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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Learns Ananth’s Truth

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bulbul returns home. Gayatri yells why did she return, because of her, Vijay is in jail, whole family shattered because of her, she is inauspicious, etc. Bulbul signals her to stop and says she is bahu of this house, this house belongs to her husband and nobody can dare remove her from this house. She then confronts Sadhna what happened to her, how can she believe fabricated evidences and allege Vijay of murdering Prabhath. Gayatri tries to speak. Bulbul shuts her mouth and continues confronting Sadhna that she considered Vijay as her son, how can she allege her son of murdering her husband, she differentiated between Vijay and Angad. Sadhna says she felt like her body part being separated, but she cannot deny truth, Vijay is paying for her sins. Bulbul’s effort goes in vain. Rasik

smirks seeing all this. Angad cries for Vijay. Rasik consoles him. Angad says Vijay was like his father and he cannot see Vijay behind bars. Rasik consoles him not to think he is orphan and thinks it is difficult to break this family.

In police station, constable informs Vijay that someone has come to meet him. Vijay thinks Sadhna must have come. Ananth comes to meet instead and asks if she was expecting someone else. Vijay says he was expecting Sadhna. Ananth asks how is he feeling when he is betrayed, he felt same when he was betrayed. Vijay asks what does he means. Ananth says Bulbul identified his motto easily, but Vijay did not trust her. Vijay reminisces Bulbul telling that Ananth is tryiing to double cross them. He asks if Ananth did not forgive him. Ananth says never. Vijay shatteres. Ananth continues that Vijay betrayed by hiding his and Mandira’s past. He continues exposing his truth and says Vijay’s condition is a consequence of all this.

Mandira gets out of auto and walks hiding her face towards police station to meet Vijay. Ananth notices her. Sadhna stops Mandira and asks why did she come after doing so much. Mandira says she wanted to warn her and Vijay about Ananth’s plan, but they did not listen to her. Bulbul says maybe Ananth is doing all this, but she is sure Mandira provoked him. Mandira says she does not want Vijay behind bars. Bulbul says she should have led a happy married life with Ananth instead of her drama, this all would not have happend. Mandira tries to get, but constables stop her and says they got superior’s order not to let her in.

Vijay cries reminiscing Ananth’s betrayal. Bulbul walks in and asks Vijay not to worry, she will prove him innocent at anyh cost. drama continues….

Precap: Bulbul brings food for Vijay and something is found in her food.
Constables arrest her. She cries she does not know how it came.

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