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Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia and Arjun break up

Woh Apna Sa 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rano writes what he says. arjjun says it was not easy to go against ma because she raised us alone. Rano is my friend and will always be. Rano writes it. she says I will give it to her. When she reads this she will come running to you. Jia packs her bags. Rano comes to her room. Rano gives her the letter. Jia says why are you doing this. rano says I am a woman I can understand your pain. I want you to live happily. Think before deciding anything. Jia says you can go frm here. Arjun syas what are you saying. SHe says its the effect of what you wrote. He says you wanna go right? Go its late. You wanna end everything right Go ahead. I promise I wont stop up you. Arjun leaves. He recalls his moments with Jia and walks out side.

Ambika says to Akash today is a happy day. I am very happy.

Rano has made Arjun hers. She is bringing him back. She says I am so happy.

Winds blow. A papers comes in. Jia reads it. It is the original letter. Rano changed it. The letter jia read first said I never loved you jia. Ma was right I can never find a bettr girl than Rano. I will start a new life with her. Jia says she wrote a fake letter to fool me. She wants to part me and Ajrun. Rano now you know then come. Rano says you thought you could take my arjun from me. She says I know wedding was half done. It hurts when your dreams are completed. It hurts. But what should I do? I had to stop this wedding. I came in front of Nisha’s car. SHe saw my wedding photo with arjun. Then I told her everything and fooled you on the other side and then I stopped your wedding. I waited so long. I sent Akash and he was also involved here.
Then I found you in Akash’s life. i was seven since I love him. You can’t take him from me. You give him black coffee. You don’t know his choices. I wont let this happen at any cost. I am his wife.
He will fill my hairline himself. Arjun says from outside lets go

Rano comes to Arjun. she is in tears. She says I tried so much but nothing worked. Arjun says lets go home. She holds his hand. Rano hugs him crying and puts something in his pocket.

Scene 2
Bini comes to a party. She sees Akash there. she is dazed. He dances with her.
Everyone claps. Bini shoves him and goes from there. She drinks.
Jia comes to her room kin tears. She recalls what Rano said.
Kaki comes and says Jia please eat this before leaving. Jia is in a shock. Jia says Rano came.

Rano and Arjun come home. Ambika says welcome. The letter falls from his pocket.
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