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swaragini: do ajnabee (ss) Part 18

Hello everyone ,Ok I know u all must be angry for delay so no more delay and lets jump back to story

Sangeet night

sanskar pulled ragini all of sudden when she was walking back to her room

she was shocked by this sudden pull and before anything could register her mind she felt his lips on her

she was numb she came to her sense when he pressed her waist pinning her more to him

He was angry, angry about many things and he was just taking his frustration out her poor lips suffered

She responded back for a moment but soon reality stuck her she tried to pull back but only to be pulled more close to him she felt herself caged weak and angry on him

Her eyes turned moist finally she succeeded in pushing him away he got angry on her and before he could react she treated him a powerful slap (his cheek cried in pain)

“what the hell do u think of yourself” she screamed so high  he held his cheek  and looked towards in red shot eyes

“what were u trying to prove” she questioned

“same thing I can too ask what were u doing with that kunal”

“what the heck first I need my answer how dare u” he pulled her close by holding her shoulder

“till now u have not seen my dare I had warned you to stay away from him then why the hell”

“sanskar u have gone mad leave me”

“wow when I hold u , u have problem but not him”

Her anger was rising so much this guy was first not ready to listen to her and is trying to blame her

“sanskar leave me” she said in cold tone

He pulled her close her body was almost merging with his his eyes demanded answer

“answer me”

“sanskar leave me”

“I said answer me”he yelled

“why should I answer you and its none of your business”

“it is dame it” he yelled she was frozen at her place he punched the wall behind her hard she closed her eyes in fear

She was going through series of emotions she opened her eyes and looked towards him

She didn’t know how to react what to say what was happening

she just walked away and he felt more hurt , hurt that she didn’t say anything even after his reason he felt angry in himself because what he did was wrong how could he, he should have controlled his anger but how can he closed his eyes painfully

“I am sorry” saying he walked she was looking towards him


ragini and kunal were bonding so well

he heard his bua dadi and some ladies speaking that ragini and kunal looked good together his blood boiled listening to those comments he himself didn’t know why he felt angry

‘why are all behind her only can’t they find some one else’ he gritted his teeths remembering the time when abhi used to be like her tail and know this stupid kunal

and when they both danced he felt a urge to punch right on kunal’s face

“so when are u gone propose her” he heard kunal speaking to some one he smiled at that person

“every soon bro” he said looking towards some where but sanskar felt as if he was seeing ragini as she was busy talking to some one

He clenched his fist tight he wanted to ask her confront her about the same but he didn’t chance

After sangeet was over he was continuously searching her but he didn’t find her

He got to know that they were near pool side

He marched towards their and stopped in his way when he saw kunal and ragini together she was laughing and looking so happy he felt angry that she never so happy with him then why him only he has rights to make her laugh be reason for her happiness but why their was battle going on in his heart

His eyes were ready to come out of sockets when he saw kunal kneeling down and holding her hand and saying some thing and ragini said something and he hugged her

‘did he propose her and she accepted like that how could she’

‘but why can’t she who is she to u and who are u for her’

‘she Is…. she  is? he felt broken not having answer and the situation he closed his eyes tight

‘no she’s just mine only mine and it was always  more than friends between us she knows that then why’

When he opened his eyes he saw them it was looking as if they were kissing

He left the place in anger

Fb ends

He pulled his hairs in frustration

she was standing in shower trying to register the flow of events

her eyes welled up for first time ever she was unable to differentiate between right and wrong

she cried , cried her heart out

she never wanted anything like this her life was simple fun and adventure and now what is it turning

she knows that their was always something between her and sanskar but right know she felt to emotional about all course of events

she walked out and found swara sitting near balcony she has closed her eyes and was lying partly on chair

she walked to her


“ha” swara woke from her sleep

She looked towards ragini and was sure something was wrong no one knew ragini better than shekar and swara and right know she could see a strange worry in her soul sister eyes


She looked towards her

“ha” she responded back

“something wrong” she asked

And she nodded her head in no

“what are you doing here” asked ragini

“nothing was not getting sleep” she saud

“marriage nervousness”

“may be not sure”swara replied with a faint smile

“what about you, you didn’t sleep” she asked

Ragini was lost she was looking towards moon


“ha” she jerked “sorry” did u say something she asked

Swara nodded In no



“say what you are hiding”

Ragini smiled

“nothing was just worried about the course of these actions” swara was looking towards her

“tomorrow many things will change you would get married to your love mom dad are feeling sad but are happy at same time that you got the best person who deserves you and me I am happy and even sad and angry on laksh that he’s stealing you from me” she said

Swara had tears she just hugged her sister

“and” ragini tried to say something

“why don’t you just stop this hiding game” swara said painfully ragini just smiled at her

“some times its better to not think of past / future” ragini said

“you know you are mad” ragini smiled at her giving her I know look

Shekar was standing their admiring these sisters bond

He thought to leave

“you can join us superman” swara said getting out of hug

He smiled and moved towards them

Swara just laid her head on his chest and side hugged him tight and ragini was sitting at other side of him

Who says daughters are burden for him daughter were always precious  gems

The night passed it was painful for some and filled with new hope of tomorrow for others


The next day morning

Everything was moving in peace

Finally it was the marriage

And sanskar had decided to speak to her he wanted to clear many things he felt even more guilty when he found about kunal being engaged to some other girl he heard laksh speaks so

How could he how could he turn so blind in anger but he had realised that he was jealous yeah he admits that he loves her and can’t live without her she has turned his life

She was looking after some decoration he walked by he saw her she too looked towards him but soob turned her head

“ragini I need to speak to you” he said running back of her

“but I don’t wanna have any talk with you” she said showing her anger

Yeah know she was back to herself and didn’t even wish to see his face

For heaven if some one else would have even tried touching her for sure that you would find that guy in hospital

