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Siddhi Vinayak 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi stops Vin’s marriage

Siddhi Vinayak 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pratima explaining Siddhi that she has done wrong. Siddhi says I got angry on Vaibhavi, everyone was praising her. Pratima asks what’s your problem, its Vaibhavi’s inlaws house, she is marrying Vin, Vin and Vaibhavi would be hurt. Siddhi realizes her mistake. She goes and sees everyone dancing. She thinks to apologize to Vaibhavi. Vaibhavi asks is Laxmi blackmailing us, Riddhi is already troubling me, so Laxmi got greedy, I want marriage to happen soon. Kanta says yes, your marriage broke many times earlier. Siddhi hears this and thinks why didn’t they tell this to us till now. She knocks the door.

Siddhi comes and apologizes. Vaibhavi asks her to be her dance guru if she wants to apologize. Kanta hides a paper. Siddhi thinks what’s in that paper. Vaibhavi says

we will meet for dinner. Siddhi says I heard Kanta saying your marriage broke many times, can I know why. Kanta says no, I didn’t say such a thing. Siddhi says I heard it. Kanta says you mean I m lying. Vaibhabi says Riddhi is right, we are very poor, we couldn’t give dowry and my marriage broke many times, so mum is worried, if my marriage breaks this time, you will be responsible, mum feels you tried to show me down during dance, but I trust my friend. Siddhi says fine, come downstairs. She goes. Kanta gets relieved. She says we have to be careful of her. Vaibhavi says I have an idea. She tells her.

Kanta asks are you happy with this marriage. Vaibhavi says I m not marrying for love and money, you know why I m doing this marriage. They smile. Vin says I m marrying for mum’s sake, I will always love you Siddhi. Vin collides with Siddhi. He scolds her. He asks why are you silent, you always have answers, you got successful. She says I will be successful when you get married, congrats. They shake hands. He thanks her. She says Manjiri is happy, you got a good friend Vaibhavi. He says just friend, not best friend, my best friend has gone too far from me. She thinks why do I feel something is happening. Vaibhavi asks Kanta to stop. Kanta cries and goes to Manjiri. Shankar asks what’s the matter, are you fine. Vaibhavi says sorry, I tried to stop her, but she didn’t agree. Vin and Siddhi come to ask what happened. Kanta says I saw a bad dream of Vin’s death. They get shocked.

Vin says what nonsense, there is difference between dream and reality. Kanta lies to scare them. Shankar says this time your dream won’t get successful. Kanta says you are getting Vaibhavi married to Vin as she has Akhand saubhagyawati yog, if you delay the marriage, Vaibhavi will become widow. Vin asks what’s happening. Shankar says we will keep marriage tomorrow. Vin refuses. Manjiri says I will explain Vin. She says Vin your marriage will happen tomorrow. Vin says fine then marriage will happen right now, go and call pandit, you made fun of me. He goes. Siddhi sees Kanta and Vaibhavi smiling. Siddhi calls Pratima and shares her doubts about Vaibhavi. Pratima says maybe you are overthinking and got insecure. Pratima ends call and says Siddhi should realize her love for Vin, but its late now. Siddhi says its late, Vaibhavi and Kanta are hiding something from us.

Its morning, Lawyer asks Vin’s birthday. Siddhi tells Vin’s birthday. She thinks he is my Vinu, I will always remember everything about him. Kanta disconnects Laxmi’s call. Siddhi tells Vaibhavi’s birthday. Vaibhavi says no, its 8th june. Kanta stops Vaibhavi. Siddhi recalls and asks again. Kanta and Vaibhavi lie. Siddhi thinks something is wrong. Lawyer asks Vin to sign. Siddhi wishes he doesn’t sign. Vin is about to sign. Shankar stops him. Manjiri says we were registering Vin and Vaibhavi’s marriage. Shankar says we have to calm his grah nakshatra first. She agrees. Shankar asks Siddhi to call Guru ji home. Manjiri asks Kanta to talk to Laxmi. Kanta goes. Kanta lies to Laxmi and asks her to take money tomorrow. Laxmi hears servant calling Kanta for marriage ceremony. Laxmi gets angry and says Kanta lied to me. Siddhi comes to Vaibhavi and says I will make you ready. She says I m finding your foundation. Vaibhavi says its here. Siddhi sees the paper and says wow, what a pretty dress, can I try this. Vaibhavi says sure, I will help. Siddhi says I will see. She drops the purse. Vaibhavi asks where is your focus today. Siddhi says sorry and keeps things back. She takes the paper and goes to try the dress.

Siddhi checks and says 8th june dated kundli, maybe this is real one, I have to talk to Manjiri. She goes downstairs and says I have to talk to you. Shankar says talk later, nothing is imp than puja. Siddhi thinks I can’t let wrong happen with Vin, there is someone whom they will listen. She goes to Guru ji. She says I will know about this kundli. Vin and Vaibhavi come downstairs. Vin thinks where did Riddhi go. They exchange garlands. Siddhi sees Guru ji busy in yagna and thinks just he can save Vin. Manjiri does the ghatbandhan. Kanta says I have no one to do kanyadaan. Laxmi comes and says I m there. Kanta worries. Laxmi says me and my husband will do kanyadaan. Kanta promises to give her 20 lakhs. Vin and Vaibhavi take wedding rounds. Pandit says now girl will walk ahead. Everyone showers flowers and smile. Pandit says now its the last seventh round. Siddhi comes and shouts stop, this marriage can’t happen. They all get shocked.

Manjiri says its a bad omen, Vin complete the seventh round. Siddhi pours water to blow off havan fire. Manjiri slaps her.

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