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Udaan 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor find Radha-Krishna idol

Udaan 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor having a sweet nok jhok. He says yes, I wanted some time to spend with you, did I do right, look there, we will have breakfast together. She says with our Saanvi. Tejaswini smiles and prays for their happiness. She asks them to spend time and give Saanvi to her. Suraj says yes, she stays happy with you. Chakor says be careful. Tejaswini takes Saanvi. Doctor checks Imli. He says she should have got conscious now, she may have committed suicide, maybe she won’t survive. The ladies cry. He says I m trying, tell me why did she do this. Lady says she did this for the first time, she is serving in ashram since one and a half years, maybe society has troubled her, she didn’t talk to anyone there. Chakor asks the men to throw the junk and break the wall, she has to make

a window there. She goes. Gauri says I made this purse for Chakor. Tejaswini asks her to have food. Gauri says no, I just came to give purse, where is Chakor. Suraj jokes that she is worried for Saanvi.

He asks her to show the purse. Gauri shows him. He likes the embroidery and asks did you make this, really, your hands have magic, you shouldn’t waste this magic. Chakor says yes, how will Gauri get benefits, how did Gauri finish this soon. Gauri says my hand is clean in this work. Chakor says make one for Tejaswini, you have to take money for it. Gauri says no. Chakor says Gauri’s art can get sold easily, you can earn much money. Gauri says no, Chagan won’t like this. Chakor encourages her. Suraj says yes, you have to make it at home, we will arrange things to sell the art. Chakor says yes, just say yes and then see how we promote your art. Gauri agrees. Suraj asks what’s this noise. Gauri goes. Chakor says I m getting Imli’s room fixed, I don’t want any of her signs to be here. Suraj says you should have asked me once. Tejaswini says she is doing right.

A man comes and says we got expensive thing behind the wall, come and see. They see gold idols of Radha Krishna. Suraj says who has done this. Chakor says Imli has done this, she was much greedy to get gold, idol was stolen from the temple many years ago, it means Imli has stolen it, that temple is shut. Suraj says Imli has robbed the idol. Tejaswini says she was such a big cheat and Adharmi. Chakor says she did a wrong work, sorry Lord I couldn’t stop this sin, Suraj Imli did a big sin, its our duty to place the idol back in that temple. He agrees.

Tejaswini says we shouldn’t delay it. Chakor says we will take the idols today. Suraj says I will prepare for it. They all take the idol while playing dhol. They reach the temple. Suraj places the idol. Pandit asks Tejaswini, Suraj and Chakor to have darshan first. Chakor says no, we all are equal now, everyone will do darshan first. Pandit reveals the idol. They all pray.

Chakor asks where is Gauri. Chagan says she is with mum at home. Suraj says I need to talk to you. Doctor says she will get conscious and then you can take her to ashram. The man thanks her. Chakor and Suraj do aarti. Reporter asks Chakor about the idol. Chakor says my sister Imli Devi has done many bad deeds, she has done the theft. The ashram people see the news on tv. Imli hears Chakor’s name and gets conscious. Imli hears Chakor’s voice. She opens eyes and sees her.

Imli talks to a girl and acts good. The man praises her devotion. He asks her to take the donation box. Imli smiles and says I m coming Aazaadgunj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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