“hey kavitha sanskar needs ur help” ragini said to kavitha who was standing their

She wanted to avoid sanskar and she knew this was best distraction

“what” kavitha was so happy when she found sanskar running to them

“ragini” she showed her plam and started walking he moved towards her kavitha held his hand in order to stop her he held her hand she glared him

“solly” he muttered cutely

It was getting difficult for ragini to control her smile seeing his cute pout

‘ewww he looks so cute’ she thought but then she was angry

Some times you yourself don’t realise about how you turn so stupid at times

But that’s true

Something some strange feelings

“sanskar” they heard sujatha’s voice

Sujatha was passing by and saw this triangle

Seeing her also sanskar didn’t leave her hand

Sujatha glared kavitha and she had to leave his hand

“what is going on here” she asked pointing towards their joined hands

“mom I trying to ask her forgiveness from that time but she is not ready to forgive me” he said hoping that she would at least speak to him fight with him

“aunty ask your son to better leave my way otherwise it won’t be good for him” she said turning towards sujatha

Sujatha looked towards both something was cooking their and she thought to escape before she gets stuck

“I won’t leave until you forgive me”

She pulled her hand with great force and his grip became loose

“areh listen na” he ran back of her

Sujatha was looking towards them

“sujatha where are you lost” asked ap

“nothing jiji  I am feeling that what I am seeing is dream” she said ap looked confused

“hey na it can be dream only” saying so she walked


Swara was sitting on a chair in area of garden

She was wearing her wedding lengha

Janki came their followed  by abhi shika and shail

Ragini and shekar too reached their

Janki was holding some box

Nani came forward and did swara’s aarti

“shail make shona wear these wedding bangles” nani said

“ragini” shail called

She looked towards him

“after you big bro” he said pulling her

“beta this rasam(ritual) is done by brother” one of lady present their said

“yeah so only I called our big bro complete this rasam she is more than a brother to all of us” shail said

Ragini smiled at him

Both shail and ragini completed the ritual

“oye” shika screamed when ragini was paying no heed to her

“why are u screaming moti” shail asked entering the room

They were in swara’s dressing room

“ask her only” shika said pointing towards her

She shrugged her shoulders indicating like she doesn’t know anything

“what” shail asked

“she didn’t even tell me”

“then why are you screaming dumb” asked shail hitting her forehead

She hitted back

“stupid you” she said

“ask her what is going on between her and sanskar” shika blurted

“what” know shail screamed

Ragini gave a irritated look

For sure she would kill sanskar what do he thinks of himself

Why is he dragging whole family  in all this

He said shika and abhi that I was angry on him , angry on him my foot I just hate him

And these two had been eating my brain since then

He even said nani that I am not talking to him

Why should I talk to him

Ma also found about and from then she’s no less in irritating me by his name

Know I get to know from where do I get these crazy traits and why dad says I am like mom

Oh god

And uttra she is ranting something and all

And all was not less that he had started sending sorry cards and flowers for me and seeing all this shika is too suspicious about us

When I myself am not sure about anything then why

Swara came out of washroom

She was looking too pretty

“what the heck” ragini screamed finding sanskar in her room

He immediately closed her mouth stoping her from further screaming

“listen I am sorry for everything I didn’t mean to hurt u but I did and I am extremely sorry for that”

He said

“why are u not speaking anything” “ahhhhh” he screamed when she bite his plam

“jungle billi” he said her

But she just gave an irritated look

“I hate u” she said and her words pierced his heart he knew she didn’t mean but still

U can’t tolerate hate of  your lov

“listen ragini”

“why don’t u understand sanskar why can’t u just leave I don’t want u I don’t” she yelled

Her state was turning vulnerable she didn’t know what was going between them but the recognition of this new feeling hurt her she felt some pain she didn’t know why

“ragini” tears rolled down her eyes and he felt guilty he was wrong and now again he’s hurting  her

Can’t they just forget everything and be like before

He wiped her tears seeing her hurt his eyes turned moist and she noticed that

“why do I matter to you, whom am I more than irritating and headache ” she asked she didn’t mean to but she

“my life”

His eyes showed the promptness of his words she froze the moment he said

His each and every move was clear to her she could read the untold love in his eyes but yet she didn’t want to realise that


Laksh was standing in front of mirror

He looked nervous

Adarsh and sanskar entered his room

“laksh” called adarsh laksh looked towards them

“bhai” he walked to them

Sanskar chuckled

“seeing you who’ll say you are groom” said sanskar

“bhai” laksh said cutely

“oye you be keep quite don’t tease my bro” said adarsh setting laksh’s hair

“this nervousness is common everyone faces this even I had but then I was sure that pari was that some one” adrash said

“I don’t know would I be able to take all responsibilities could I keep her happy so many questions are coming to my mind I don’t know what to do”
“relax u can just need to trust yourself ” adrash said

“and mere bhai shadi ka laado jo kaya wo pajtaye jo na kaya wo pajtaye” (and my dear bro the one who haves the desert of marriage he regrets and the one who don’t also regret)

“in a nutshell adrash is saying marriage is last step to hell” RP who heard there talks said

Both gave each other hifi

“mom  and bhabi needs to know this” sanskar tried to blackmail them

“what I need to know sanskar” pari asked entering along with uttra

“and adarsh stop filling venom in his ears” she said glaring him

“come” she pulled laksh and made him sit on a chair

Soon she made him wear a (neck jewellery)

Everyone assured laksh that he can

Soon all started moving

They reached the temple  where ap did his aarti and adarsh made him wear pag (turban)

All started moving towards the entrance


The most awaited night had finally arrived

Swalak marriage

The night had got lot of surprises for all

Destiny had some trump card with it and it would make huge difference some hearts would be broken and some would meet


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