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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 4)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with preeti and rohit
episode 4:

preeti: Ayesha😊 (Adda Khan)!!
Ayesha: yrr preeti why you come here bebe.
Preeti: actually..

badi mummy: beta we want you to stay here till you both go to london.

Ayesha: hello everyone..i m Ayesha khan. Cousine sister of preeti and unfortunately😪 her secertary.

Preeti: Actually Ayesha is the real daughter of Mr. Hussain. And He is my uncle. after the death of my parents He own me from my childhood. But i love him a lot and he also so i call him my dad.

Saharanya: Its ok preeti. infact this is your like your home. right sid.

Sid: (smiling) ofcourse dear.

kavya: and i m too lost my parents when i m only four years old. soo the pain of yours and mine is same. right.

Preeti: your parents??

Kavya: (pointing towards the pic of ishaan and preet) in bomb blast.

Preeti: (her eyes are full of tears after relaxing herself) yes the pain of yours and mine is also same but there is diffrence of something.

Kavya: what…

Ayesha: preeti i m too tired. where is our room?

Ritik: come s*x…. i mean seventh room is yours. come let me show you.

Ayesha: ok i ‘ll go.

Rohit: did ‘nt you go preeti…

she looks to him angerly she also go.

Rohit: one day i will bring you in your line. miss attitude.

Morning breakfast..

Preeti: (thinking) shit damn… these parathas…

badi mummy: whats the matter beta. did ‘nt you like breakfast?

Ayesha: actually she does ‘nt like these fatty food.

Rohit: So what…food is needed to feed ourself. whats the matter if food is fatty r not. and moreover… miss preeti is not soo fatty so she can easily eat it.

Bade papa: shut up Rohit.. eat your breakfast.

Neeti: i ‘ll give you some juice or toast…

Preeti: orange juice only.

Badi mummy: i ‘ll bring it.

Ritik: Thats why you both soo much smart. kavya…. learn something.

kavya: shut up chinno.

every body laughs and also preeti.

Rohit: (Thinking) ohh she is also laughing strange 😯.

shergill comes with his son. his son is Herry (Vivake dhaiya).

Herry: hi… everyone.

Bade papa: hello beta come take breakfast with us.

Harry: thank you. i ‘ll come to meet Rohit , kavya and Ritik. but 1 second who are these two beautiful girls?

Kavya: let me introduced… she is preeti khan and she is Ayesha khan. both are come from london for business deal with chacho.

Herry: wao… hi s*xies.

Ayesha: i like you sense of humour.

Preeti: excuse me. dad ‘s call.

she goes from there. shergill stares her and says: Excuse me where s bathroom i just wash my hands.

Sharanya: ohh. 👉 there..

Shergill: thanks..

he goes where preeti goes to attend her call.

Preeti: hello dad.

only eyes and lips of mr. hussain are shown.

Hussain: hello darling. how are you are you alright?.

shergill comes to hear her coversation with her dad. he is hiding himself.

preeti: yes dad. i m stay at hooda house as you said to me. now time is come to take….
he is shocked to hear it..

Shergill: omg our revenge… what revenge???

to know that please stay to read next article.

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