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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: mahadev beats jalandhar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Jalandhar entering the 2nd cave. Jalandhar enters through the rocks climbing through them and then gets inside the cave. Jalandhar says what do I have to face here now? Suddenly Jalandhar sees a shadow, he says who is this new problem now? Jalandhar looks up and sees a man walking ahead in his divya form, it is mahadev. Jalandhar says how is this person looking like me? Did that evil rishi now place another illusion here which looks like me? Jalandhar says I will cross this cave too, I will kill this person. As mahadev walks closer, Jalandhar thinks this man has a very pure and divya form, he looks like me. Jalandhar says who are you? Mahadev smiles. Jalandhar says get aside, I have to go out from the cave, get away from my path. Mahadev doesn’t move. Jalandhar says whoever

you are, get aside otherwise I will kill you. Jalandhar gets angry and says get back you evil man.
Jalandhar says I will not leave you, I will kill you, I am Jalandhar greater than everyone. Mahadev says you are not great, you are just a speck waiting to be removed from existence. Jalandhar says you don’t know who I am, mahadev says I know who you are, you have taken my form and want to rule this universe, that makes you dangerous and I will punish you for that. Jalandhar gets angry and runs towards mahadev to attack him, mahadev stops Jalandhar easily with his hand and pushes him slightly, Jalandhar is thrown aback in air and he hits the rocks with a bang and falls down. Jalandhar says no! he gets up and attacks mahadev again but mahadev throws him back again. Jalandhar removes his weapon, mahadev becomes very huge and Jalandhar thinks, this man became so huge. Mahadev takes the weapon from jalandhar’s hand and destroys it, he says you cannot defeat me. Jalandhar is shocked and mahadev kicks Jalandhar who hits the rocks again and falls down. Mahadev then removes his trishul and says you shall be punished Jalandhar, mahadev’s trishul becomes electrocuted and mahadev aims at Jalandhar. Jalandhar says no, he is going to kill me. Mahadev attacks trishul and Jalandhar is hit with the trishul, he falls down screaming.
There Jalandhar opens his eyes and he is outside, with vrinda and rishi shokracharya. Jalandhar says what did I just see? I see a person very divya and powerful, he killed me with a trishul. Rishi smiles and says yes, that was the 2nd cave you went through, but that was not any person, he was the beginning as well as the end, he is the one who controls everything and everything lives in him, the one you faced was the great, mahakal! It was mahakal. Jalandhar is shocked and says I saw mahadev kill me. Rishi says I have seen you go through both caves and I think you have the capacity to rule this universe and be a new god, there were many demons but you are different than them. Jalandhar says yes. Rishi says I have done my part, I taught you 2 lessons today, one was the 1st cave where the woman you live with will be the reason for your death, but you don’t want to leave her so you have to face the consequences, the 2nd is a very important lesson, mahadev can kill you, so remember never to get too close to Kailash otherwise your end will be near. Jalandhar says I will build my own Kailash and rule this universe. Rishi removes a trishul and says I gift you this with all mayavi powers in it. Rishi then tells Jalandhar to put both hands forward, rishi holds his hands and then he says some mantras, rishi then transfers mayavi and divya powers to Jalandhar thus making him even more powerful and intelligent. Jalandhar says rishi thank you for this. As the powers are transferred a huge bright light is produced, and the light brings a flash in the sky around the world. Ganesh sees this from Kailash and says such a light comes when someone transfers their powers to someone else and the light came from the direction where rishi shokracharya sits for meditation. Ganesh says is guru now bringing up a new demon?

Precap: Jalandhar goes inside the water and he hits the ocean floor with his powers and lifts a chunk of land mass out of the water, making his own Kailash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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