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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka Worries For Siddhant

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sood tells Judge to wait for 5 mins, after Siddhant consumes cocaine powder fully. Siddhant asks Sood what he expects and falls down. Everyone is shocked. Siddhant gets up and laughs, says you still don’t realize, what will happen to me. He says I can wait here and will have lunch in Judge’s cabin. Srikant tells Judge that he has to go as his Appa KK is waiting for him. Judge says Srikant is right and says I can’t waste time and says Police couldn’t test the reports and tells that it was sugar and not cocaine. Judge announces Srikant as innocent. Srikant leaves. Anushka tries to talk to Siddhant and says media is there. Siddhant says he don’t believe in cheap publicity. Sweety brings doctor and says it is an emergency. Siddhant calls his mother and says he has won the case and

will come home late. He comes to the parking lot and faints.

Prabhakar reaches court and asks Anushka about the case. Anu says Siddhant have won the case. Siddhant manages to reach to the ambulance and is taken inside. Doctor checks and says he has consumed heavy dose of cocaine. Anushka asks Srikant, if it was sugar. Srikant says yes and tells that he is innocent. Anushka sees ambulance and calls Siddhant, but Sweety rejects the call. Siddhant vomits blood. Doctor asks Sweety to inform his family, but Sweety thinks Siddhant asked him not to inform anyone. Sood asks Inspector in check in every hospital and hotel and says he will admit in some hospital for sure. They reach hospital. Sweety recalls Siddhant had asked him not to admit him in any hospital and says he can’t get him admitted in hospital. Doctor asks if he is his friend or enemy and asks him to sign on the form. KK tells that his son has proved to be innocent in the meeting. Police tells Sood that don’t know where is Siddhant. KK comes home and tells Srikant that his identity is of his son. He says you are head of the reddy group now.

He says Siddhant has saved you today and asks him not to do this again. Riddhi gets angry with him. Anushka comes to Srikant and asks if it was drugs or sugar. Srikant says I am proved innocent in court. He calls Siddhant and says don’t know where is he? Anushka asks again and asks him not to lie. She says if you don’t say truth then that trust and bond will break. Srikant says it had drugs. Anushka recalls seeing ambulance and asks Srikant why he pressurized him to take such a step. Srikant says he was unaware that Siddhant would do such a thing. Anushka thinks siddhant is very ambitious and it is not good. Siddhant gains consciousness at a dhaba far away from the city. Sweety says you got well with roots, cow dung and urine medicine. Siddhant asks are you experimenting on me and asks where are we? Sweety says I thought this is the right place other than hospital or hotel, he says once he thought to break promise and got him admitted in hospital. Siddhant recalls promising Anushka.

Anushka asks Siddhant where was he and asks why did he risk his life and says your life is not only yours. Siddhant looks at her.

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