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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 15)

Thank you so much for your support and blessings. The next episode after this will be posted on 22/4/2021.

For previous part :

I know everyone must be shocked due to the precap. But let’s see what happened then…

Riddhima is discharged and brought to RR mansion. Vansh carefully shifted Riddhima to her room. Everyone went outside and now only Riddhima and Vansh is in the room.

Vansh : Riddhima do you want anything ?

Riddhima : I want a glass of water.

Vansh supported Riddhima in his shoulder and gave her a glass of water.

They share a eye lock. Siya and Angre entered the room with Aryan, Ishani, Kabir and Ragini. They knock the door and Vansh and Riddhima break their eye lock.

Vansh(murmers) : Whenever we spent some romantic time together, someone will come to spoil it.

Ishani : Bhai, did you speak anything?

Vansh : No.

Ragini : Riddhu, We came to see you but I think We are ants in heaven.

Riddhima : Nothing of that sort di. When did you and Kabir jiju came?

Kabir : We arrived long ago. But you two didn’t noticed it. Anyway we came to call you two downstairs.

Vansh : But why?

Siya : We don’t know that but uncle and dad asked you two to come to hall.

Everyone went to hall. Vansh came with Riddhima by supporting her with his hands.

Rudra : I and Ajay decided something.

Ajay : Yes. We thought to tie Vansh and Riddhima ‘s knot before they start their next fight.

Rudra : There is a good muhurat in next week. So we decided to get them married in next week.

Riddhima & Vansh : We don’t want to marry.

Everyone : WHAT !!!!

Uma : I am sure that they started their next fight.

Anupriya : Somedays before you told us that you want to be together forever then now don’t want to marry. Did you two go crazy?

Riddhima : Mom listen to us. We actually said that we want to get married but not too fast.

Vansh : Exactly. We want to enjoy the life of a girl friend and boy friend.

Rudra : Ok. Ajay look for next muhurat.

Ajay : The next muhurat is after two month. And the other is after 3 year.

Vansh : The one after 3 year is perfect. What say Sweetheart?

Siya : Oh!!!Sweetheart..(winks).

Riddima : Shut up siya. I agree with Vansh.

Dadi : But I don’t agree. I want to see Vansh & Riddhima’s wedding soon. What if something happens to me before 3 years. So the muhurat after 2 months seems perfect for me. Even Vansh & Riddhu can enjoy the one month as GF and BF. We’ll accept all the demands of these two in this 2 months.

After thinking, Riddhima replied.

Riddhima : As you wish dadi.

Vansh : Ok even I agree to dadi’s wish.

Dadi : But you two have to get engaged this week.

Vansh : Dadi but….

Dadi : No ifs and buts.

Vansh : Ok Dadi.

Riddhima : Your wish is like a order for us dadi. So don’t worry.

Rudra : So let’s bring sweets to celebrate it.

Everyone celebrated the ocassion by having sweets.

Next Day

Riddhima : Mom, where is my lunch box ?

Anu : It’ll be in the dining table Riddhu. And yes, Vansh called me to tell that he is waiting for you at gate. Go fast.

Riddhima : Ok mom. (Thinking) Not bad Vansh..nowadays khadoos is behaving like a Romeo. What say Riddhu bcoz your company makes the most khadoos person into a cute Romeo.

Thinking so she left to college while Vansh is waiting for her. She entered the car.

Vansh : Finally you came. (Giving her a rose) You look more and more pretty everyday Sweetheart .

Riddhima : Awww….Vansh, I think you have taken phD in flirting.

Vansh : All these is because of your company sweetheart.

Riddhima : Now stop flirting and drive fast. I am already late.

They went to Riddhu’s college.

Precap : Vansh(angry) : How dare you touch VRS ‘s girl friend ???
He punches a boy.

Guys, now I’ll post next episode after my exams. Till then keep supporting and please pray for my exams.

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