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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Evil Plans Continue

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman resting on bed reminisces killing a thief accidentally. Kanak walks in and asks why she is looking tensed, what happened. Suman reminisces Meera warning to keep her mouth shut, else she will call police. Kanak insists that she got tensed seeing police, what happened. Suman tries to speak when Meera knocks door and walks in and asks Suman to tell what she wants to. She warns Kanak that she is hired to teach and not to get personal with family members. Kanak leaves. Meera threatens Suman that if she tries to tell truth, Ved will know about it, he is a strict officer and would not spare his sister Kanak, even Kanak is Sandhya Rathi’s daughter and hates lies and criminals, she will hand Suman to police, so she should keep her mouth should. She then walks to Uma’s

room and asks how deep his and Kanak’s relationship was. Uma asks what does she mean. Meera touches Uma’s body sensuously and asks if Kanak touched her like this. Uma pushes her and says she does not have to be jealous as Kanak is his past and she is his present. Meera thinks when she is so jealous, Kanak will also be jealous seeing her with Uma.

Meera sees Kanak sitting near coffee table and thinks of making her jealous. She takes razor and shaving cream to Uma and does his shaving. Kanak reminisces shaving Uma and cutting his cheek by mistake. She kisses his cheek. Uma laughs. She sees shaving cream on her nose and also laughs. Uma says if she will kiss him like this, he can bear cuts to is whole body. Out of flashback, Kanak feels sad. Meera tries same trick and touches Uma. Kanak feels more sad and leaves. Uma pushes Meera and says he does not like public display of affection love, if people’s love is weak, they show off. Meera then goes to Kanak’s room and says Uma is too romantic, he cannot get off ehr. Kanak says she pities her, if people’s love is weak, they do public display of affection, so Uma does not love her. Meera reminisces saying same and gets more jealous. Kanak says she loves her privacy and shows her door. Meeraa leaves fuming and thinks she will kick Kanak out of this house in 2 days. Uma thinks he will make sure Meera stops insulting Kanak in 2 days.

Aditya calls Meera and asks if she knows that pendulum bro is not in office. Meera says Uma is a business tycoon and must be busy in business. He says Uma is at home, no one is at home except Kanak, she can imagine what must be happening. Meera angrily calls Uma, but he does not pick call. She calls landline. Servant picks call and says sir is at home and told he is unwell. Aditya asks her to go home soon before their romance finishes. Meera rushes towards home. Aditya bribes servant and asks to do as he says. Servant goes and informs Kanak that Uma is unwell and needs herbal tea/kadha and since no one is at home, can she make it. Kanak agrees. Uma thinks his plan is working and soon Meera will stop insulting Kanak.

Precap: Kanak and Uma get entangled in net. Aditya records vidoe. Meera rushes home and asks Uma what is happening. Uma says what does she think. Meera thinks Kanak has to pay for her deeds.

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