansh.. I love you so much.

Vansh was very happy listening to her words. He took out a diamond ring from his pocket which had VR written on it. He slid the ring on Riddhima’s hand. Riddhima also took out a diamond ring from her purse. It also had VR written on it.

Vansh: how do you know I would propose you that you brought a ring?

Riddhima: I had a gut feeling you will propose me today so I brought this.

She also slid the ring on his hand.

Riddhima: VR..it means vansh and Riddhima.

Vansh: yes.

He kissed her forehead.

Vansh: I love you.

Riddhima: I love you too sir..oops vansh..

Vansh laughs.

Vansh: I will call you sweetheart from now on.

Riddhima smiles and nods.

Riddhima: won’t you call me riddhu like Akshay?(laughing)

Vansh: I will definitely.(jealousy)

Riddhima laughs.

Vansh: I realised my love for you because of that Akshay only. Now let’s have dinner.

They head to food table.

Vansh: see your favourite food sweetheart.

Riddhima: how do you know this is my favourite..

Vansh: nothing is impossible for vansh Raisinghania.(wink)

Riddhima starts to have food. She was having food like a kid.

Vansh: you are looking so cute.

He pulls her cheeks. She smiles. They spend time together and leave.

At home Riddhima was lost in vansh’s thoughts and vansh was lost in riddhima’s. Vansh messaged her.

On message:

Vansh- sweetheart I told the whole family about us. When will you tell.

Riddhima: no no I can’t tell about us so early to them but I will tell to anu and seju.

Vansh: ok.

She goes to anika’s room where Sejal was also present.

Riddhima: I want to tell you both something (smiling brightly)

Sejal: what?

Riddhima(blushing): vansh proposed me today.

Sejal and anika(in unison): whattttt(shock)

Riddhima blushes.

Sejal: congratulations riddhu.

Anika: congratulations di.

Riddhima smiles.

Precap- Riddhima: please save me vansh.

Vansh: nothing will happen to you I am coming Riddhima.

Hope you liked their love confession.

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