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The day when it rained – Part 13

Hai friends I wish you all feel the hope of new beginnings, peace, love and happiness during this Easter holiday.
Part 13
We’re in the college canteen in the last break. And Sameer came there with Munna and Pandit.
Preeti: hello friend….
Sameer: hi Preeti….
Preeti: I have heard you got new bike.
Sameer: yaa. Who told you?
Sameer looked at me and I nodded no.
Preeti: you are so famous that we will get your every news.
Sameer: really???

Swati: Naina. Can we eat something? I am hungry.
Preeti: But it is so crowded at the counter.

Me: Its ok I will get something for you. What you want?
Sameer: No need!
We looked at Sameer.

Sameer: There is no need for you to struggle in the crowd…
Preeti looked at me with a grin.
Preeti: Why?
Sameer: I mean.. Munna… Munna will get something for all of us..
Preeti elbowed me and winked.

Sameer: What will you all have?
We ask for tea and snacks and Sameer went to help Munna bring it to table.
Preeti: He didn’t want you to get in the crowd because he feels protective of you.
I looked at Sameer who was in the middle of crowd now.
Swati: What is going on between you two?
Me: What nothing…

Preeti: I also asked her, she is not telling anything.
Me: there is nothing to tell..
Swati: The way he looks at you…it’s so obvious..
I stay quiet and looked at him coming to our table, struggling with the tea glasses and snacks. I step forward to help him.

## ## ## ##
I love movies. And I don’t mind if the hero’s smokes and drinks. Because that is movie and in movies how bad the hero is, he will always win heroin’s heart. But real life is very different. So I was upset when I find out my hero smokes.
I was walking to my hostel and I saw Sameer at the bus stop. Sameer smiles at me, but my eyes hooked at something else. A cigarette in his hands. Half burned. Really!! Sameer smokes??? That was the first thought came to my mind. I was shocked and upset. I looked away from him and walked to hostel.

That night I don’t reply to Sameer’s messages and act like I sleep to avoid conversation with Shefali also.
Next day morning we got ready and went to college together.
Shefali: Naina, are you ok?
Me: why?
Shefali: you look angry.

Me: I am not angry…..
Shefali: you can tell that calmly too.
Me: Shefali I am not in a mood for this.
Shefali: ok yaar….
We walk in silence..

Me: Shefali… I am sorry yaar…. I was… I was just…..
Shefali: what happen….
Me: nothing. Leave that…. Come I will buy you chocolate..
Shefali: chocolate for sorry??
Me: something like that..
Shefali smiles.

Me: come…
We went to the shop opposite to bus stop. And Sameer was there with Munna and Pandit.
Shefali: hi Sameer….
Sameer: hi..
Me: Shefali, we can buy from college canteen.

Shefali: why?? What is the problem here?
Sameer: hi Naina…..
Me: Shefali..
Shefali: oh…. So this is the reason behind the anger….
Me: shut up Shefali…
Sameer: what happen??
Shefali: I don’t know what happen. But something has happened…..
Shefali walk to the counter.
Sameer: hi… Why don’t you reply to my message yesterday??
I walked to Shefali..

Munna: Sameer, here..
He handed over a new pack of cigarettes to Sameer. Sameer take it in his hands and look at me. I was looking at him and the cigarettes. I changed my gaze from him and act like I don’t care. Sameer take a sip from the coke bottle and looked at me. I looked at Shefali who was busy on her phone and Munna and Pandit who were buying something.. I took a step towards Sameer. Sameer was looking at me. I came near him and took the cigarette pack from him. Sameer looks at me in surprise. I tore the pack with my hands damaging the cigarettes. Sameer was in the shock of my action. I throw the packet to the pool of dirt water that had logged on the road side. And I turned to Shefali.
Me: Shefali.. We are getting late.

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