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RagSan – Sanskaar’s Love Ragini’s Hate. (CH-3)

Chapter 2 here


Scene starts with Ragini’s breakdown.Sanskaar’s each and every word was paining like a dagger pierced in her heart. She falls on the road.

She shouts looking at sky- Maa…Kahan hai aap. Hummey bulla lijiye apney paas. She cries.

Here Sanskaar arrives at Maheshwari Mansion. He goes towards his room. Sujata stops him.

Sujata –Where were you all night?

Sanskaar – Woh Mom , i went to my company, had some work.

Sujata sees him with suspicion , but let go the thought.

Sanskaar- Mom , i am going to room, please send a cup of coffee for me.

Sujata Nods in positive. Sanskaar leaves.

Sanskaar enters his room and closes the door.

Here Ragini was walking towards baadi. Her eyes had became red due to continues crying. As she reaches Baadi, Dadi stops her.

Dadi- Arrey Laado , aa gayi tu.

Ragini without facing Dadi- Haa Dadi Maa..

Dadi felt a sadness , a shiver in her voice. She makes her turn towards herself.

Dadi- Laado What happened, why are you crying, why are your eyes red.

Ragini- No Dadi, i am not crying. Woh something went inside my eyes. Dadi i am tired so i am resting in room.

Dadi- okay, go. if you need anything tell me.

Ragini leaves. She enters her room and enters the washroom. She opens the shower and rubs her hands to remove Sanskaar’s touch. She breaksdown remembering there moments.

Here in his room Sanskaar removes his shirt. He looks at himself in mirror. He sees nail marks near his chest. He touches it and gets the memories of previous night. Unknowingly a smile comes on his face. He realises it.

Sanskaar – Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe. I just wanted revenge from Ragini and i got it. Now i have nothing to do from her. He goes to take shower.

Here in Baadi, Ragini was still sitting under shower trying to remove Sanskaar’s touch from her body. Sharmishtha knocks on her door.

Sharmishtha – Ragini betta, are u done. Shekher is calling you for lunch.

Ragini trying to hide her sobs. Haa Maa, aap chaliye hum aa rahe hai.

Sharmishtha leaves. Ragini comes out and changes her clothes. She goes down with a fake smile onface.

Here Sanskaar too takes bath. He gets ready and goes down. Maheshwaris were sitting for lunch. Sanskaar goes and starts eating.

Pari- Sujata chachi abb Laksh kii bhi shaadi ho chukki hai , toh kuy naa abb hum Sanskaar ke liye bhi ek acchi larki dhoondhey.

All smiles.

Sujata – Yes you are right.

Sanskaar listens all this silently. He again get the memories of last night. He gets frustrated and leaves from there.

Laksh – Arrey Bhai. Sunno toh.

He does not stop.

Swara – Laggta hai Sanskaar Sharma gaya.

They laugh.

Annapurrna- Waise Sujata tumahare nazar mein koi larki hai.

Sujata- Woh jiji main Ragini ke baare mein socch rahi thhi. Sanskaar ke saath usski jodi acchi lagegi.

Ram- Haa, Ragini acchi larki hai. They all praise her.

Sujata- Swara, tum Shekher jii sey pucch lenna ki kal woh logg free hai ya nahi. Hum kal hii Ragini ka rishta le karr jayen gey.

Swara – Jii Chachi jii.

Here in Baadi,

Dadi – Laado kya hua , tu kucch khaa kuy nahi rahi hai.

Sharmishta – Haa beta, What happened.

Ragini- Kucch nahi , i am not feeling well.

Just then a girl comes. She is Ragini’s friend.

Girl- I have a superb idea, lets go for shopping.

Ragini- No Neha, plz.

Neha- Plz plz plz…

Ragini – Okay baba. Actually she too want to get busy so that she will not think abt yesterday night.

They go for shopping. After shopping her friend goes to her house. Ragini walks towards Baadi. She sees some childrens playing in the park. She goes there .

Here Sanskaar was driving. He was frustrated, as he could not come out of yesterday nights memory. He sees Ragini standing in park and smiling at childrens. He smriks. He gets out of car and goes towards her. Ragini feels his presence. He keeps his hands on shoulders.

Ragini- Sanskaar..

She turns and sees Sanskaar standing there with a smirk. Ragini moves back a little bit.

Sanskaar- Wooh so you started recognizing me by my touch just in a night . Impressive. But what if you forgot it after few days. Lets do one thing, lets spend one more night together, i will give you so much love that you will never be able to forget my touch. He says touching her cheeks. And if you want i can pay you a heavy amount for spending a night with me.
Ragini had tears in her eyes. Still she was not out of the things he spoke in morning and once again he hurted her with his words. She pushes Sanskaar and run away from there.

Scene ends on Sanskaar’s smriking face.

So how is the update.

And yes as i said story will take leap soon, may be in next chapter or after that chapter.

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