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Swasan ff- No Feelings Shot 2 (her feelings)

Shot 2

Sahil’s home🏡

She is too clever more than I thought.” Sanskaar came to meet Sahil and they are discussing about Swara.

Sanskaar, till I’m with you, you need not to worry.” He assures him. He knew what Sanskaar gone through and now it’s his time to take revenge moreover it’s a fight for his pride and no Swara can defeat him.

Sahil I want an ID proof of the name Sanskaar Ali. She even said to give verification papers to police station also.” Somewhere he is afraid to being caught because once Swara will get to know that he came from jail she will directly throw him out of her house.

Sanskaar don’t worry bro, you are thinking too much.

Sahil I can’t take risk…” He ruffles his finger in his hairs.

I have a plan.” This time something fishy in Sahil’s mind.

What?” He gives not so interested look. Perhaps he knows Sahil and his plans.

Make her fall for you, then all problem will be solved.” He is overconfident on his plan.

I don’t have feelings. My life is not made for love.” Sahil still looking towards him in hope. He takes a sigh. “And she loves Laksh Maheshwari.

What!!!” He is shocked. “Who told you? I mean that…

Kalki Swara’s sister said that. It’s complicated. Laksh loves Kavita and Kavita don’t know what’s in her heart and Swara is… Aww… Why am I interesting in her life.” He is dam irritated.

Sahil, okay relax you go there don’t worry tomorrow morning I’ll send the ID and I’ll handle the cop too.” Sanskaar hugs him.

Sorry I’m just frustrated.”

Sahil pats on his back. “Take a chill pill bro.”

After spending time with Sahil Sanskaar leaves for home.

Life is complicated for Swara. Since the age of puberty she likes Laksh and with passage of time that likeness converted in to love. He is neighbour of Swara and their terrace are attached with each other. But for Laksh Maheshwari Swara was just a other girl until he gets to know her friendship with Kavita Roy. Swara is just a messenger for Laksh. Even Kalki can see Laksh friends is just for his selfish motive but for Swara it’s a way to stay close to him. Kalki Hayes Laksh the most for hurting her di. During the introduction of her family she mostly told Sanskaar about how much she hates Laksh.

Finally he reaches the home. He knocks the door and as he knows Swara opens the door she is standing there while folding her arms. He tires to go inside but she blocks the way.

Swara…” She gives him dead glare. “I mean Swara mam… Kindly let me go inside.

What’s the time?

10:05pm, now I can go.” He again tries to go but he can’t win from Swara.

You are late Mr. Sanskaar Ali. Late comers are not allowed in my home.

He closes his eyes. She is literally a kid. Uff he hasn’t saw any girl like this or she is the first girl he met after 10 year.

Where were you Mr. Don’t you know gentleman doesn’t stay late outside.” She keeps on talking.

Sanskaar thinks how to get inside he knows it’s waste to give any lame excuse. He has to give some solid answer.

Woh… I was in mosque.

Oh, sorry but don’t come late.” She leaves the way. His is plan worked. He climbs two stairs then turns.

Don’t care so much about me. I’m not going to leave you soon.” He smirks.

You…” Before she goes behind him. Shomi calls her.

Sanskaar is moving towards his room but a sweet voice stops him.

Hey partner.” She is Kalki. She comes towards him.

Hello Kalki you need something.

You were trying on my di.” She asks in cold tone. Sanskaar thinks perhaps she doesn’t like his joke. He doesn’t know why he said that to Swara.

Sorry I was…” Sanskaar is searching for words and Kalki bust out laughing. “What?

You are trying on wrong girl. Di is just… Lucky Bucky…” She becomes sad. Sanskaar consoles her.

Hey brave girl. Don’t be sad. Now I came na we both throw that Lucky Bucky out of Swara’s life.” He ensures her.

Promise.” She extends her hand and he pinches on her palm.

Sanskaar’s promise.

My di is so sweet but that Lucky Bucky using her for his benefit. Di never listens to us.”

And uncle and aunty?” He says thinking might be Shekhar and Shomi is not aware about Swara’s feelings.

Dad only sees Lucky’s property and Ma never says against his wish.” She shows her disappointment against her parents.

Why fear when Sanskaar is here. Now go study your exams are near.

Okay partner.” She leaves for her room.


The sky is shining, temperature has fallen a little bit. He is sweating badly and ranting the same word again and again. Might the dream is scratching his past.

“Sanskaar murdered Mr. Mahesh. He is a murderer.”

Mom please don’t let me go. I don’t want to go please mom…” He is begging….

