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(Swaragini FF) Love-Hate-Love Ch-18

Chapter- 18

Recap: SwaSan cute moments and RagLak unexpectedly came a little close. Ragini refused to participate in plan to separate Swara and Laksh. Urvashi called someone.
The next morning, Swara wakes up and sees light rays fall on Sanskaar’s face disturbing his sleep. She smilingly, sits up and then move towards the window and closes curtains to let Sanskaar sleep peacefully. She turns back and finds Sanskaar who is looking too cute while sleeping.
Swara is not able to stop herself from staring him however, a noise on disturbs her and brings her out of her unknown world. It is Ragini outside knocking on the door. Swara opens it and is shock to see her, the same way Ragini was last night. It is quite strange for both of them as they didn’t say a word to each other from the moment Swara came.
Ragini after a minute’s silence, hesitatingly speaks, “Today is yours first day in this house as… as legal daughter-in-law… by Jeth ji! Chachi ji is calling you downstairs for prayer… for peace in family.” Swara is taken back with her words and stops her tears from being notice. Ragini is expressionless as she is confused with her emotions.
Swara replies in same way, “I know Ragini… Devrani ji! Don’t worry, I’ll be in temple with Sanskaar… your Jeth ji.” Ragini is dumbfounded and says, “I never expected this from you Swara! I mean, Jethani ji!” Swara gives her a tight smile and replies, “Me too Devrani ji! And, I don’t mean anything extra.”
Ragini says in anger, “Sharp 8:00a.m. Jethani ji! You’re elder now, so should be before me. But, I know that you’re not habitual of all this. I mean, you’re after all, Princess! Oops, ShonaPrincess! I’m ready and you too better be fast Jethani ji!” Swara replies, “It’s now 6:30a.m. Devrani ji! And, yes! I’m elder now right, don’t worry, I’ll maintain my status well! You take care for yourselves. Now, you may leave!”
Ragini is annoyed by her and leaves quickly. Both wipes the tears in their eyes and Swara closes the door forcefully which disturbs Sanskaar. Ragini too opens the doors with much force which results them banging on the walls and disturbing Laksh. Swara in same anger goes in bathroom and again shuts the door.
In RagLak’s room, Ragini shuts the door in same way and it’s too much loud that Laksh falls from his bed on floor. Even, Sanskaar too falls down and both brothers scream in pain. Swara comes out immediately as well as Ragini rushes to Laksh. Swara sits beside Sanskaar and so Ragini. They’re shock to see Sanskaar and Laksh and helps them getting up.
Ragini gives him the lemon juice which she had kept in room from before only. Whereas, Sanskaar is made drink a full glass of water by Swara. Sanskaar calms down and so Laksh, SwaRagini slaps their forehead. Swara asks him to get ready first and till then, she cleans the room. Sanskaar agrees and Swara cleans the bed as he gets up.
Ragini too leaves and Laksh after sometime, goes to get ready. He is not remembering what had happened the last night. Swara sits on bed and waits for Sanskaar who comes after a long time, dressed in a red T-shirt, a blue blazer and jeans. She stares him and comes in senses when he says to her, “See ShonaPrincess, I’m ready! But, you will come in this only?”
Swara nods her head in no and runs inside the bathroom in a little embarrassment. Sanskaar sits on bed and waits for Swara but his eyes fall on clock which shows 7:00 a.m. He feels that it is too early and lies on bed gazing at ceiling of the room. He closes his eyes and after some time, a sound disturbs him.

