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Shakti 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya jumps in water, Harman rescues her

Shakti 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasleen telling Harman that she needs to go to Canada and asks Harman not to feel bad, says she will come often. She asks him to take her for an outing. Harman says okay and asks her to get ready. Soumya tells Preeto that they are leaving. Preeto says there will be some solution. Jasleen asks Soumya to get ready and come with her. Harman asks Jasleen to let her be at home. Jasleen says Soumya is coming with us, I will not listen to anyone. Preeto and Soumya get happy.

Surbhi asks Sumit to tell the estimate and goes to bring tea. Varun comes to her and insults him. Sumit asks him to be happy in Surbhi’s happiness and says it will be a different feeling. Surbhi comes. Varun goes. She asks what did he say? Sumit says not important. Harman, Jasleen and Soumya have pani puri at

a stall. Tu hi mera khuda plays….they come to the pond. Jasleen says it is a beautiful place and asks Harman and Soumya, what is their problem. She asks Harman how much he loves Soumya? Harman says love can’t be measured, but I love her like any other husband used to love his wife. Soumya says if I jump in the pond, will you save me. Harman asks her to jump and says I will not save you. Jasleen says of course, he will save you. She sees candy floss and asks Soumya and Harman to come with her.

Harman and Jasleen go to buy it, while Soumya recalls jumping in the pond before, but Harman saves her. She thinks I had jumped in the water that day to go away from your world, but today I will jump to enter your world, and to get back to you. She goes near the edge. Harman buys two candy floss. Jasleen asks will you share it with Soumya. Soumya jumps in the water. Harman and Jasleen hear the sound. Harman says it seems someone jumped in the pond. Jasleen says where is Soumya? If she has jumped in the pond. People gather there and says someone jumped in the water. Jasleen gets tensed and asks Harman to jump and save Soumya, as she is drowning. Harman jumps in and rescues her. Jasleen cries and tries to make her gain consciousness.

She asks Harman to give him mouth to mouth respiration. Harman says no and tells that they shall take her to Doctor. People asks what is his problem. Jasleen shouts at him. Harman says ok and closes his eyes to give her CPR, but Soumya opens her eyes and says she is fine. Harman says she is acting. Jasleen says she got fine and you are saying this. Preeto thinks about Soumya and Harman’s bet. Soumya acts to feel pain in her leg. Jasleen asks Harman to lift her. Harman refuses. Man says if you don’t lift her then who will lift her, she is your wife. Harman lifts her and takes her to car.

Veeran asks Harak Singh to talk to Jasleen’s father about Jasleen and Harman’s marriage. Shanno asks him to talk to them. Raavi tells that Preeto was telling about Soumya and Harman’s bet. Preeto comes and taunts Raavi and asks her to learn something from Soumya, how to take care of husband and family.

Surbhi’s old boss gives car to Surbhi for the project. Sumit says I have car, and needs money. Harman brings her home. Soumya asks him to take her to room, and asks how can I walk to room. She says please.

Harman is throwing Soumya out. Jasleen returns then and questions Harman how can you do this with your wife. Harman says she is not my wife, but a kinnar. Jasleen is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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