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Pyaar -Ragsan os by suma

Hello guys I know long time may be 10-15 days I have been updated but what to do I’m little busy when ever I get time I have to update the instagram page #rishthalikhengehumnaya page (RLHN_fc#AJ)… So iam not getting more time to write so this was just posted for u ppl not to forget me and I will update any part of one story this weekend till then enjoy the story 

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*Telephone conversation*
” I’m coming Ratan, Don’t be tensed, without me how could your marriage will get complete”.
sala tu kab se yeh baath bol raha tha , abhi ke abhi niklo common “
“now iam in Delhi,Man”
” chalo mei flight ticket book kardete tum niklo jald , ab Tu exactly Kaha ho”
“exactly Iam in….it looks like im in bar 🙈🙈🙈” “seriously sanskar , in bar??? I won’t talk to you ,bye”
” Ratan listen, I will leave tonight and will be there in 2-3 hrs ”
” okay let’s see ”
*Call ended*


He is playing Game in mobile suddenly one person came and sat beside him with jerk so that he mobile fell down
He turned towards the person frustrated
” What the hell, can’t u see ?? ”
Then the girl turned to him saying
” Sorry !! “

” Sorry!!!🙄🙄🙄 My game😣😣😣😣😣  u spoiled my game!!!”

“Game!!! ” She took the mobile and played the game and made the score higher than him and grabbed his hand and handed his mobile.

He looked at the mobile and her at mouth ‘o’ shape

” I’m sorry ” he said

She looked at him 😏😏😏😏

She is about to move he holded her hand
” Sorry aunty ji “

” Huh 😤😤😤 aunty tarah dikh rahi ho tume uncle jiiiii”

He smiled
” Tume jawab Nahi Diya na so I called you aunty ji
Then I can get your attention to  say  sorry…listen sorry  ”
She gave again a look 😏😏😏

” You think you look cute with that look but actually
A big No , so stop giving that look ” he said

She faked her smile 😁😁😁😁 and about to leave
He again holded her hand

” Kaha tak ??”

” Who are you ??”

” Question ko question se jawab dere tum … Ok chalo
My name – sanskar
Height – 5’8
Weight – I didn’t check from last month so will let u know once I check
Qualification – Engineering completed doing job Now
Marital status- not even once I married
Relationship status – Fallen in love at airport

Uffff anything else ??? 🤔🤔🤔 I think I left nothing so common start yours “

All these while she was shocked as why he is telling her 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

He shaked her and she then got senses
” Are you mad?? “

” Yes , because of you “

” What??”

” I love you ”
He confessed

” You have seen me now and you just saying you love me…”

” It’s happened now….may be it’s called love at first sight …. seriously I never believed this untill I saw you “

” Your love is fail because iam getting married soon and that too with in three days “

” Don’t lie “

” Why should I lie and stop flirting and leave me I have to go …soon she left to flight “

Sanskar stood heart broken as he loved her may be just now ….but it’s feels like she was born for him and
Never wanted to leave her and if he leave her …his heart wills stop beating… may be his heart got the reason for whom it was beating now ❤️

Soon he too followed her as may be she lied to avoid him
She saw he is coming towards her and turned to other side
Luckily his seat was beside to her and he sat next to her but he is not even talking at her which made her amazed and she slowly turned to see him but he acts like sleeping

She looks at him
” How can he sleep so early “

” Don’t stare at me ” he said without looking at her

” Mm…what…me…I’m…not staring at you ”
He looked at her and said

” If someone lies then their nose will become red you know ” he said
Soon she took her mobile and watching her in camera whether her nose became red or not
He started laughing
She hitted him playfully and turned to other side

” Cute pout 😘” he said

” No flirting !!!! I already said iam getting married “

” May be your lying “

” Why would I “

” Let me try …I still have a chance ….and 3 days time “

” Ufff leave about love let’s be friends “

” Ewwww koi lover ko frnd maanthe kya ??”

” Get lost “

He is just admiring her ❤️❤️❤️
Slowly he dozed off

Flight got landed in banglore and sanskar slowly wakes up but he can’t see her any where she left.

” Oh god !!! How can I sleep…shit…she missed…how to know about her . I don’t even know her name ”
Cursing his fate he went outside where he saw ratan at airport to receive sanskar

” You look so dull , sanskar kya hua?? “

” Mmmm, Nothing Ratan let’s go “

” Who is she?? “

Sanskar is shocked and turned to him how you know??

” Guessed man!!! Who is she ?? “

” Hmmm…Angel…my princess I love her Ratan …she just gave me a reason to live …I don’t know how much deep I have fallen but yes..I fallen to  that extent in her love…her eyes, her smile , her cute pout…her silky hair ….her “

” Bas bas bas….late hora hai…car mei chalte chalte baat karskate…chale ?? “

He nodded and both seated in car Ratan is driving and sanskar is seated in passenger seat and looking outside and lost in his world

” Oye hello lover boy….thinking about your dream girl ha….first you came to my wedding so concentrate on my wedding that ask me how is bride ? “

” Wedding yeah….but she filled my heart and brain that I cannot think about anyone ratan “

” Kya zadoo Kar Diya usse ”
Both went to venue and ratan taking sanskar to his room..