Mom I don’t want to go…” And he came out of dream. He wipes sweat from his face. It is 12:30 am. He listens some whispering sound. He looks for his shirt but later he goes out without it.

Swara and Lucky is talking. Lucky is holding her hand and requesting her something. Again for his self seeking he wants Swara help. Kavita is not talking to him and he planned a date for her and he wants her to make kavita ready for it.

Lucky: “Please please Swara… Don’t deny. You are my best friend.

But Lucky she doesn’t want to see your face.” Swara tries to make him understand but he is stick on his stupid wish.

You can do it.” Before Swara could say. He kisses on her hand. “Only my Swara can do this…” He knows how to take her in his words.

For Swara it’s hard to deny his request his each word and love for him melts her hearts. Lucky tries to cup her face but stops listening Sanskaar’s voice.

Jaan…” They turns and finds Sanskaar standing there without shirt. His abs is clearly visible in moonlight. If Swara’s eyes would not cover by Lucky’s love then she would definitely able to see a Greek God before her eyes.

Who is he?” Laksh asks as he see him first time.

Sanskaar doesn’t let Swara to answer his question instead he comes near her and hugs her from back resting his chin on her shoulder and holding her hands.

Jaan you didn’t told him who am I?

Swara wiggles and tries to comes out of his grip.

Lucky he is my tenant.

Yup tenant of this house and Owner of My Jaan’s heart.” Before Swara could reply he keeps his left hand on her bare waist and for a second she feels a spark in her body. “Swara stay like this don’t move.” He wishpers.

Lucky is looking them,he is wondering that what is happening here. “You didn’t tell me about it.

Lucky he came today leave it. I have to go.” She comes out from Sanskar’s grip and leaves.

You are an good Actor Mr. Sanskaar.” Lucky taunts.

That’s your problem Mr Bucky.

What you said?” Lucky asks.

Nothing… She is special for me and we both don’t have time for you and your stupid work.” Sanskaar tries to keep him away from her.

Lucky starts laughing. “I know Swara told you to do her boyfriend’s acting once she did this. I know her.

Look Laksh…

Oh come on Sanskaar I know that stupid girl loves me and there is nothing to like in her. Her only duty to help me to get Kavita.” His mean thoughts shows his mentality.

You can never see her beauty.

Seriously, beauty.” He laughs. “She plays with kids and you saw beauty in it. She is just a stupid kid nothing else.” Lucky keeps telling him about his thinking about Swara. “Okay Sanskaar it’s late I need to prepare so much for Kavita.” He jumps on his terrace and leaves.

Kalki was right this Swara is stupid. Leave it Sanskaar why are you taking interest in Swara. Swara is not your target.” He leaves.

Next day

Sanskaar is doing push-ups. Butbhis mind is occupied by Lucky’s words for Swara. She is just like tissue paper for him.

Are they real?” His thoughts breaks with Kalki’s words.

She keeps tea on table.

What are you talking about?” He asks.

These six pack abs. You looking too much handsome. Can I call you handsome?

Yes you can partner.

He wipes sweat from towel. Kalki is still staring her. “Wants something.

Can I touch them handsome?” He blinks his eyes to show his concurrence. But before she could touch him she hears a loud noise.

Kalki…” Swara is standing at the door. She becomes red in anger. “What is happening here?

Di I was…” She tries to explain.

Leave…” She shouts and Kalki runs from there. Kalki gets hurt.

You shouldn’t shout at her.” Being her friend he doesn’t like anyone to shout on her.

Swara storms on him. “What do you think about yourself? I warn you to stay away from our life. You are tenant don’t try to come close to her.

She is just my friend.” He gives explanation. Swara is judging their friendship in wrong way.

Swara: “Don’t teach me and what was that? Last night how could you touch me. Lucky is friend and I don’t want him to think wrong about me.

Why?” He doesn’t like that she scold him for that Lucky.

Swara: “That’s none of your business. It’s our friendship and we don’t want any stranger to interfere in it.

Sanskaar: “Ya selfish friendship.

What do you mean?

Even a blind person can see why that Bucky is your friend. When he will get Kavita he will throw you like a tissue paper.” Sanskaar shows her reality from which she us escaping. Somewhere she knows the truth but don’t want to accept it. This love is hurting her.

She turns to leave. But Sanskaar’s words stops him.


Yeh dil k rog, yeh chahat khuda kisi ko na de. Buri Bala hai mohobat khudha kisi ko na de.

Swara runs from there.

Will Swara accept Lucky’s real intension?

Will she get true love?

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