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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina miss each other

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting her pic clicked and poses for it. Her voiceover tells that in those days, every pic was charged and that’s why they used to pose nicely for a single pic. Naina comes out from the studio and smiles. Bahut pyaar karte hai plays…..Mr. Sumani asks Vishaka when did Nana ji’s factory and properties will be transferred here. Vishaka says she talked to lawyer and he said legal formalities needs to be done. Mr. Sumani asks about his “will”. Vishaka says he has named everything on Sameer’s name. Mr. Sumani smiles. Rohan and Deepika come home and greet Dadi. Vishaka asks Sameer why everything is scattered on bed as if he is going somewhere. Sameer says he will keep it back. Dadi asks Sameer to have food slowly, says he understood as he didn’t get

food yesterday. Dadi signs Keshav. He nods and says he made her favorite food. Dadi says today she will feed her grand son. She finds hairs in the food and acts to scold Keshav. She says if it is Sameer’s hairs. Sameer says even you and mummy have long hairs. Dadi says our hairs are more longer than you, and tells that Mr. Saxena’s grand daughter had to admit in hospital because of it. She tells Sameer you are not a hero, and these types of hairs are kept by street guys and asks him to get his hairs cut and keeps it like Rohan. Sameer shouts and says he will not get his hairs cut and tells that some people can’t bear others hairs. He gets angry and goes out.

He collides with the neighbor girl, who asks him why he is angry. Sameer reminisces Naina. Girl says I brought batteries for your walk man and says she will put on the batteries. She hears the song and asks what is you sanam name? Sameer says it is not like that. Girl asks him to say with whom he was talking to that day if he needs phone again. Sameer asks if there is any gift shop near by. She says I will come with you to the gift shop. Sameer says I got some dilwala in Delhi. Girl says I will run away with you and says she is joking. Sameer and Amrita come to the gift shop. He says he wants to surprise her. Amrita says Naina will be surprised to see you on your anniversary and asks him to take her with him, and says she will be shocked and jealous too. Sameer says if she gets attacks like such.

Sameer tells her about Naina. Amrita asks her not to buy anything and says you are the best gift for her. Sameer buys imported chocolates etc. His voiceover tells that he bought imported gift for the most important person of his life. Amrita says she will also come with him. Sameer thinks how to spend 4 more days without her. Days are seen passing by. Naina waits for Sameer. Dadi finds him happy. Naina misses him and cries. Munna and Pandit see her crying. Sameer gets sad seeing Deepika and Rohan with Vishaka. Amrita gives earrings to Sameer for Naina. Sameer smiles. Aye mere humsafar plays….Naina gets happy seeing Sameer’s bike and see Munna and Pandit bringing it. Amrita receives Naina’s letter and gives to Sameer. Sameer smiles.

Sameer comes to meet Naina in school. He gets upset and leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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