Swara and Sanskaar

He opens his eyes and finds Swara in front of the mirror, dressed in a red anarkali suit. (The same dresses they both wore in the muh dikhaayi during the fake marriage) He sits up on bed and then, slowly approaches her. Swara is busy in wearing her earrings but she is not able to find the pair of one. She searches the earring and Sanskaar forwards it to her. She, notices him, surprises and says, “Thank… I mean no thank you for this! Ok?”
They both laughs and Swara pulls cheek of Sanskaar due to his cuteness. She says as she looks at the clock, “Sanskaar, only 15 minutes left. Let’s go down!” Sanskaar asks, “15? No, it is only 13 minutes! And, why? It is important?” Swara slaps her forehead again and replies, “It is ok between 15 and 13! Leave it for now! And, Rag… I mean, Mom called us for prayer. So, yes! It’s important, we have to go! Now, come on!” Swara drags Sanskaar holding his arm and both leaves to the hall.
In hall, all are present, waiting for SwaSan and Laksh. Parineeta says, “Sanskaar, Laksh Devar ji? Where are they?” Uttara sees SwaSan and replies, “They came Parineeta Bhabhi!” Ragini looks up at them and remembers the early morning conversation with Swara. Annapoorna unknowingly smiles as they look like a perfect match. She feels like blessing them for their future and relation.
She remembers RagLak’s marriage day when she sees them together as a couple. Sanskaar and Swara are taking blessings Sujata and Ram. They come near her, Swara is not sure but she thinks about yesterday as bends down with Sanskaar. Annapoorna keeps her hands on their heads and says, “Be happy and together forever!” All hears her with shock and surprise as they are not expecting this by her side.
Swara’s eyes are moist and she looks at her in tears. Annapoorna, herself doesn’t realises her actions but now, she can’t take it back. SwaSan moves towards Durga and he too blesse both because of Annapoorna. Sujata and Ram smiles as they feel like all are slowly accepting them. Uttara finds Laksh missing and asks, “Ragini Bhabhi, your husband is where? I know that he dislikes all this but now, he changed a lot, isn’t he? Moreover, he turns in husband!” Her question turns into a naughty tease and Ragini gives a fake smile.
However, her fake smile becomes genuine and cheeks peach as she remembers the night incident. Sujata holds her ears and all actually started laughing. Swara too laughs and the atmosphere becomes light. Ragini blushes but surprises to see Swara and says, “Maasa, I’ll check it. He would be getting ready.” She leaves and Swara comes in her senses and is too shock. Ragini enters the room as she calls, “Laksh Ji! Laksh Ji! Are you in? All are waiting!”
She looks around but no one is visible, she remembers the last night and gets tenses. Suddenly, she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder and quickly turns back to find Laksh. Her heart skips a beat and she closes her eyes in relief to see him alright and in senses. He asks in a low tone, “You are ok?” She hugs him tightly and her tears rolls out of her eyes.

RagLak but not with the smile

Laksh is taken back with this and he doesn’t want to hug her back but he does as for the first time, he feels the concern for himself. Ragini is not able to believe that he is too much close with her by his will. He caresses her back. She doesn’t want to leave him and he too doesn’t move or ask her anything. However, the knock-on door brings them in reality and they part away.
Uttara from outside sings, “If you both are done with your important work then, we have some work down too and are running very late.” Laksh and Ragini looks at each other with numerous feelings. Both of them comes out and follows Uttara downstairs where they find more shocking scene. Sanskaar is running with hands raised holding a phone on call and Swara is chasing him in the same speed. The trio descends the stairs and Uttara in joy asks Sujata, “Maa, what is going on?”
She can’t speak due to her laugh and there Sanskaar come running as well as shouting, “Maa! ShonaPrincess is not letting me to talk. She is chasing me! So, what was I speaking that she is too much innocent. All uses her innocence! That shop uncle is also giving her the most bitter things on name of candies! And, she is little coward too. She sae the mouse and made all of us scared by her scream. The same way, in Mumbai! After her singing, when she was going, she saw a mouse. I saw her and went to her to meet her because I’m her fan. I was there and she jumped on me due to fear. I’m not scare of all this but she was too sudden and little heavy that we fell down…”
Swara catches him and takes the phone from Sanskaar. All are shock to listen their first meet. Swara in embarrassment says to Sanskaar, “Anything Sanskaar! I’m not afraid of them, I was just…” Sanskaar interrupts as he says, “ShonaPrincess, you are not afraid of only this! Lots of things are in list like small insects such as lizzie, cockie and buzzies, etc. etc. Even dark!”
Swara eyes him but his list is not ending only which is making all laugh at her and she feeling embarrass in front of all. Suddenly, Ragini says to Sanskaar, “Arey! How can you forget about ants? Swara and their rivalry is from when she was just around 4 years. That day, she was playing out with me and Bhaiya but she was standing in a grassy zone where ants had made their home. A red ant bit her and what she cried! Oh God! Sw…” She stops as she realises what she said.
She changes her gaze and Sanskaar starts laughing at Swara. Annapoorna diverts all’s attention and says, “Fine now! We are getting late for the day. Let’s start the prayer.” Swara realises the phone call and cuts it after Sharmishtah blesses her. They all approaches the temple inside and Sujata speaks, “Jiji! I was saying that Swara will do the aarti today, right?” Annu nods her head and calls Swara and Sanskaar forward. She starts to sing ‘Radhe Krishna Ki Jyoti Alokit’ from ‘Vivah’.

Precap: (Whole chapter to past or both past and present?)

I mean that I want readers who are reading it to tell me please, what should I post in next part? I know I am posting the story after many days but I started a new story so, was busy in updating that. So, dear readers, please suggest me what you want? Either the complete part for the past or you want both present and past in one (which is quite difficult but if you want then, no issues). I will try my best! Love you all and see you soon! See you all soon! I will also try to insert good and proper images. Pardon for this one!

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