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Two days later…


Saumya had overcome her panic attack a day before, thanks to Svetlana and everybody else’s love and care. After her brother it was Svetlana who became Saumya’s shield and Saumya respected her for that. Svetlana was now more than a sister. She became her brother, whatsoever happened they both were together, through thick and thin. Everyone in their family were in awe of their relationship. Saumya never met her Aai after the incident but she knew everything through Svetlana and vice versa. She couldn’t show her face to mother after the incident , she was ashamed of herself that she couldn’t save her brother, hence the decision of not meeting Aai. The very first day when she met Rudra in the hospital she went with Rehaan because she knew she couldn’t lie and Rehaan could lie better than her. While Rehaan and Aai chatted she saw her Aai laughing with Rehaan on his stupid jokes with tears in her eyes hiding behind the door. When she saw Rudra and heard him she felt bad for him and gave him Sameer’s thread , she never wanted anyone to go through what she went through, the pain of loosing a brother that too in front of one’s eyes could be worse and she knew that and that’s why she  offered to sing for Shivaay when he got well.


Right now everyone was planning on how to take revenge from the Oberois by another way since they thought that it was impossible for Saumya to get married to Rudra because of her panic attack. Dushyant was helping them too. He was an orphan and this family was everything to him, well he had agreed for the so called blackmailing video for Tia. This family’s revenge was also his even though they had hurt him before but it was his idea to blackmail Tia this time, because he knew his wife.”I will marry Rudra.” , Saumya said. Everyone was shocked. “No you aren’t”, Svetlana literally screamed, because she knew another panic attack could snatch their Saumu from them. Saumya did not budge.” I will marry Rudra because its my revenge for my Baba and Papa” Shobhana (Svetlana and Tia’s mother) got alert , she could not let them know what Saumya saw twenty two years ago. Everyone finally agreed to Saumya and preparation for bride swap started by calling Veer who implemented his plan B.


Here in Oberoi Mansion wedding preparations were in full swing but it was the groom himself who was gloomy. Rudra wasn’t sad that he was loosing his bachelor life he just said it in front of his brothers, bhabhis and family. He was sad because he would lose his Sumo, his Saumya. Yes he was broken when the actor told him that Saumya had bribed him for their fake marriage, if she wanted she could have told him and got married to him, but she was his family’s enemy, how could he think like that. He loved Saumya , passionately even his dear God knew that but never told anyone reason his image and her image. He could not let anyone speak ill about Saumya but he himself spoke ill about her, he chuckled realising that. He hated it when Rehaan saw Saumya like a lovestruck puppy , because it was his right his heart shouted everytime. He knew that he would always love Saumya no matter whether she wanted to destroy his family or not, he could not control his heart from loving her. He knew what he shared with Bhavya was nothing but infatuation but he would overcome that and love her, he thought. He thought that he would fall in love with Bhavya after their wedding just like Omkara and Gauri. He cried as if it was someone’s funeral and not his wedding while showering leaving his eyes red. Maybe it was the funeral of his love for Saumya and that fake marriage of them. He had hurt Saumya by his words when Jahnvi attempted suicide and she left him only to return and wreck havoc in his life. He was marrying Bhavya to keep his family happy and safe. He would love to die from Saumya’s hands but how could he keep his family in danger ? So he planned to go ahead with this wedding. He had proposed Bhavya in front of Saumya just to see some jealously in her eyes and he had seen a bit of it in her eyes but she never said anything to him he had waited for her until the actor told him the truth. And it broke him. He wore his sherwani for his wedding with Bhavya. Bhavya seemed perfect and everyone loved her , someday he will start loving her too, he thought. Omkara and Shivaay enters his room and their emotional talks began, who would have known that his wish for living with Saumya was going to come true.


Bhavya was kidnapped by Veer and Saumya got ready for the wedding. Two reasons for this wedding – her love for Rudra and her revenge.


When Saumya kept her hand on Rudra’s hand during kanyadaan he shuddered thinking it was Saumya but she couldn’t be here she was crying and was with Romi , he knew she wasn’t in a condition to plan anything. It was only after muhdikhayi everyone got to know that Saumya was their new daughter in law . Saumya never said anything about Anika but because of Shivaay everyone got to know her truth but Svetlaba was there and challenged the elder Oberois that she would expose them in six months, before Rudra and Saumya’s divorce. And now Rudra was furious with Saumya for playing with his and his family’s feelings.



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