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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaira get a bad news

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan asking Dadi when will she talk to Suhana. She asks him to get Suhana’s kundli. Naira gives file to Akhilesh. He says I will take it later, keep it here. She gets a diary and thinks this is Kartik’s writing, its clinics’ numbers. Kartik hears a man saying its my wife’s problem if she is not having a child, why did doctor send me for tests. Kartik asks do you feel so when you came for tests, even your wife would be going for tests, why do we get ego in everything, we can also have some problem in our bodies. He goes.

Kartik comes home and asks Naira did you have fruits. She asks which clinic did you go finally. She hugs him and says didn’t I tell you that you are perfect, why did you go for tests. He says to confirm your belief in me, you are

getting treatment, what’s the use if I m at fault. She says you are super perfect now. He says its my duty. She says advanced tests reports will come today. He says everything will be fine. He hugs her. A man sprays cleansing smoke there. Kartik holds Naira close. Yahan wahan…..plays…. She kisses him. Baisa asks Kirti to read religious books, child will be well mannered, you will have peace of mind. Naitik comes and gives another book to Kirti. He says its audio books, quick and easy, its tedious to read books, I have found an alternative. Devyaani says you did good, good music and sounds affect mood, its imp to stay happy in pregnancy. Naitik says this time is special for all of us, we all will get promoted. Bhabhimaa says Kirti’s happiness is most imp for us. Kirti says you all are really nice. Naitik says I have two daughters now, Naira and Kirti, I love you both equally. She hugs him. He says be happy so that junior Singhania stays happy. Naksh looks on and smiles.

Dadi makes laddoos. Akhilesh says mom is making something on her own today. Manish says its a rare visual. Kids laugh. Dadi says don’t disturb me. Kartik says tell them you are making this for me. Akhilesh and Surekha say its for us. Dadi says no, its for Naira. Naira gets fainting. Kartik holds her. Dadi asks why are you all staring at me like this, Guru ji said this will benefit, so I m making it with love and devotion. Naira says you are giving me shocks, I will die by shock. Dadi stops her from saying so. Dadi gets a call.

Kartik also goes on a call. Dadi asks what, Suhana and Shubham’s kundlis match perfectly, she has Saubhagyawati yog, they will have three children, two boys and one girl…. Naira says wow, Dadi made yummy laddoos, will you have it. Kartik says your reports have come, there is a blockage in your fallopian tube, you have to undergo a surgery to get fine. She asks does it offer any guarantee. He says no. She asks would it increase chances. He nods. She says its a good thing, we will change 5 % to 95 %. He says listen to me, thinking is subjective, your feelings matter to me the most. She says I feel …… He says you don’t want to have any operation. She says no, we will definitely do it. He hugs her.

Kirti reads book and tells Naksh. She asks Naksh to read it as well. He says I will do crash course later, I m forgetful. He kisses her and says I have to take care of you. Devyaani and Rajshri come. She asks Kirti to have kada fast. They talk to Naksh. Kirti recalls Dadi’s words and pours kada in the flower pot. Devyaani sees empty glass and says you have drunk it all, well done. They go. Kirti thinks sorry, Dadi warned me against it.

Aryan dances and says I knew my and Suhana’s kundlis will match, get me married soon, I will become groom. He hugs Suwarna. She cries happily. He runs to call Suhana. Kartik comes. Manish asks why do you look worried. Kartik says Naira…. Lav and Kush ask Naira to play with them. She sees the doctor kit. Dadi says we won’t have any operation done. Kartik says its imp procedure. Surekha says its not right to meddle with body, several problems arise after surgery. Kartik says if Naira is trying, we shouldn’t think negative. Suwarna says we should become her strength. Kartik says we have to go for another checkup tomorrow, then we will see.

Naira says I don’t want to play this. Lav says we will do your operation. Kartik comes and asks them to go. Lav says we have to do your brain surgery, you got hot tempered. They go. Kartik says its a normal surgery, you can even ask others, we need to be 100 % sure. She says its okay, I have no problem. He says sorry, I forgot that you are a lioness. She says and you are a frog, you will overcome all fears having this injection, see, you didn’t get scared. He says even brave people get scared seeing real injections. She worries and says no, I m not scared, I was just asking. He kisses her hands. Manish says my daughter should get best facilities and treatment, thanks doctor. Dadi wards off bad sight. Suwarna says Naira, I have kept juice and food. Lav asks what happened, why are you going for operation. Manish says she is fine. Suwarna says she is very strong. Naira says I know you all are worried, I m fine, I m not scared, go now and discuss results with doctor. Naira prays to Lord.

Naira runs out. Kartik asks what happened. She says I can’t do it. He says tell me clearly. Naksh asks what can’t you do….

Update Credit to: Amena

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