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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 12)

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Cute moments for swasan

The rays of sun touched sanskar’s eyes. He opened his eyes and saw the morning sun in the east. He then looked at swara through the sheer curtain. She was sleeping peacefully on the bed. A smile spread on his face unknowingly. He took a last look of her and moved out of the room. This was when a servant entered the room. She was walking so that noone could have noticed. A paper was there in her hands. She placed the paper on the table and moved out. She straight went to kaveri. Kaveri nodded and gave her a bag ful of gold. The smirk on her face was nothing short of devilish.

Sanskar got freshened up and went straight to kaveri. He bowed in her feet.
Sanskar: Kaveri ma… Can i ask a question?
Kaveri nodded
Sanskar: i don’t know why but i have started falling for swara.
Kaveri faked a smile.
Kaveri: so…. The child inside you has grown up….
She patted his head lightly. Sanskar smiled at her.
Sanskar: but will this affect my duties towards kingdom?
Kaveri: love is a great thing sanskar. It may make you fell down and it can also make your head high. Love should happen with right person.

Sanskar: innocence is visible in swaraa’s eyes. She is the right person.
Kaveri smiled.
Kaveri: then why are you waiting. Go and tell her. Sooner you tell her happier you will get. After all she is your wife.
Sanskar felt a great sense of happiness. He stood up and bowed to her again. He almost ran from there. Kavita was looking at everything from a distance. She smirked looking towards her mother. Kaveri smirked back.
Kaveri: pity on you sanskar….
Kavita: now she will see….

Sanskar felt his heartbeat rising. He was feeling so excited as well as tensed. With trembling feet he entered the room. He looked around but found himself all alone in the room.
Sanskar: servant…
Servant: ji..
Sanskar: where is swara….

Servant: she is with rani ma..
Sanskar: ok..
Sanskar sat on the bed. He was drown in the sense of happiness. This realisation was nothing short of a new feeling for him. He was almost hypnotised with this sense when he heard a sound of paper trembling. Sanskar looked in the direction. He found a paper near the corner table. Out of curiosity sanskar took that.
Sanskar: what is this doing here.
He unfolded the paper.

Today after so many days i got time to write. My life is going as planned. The dreams which i had seen had turned true. Actually more than that. How easily i did the drama of being attempted to rape. I only thought to earn some money but that stupid prince married me. I only thought of earning money but he made me the owner of money.i got thousand times more what i desired. And then i started to win the trust of everybody. I gave my ring to a person and asked him to aim at sanskar but throw the dagger at me. Everything went on as planned. Now i am thinking of my next step.

Letter dropped down from sanskar’s hand. He was not able to believe on the letter. The girl whom he started to love was such kind of girl. His heart was denying but mind was trying to accept the reality. A drop of tear fell from his eyes. He looked at the letter fallen down. He took it and placed it from where he took it. He thought of every moment he spent with her. Her innocence and maturity at the same time was false? How could she do it? How much could she fake? How much?
Sanskar felt as if his heart was punched hard. For the very first time someone other than lakshya was able to understand him. For the very first time sanskar loved a girl. But that girl was fake. This was enough for him to boil his blood. He stood at first to confront her. He wanted to ask her the reason for her betrayal. He wanted to ask her the reason for playing with his emotions. But then he decided to keep mum. He decided he will not say anything. He went straight out of the room.

It was night. Swara was waiting for Sanskar to come. It was more than midnight. Sanskar was not in the room. Swara asked a servant.
Servant: woh… He went to the border for inspection.
Swara nodded. But in her mind an uneasy feeling was persisting. He went but not informed her. She tried to brush those feelings out.

Sanskar didn’t come back for the whole night. Swara slept on the couch waiting for him. Her sleep was bro by a servant.

Servant: rani ma is calling you princess.
Swara stood up took bath and went to ap. Ap and dp were waiting for her in the courtyard.
Ap: beta… We have to go to a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We will be back after 5 days. Take care of the palace and sanskar. Sanskar will come by tonight.
Swara nodded. The same uneasiness was still in her mind.
@ragini’s room
Ragini: are baba…. It’s just tension and nothing else. You don’t worry. When sanskar will come you just talk to him once. Ok.
Swara nodded. But her heart was saying there was something wrong.

It was night. Sanskar had not come yet. Swara was waiting eagerly for him. An unknown eeriness was filling up her heart. She didn’t know that two eyes were continuously staring at her. Swara was feeling restless. To ease herself she preferred the solace of silence on the terrace. She went to the terrace. Two eyes again followed her.

Swara stood on the terrace staring at the moon. Suddenly she felt a hand on her waist. Before giving her time to panic or react another hand grabbed her mouth. Swara was too shocked to react that she even forgot to protest. Tears came down her eyes. She felt two lips on her shoulder. She felt her veil being shifted and her dupatta being thrown down. This brought her back to reality. She tried to protest but the grip was hard. Suddenly she felt a searing pain in her back. Whoever he was bit swara hard on the back. Blood dropped down her back. Swara was struggling hard to get free. But she was unable. The person pushed her on the floor and before she could have even reacted he was all over her again with one hand closing her mouth and another taking undue advantage of her helplessness. Swara was trying hard for freedom. Finally she managed to get her one hand free. With all her force she started to beat him but no use. Swaraa tried to search for help when her hand felt a thing. She found a stone. With all her might she hit the men with stone on his head.

a scream echoed in the palace. Swara got up fast and covered herself with the dupatta. Tears were still on her face. She saw the men running towards stairs. She ran behind him. Some light was there on the stairs . The man came in light was enough to give swara a shock. It was noone else than adarsh. Before swara could say anything another shock awaited for her. The person holding adarsh was sanskar. She was unable to speak a word.
Sanskar: adarsh Bhaiya… What happened to you?
Adarsh: she… She tried to kill me….

Adarsh held his head and pretended to fall down. Swara was shocked at first. She looked at sanskar staring at her. She found a coldness in his look.
Swara,: sanskar.. please believe me… He…he tried to….

Adarsh cut her line in middle
Adarsh: to rape you…. Hai na…. Sanskar believe me… She came to me and said to mingle with her.. when i denied she pulled me closer. When i said that i ll tell everything to you she hit me with a stone. I could have hit her back too but it’s against my rules.
Adarsh pretended to fall down again. Sanskar held him.
Sanskar: first of all get yourself treated by a doctor… So much blood loss is there.
He then looked at swara. Swara felt extreme coldness in his look.
Swara: sanskar believe me… Please..

Swara stepped forward but suddenly she felt a push so strong which was enough to make her fell down. It was sanskar who pushed her. She looked at Sanskar with disbelief. She tried to say something but was too shocked to say. She just looked at the extreme hate visible in sanskar’s eyes.

Sanskar: take her to the prison. Her justice will be done by father.
Swara felt her world crashing down. She stood up. She felt her belief crushed down. Her husband refused to believe her. How can he do this to her? She thought he is her best friend. She thought whatever will happen he will always trust her. She thought she always had his back. How wrong was she!

She was so lost in her thoughts that she forgot she reached the prison. She sat on the only bench present there. Her world was lost. She was lost. Her character was maligned and her husband believed on this.

Ragini confronts sanskar.

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