Suddenly he saw one girl running into one room …sanskar thought it’s his angel so he too Ran leaving ratan
” Sanskar ….sanskar where are you running?? “

Sanskar ran to her and grabbed her hand and the girl turned to him and he left her hand by saying sorry
(It’s someother girl)

” Sanskar this is your room I have to go…u go and sleep “

” Ok ratan “

When sanskar entered the room he saw his dream girl sitting on bed with smile

” Hey angel you here again , I know it’s my imagination”
By saying this he gone to  washroom and got freshup and came out and saw his angel is still sitting there

” I’m getting mad….why iam seeing you everywhere
You were in washroom too…but now giving me coffee ”
She handed over the coffee
He thought it’s his imagination and he tried to remove his towel around his waist.
” Hey what are you doing ??? I’m real…not your imagination” she said
Soon he grabbed his towel and holded it tight and smiled widely that he got her
He took her to a bone crushing hug
” Don’t leave me again…I’m going mad….please…”
He broke the hug and looked at her she stood silent
” Tell me ” he asked
He raised her chin up and kissed her forehead

” I love you ” he whispered
He saw her holding her dress tightly , he holded her by shoulders and made her sit on bed
” Just 2min I will be back ” by saying this he went to Washroom to dress up
When he came back he find room empty
He searched the whole room but didn’t find his girl
Then he started searching outside the room and then he saw ratan talking to his angel..he ran towards them and stood infront of his angel
” Hey sanskar…tum Yaha….Acha..let me introduce my fiance…mera half…aur Mera sab kuch  Diya “

Sanskar stood broken listening to his words…he shattered inside and looked at her painfully remembering her words
” I’m getting married in three days ”
He never thought that she is going to get married to his best friend …whom he loves very much..
He silently went from there

” Diya I will talk to you later ”
She nodded and went to room

Here sanskar is crying hardly under shower.Ratan came knocking the door and asked him to come out

” Sanskar are you mad…what happened?? ”
He stood silent being lost , ratan took towel and rubbed his hair.

” Dress change Karo …aur so jao….sab kuch teek hojayega ..” he said and left the room

He slept on bed remembering her smile and slowly dozed off thinking about her


He wokeup and saw his angel with coffee again
” Sorry , I wouldn’t have told you that…i have to listen when you said you are getting married “

” It’s okay sanskar, take this coffee “

” Let’s be friends ”  he forwarded his hand..

” Koi lover ko frnd maanthe kya??? ” She told his dialogue

” When I heard Ratan is going to marry you…I forget my love in that second itself ” he said with smile

” Hmmm ” she replied and joined her hand with him

In these three days he gave her best behaviour and  They roamed banglore and became good friends ,she fallen for him in these three days.
On wedding day
Sanskar made ratan got ready in wedding attire.

All wedding rituals are going on …
Pandit called ratan to do pre- rituals and he is doing that and sanskar went to his room then he noticed Diya is sitting in his room
” Hey, what are you doing?? Here it’s already getting late …you didn’t even got ready?? “

” I love u sanskar ”
He is shocked as he didn’t expected this
He laughed at her
” It’s not a time to do joke…go and get ready “

” Seriously I love you…actually I want to ….”

” Shut up “

” Now I don’t want to listen anything come let’s go ” he holded her hand and started to move

” I don’t want to come ….I don’t marry ratan…I love you…”

” Pagal hogaya kya!!! Kuch bhi boldete tum “

” Listen first !!! “

” No… I don’t wanna listen anything first come all must be waiting “

She jerked her hand from his grip…

” Look at my eyes and tell me that you don’t love me , then I will marry ratan “

He was already broken she was testing him and giving him more pain as it’s hard to tell him that he isn’t love her as he lied but can’t able to forget her..
She turned him to look at her
He looked into her and her image got blurred as his eyes already moisted with tears.

” I don’t love you anymore ” he said fisting his hand

He turned to leave holding her hand , she jerked her hand by saying
” I can leave and I know the way ”
He again holded her hand and walking towards mandap and there he saw ratan taking pehras with one girl and filling her maang and tied mangalsutra to her neck he is frustrated with his behaviour and soon he went to ratan and asked
” What the hell ratan , how could you marry this girl leaving her ….you love her na…then what is this?? “

” Sanskar what are you talking?? I love Diya and married Diya ”
Ratan removed the veil on diya face
Seeing Diya there sanskar was shocked and looked at his angel again…
He fell unconscious
Ratan holded him and splash water on his face
Sanky slowly opened his eyes and saw both again he fell unconscious
Ratan again splashed water on his face
” Not again sanky ”
He pointed towards the girl and asked
” She? “

” She is Ragini my sister ” Diya spoke
While ragini smirked 😎😎😎😎
” 😮😮😮😮😮😮 “twins ??

All smiled and pandit declared them as husband and wife


” You cheated me ” he said

” No…” She said with smile

” How it all happened ?? “

” When I took your mobile to play game in airport I saw yours and ratan jiju Ka pic on display so I got to know you are coming to marriage and thought to tease you…but you don’t have brain…I roamed with you 3 days and still you didn’t find out…how can ratan jiju will send his love …will he be able to leave 3days without her ”
She gave a attitude smile 😏😈😈😈

All while Sanskar opens his mouth 😮😮😮😮😮😮

” Itna Sab kuch Kiya tune mere Saath…tume chodungi Nahi”

” Kaun Bola tume chodneko…pakdo…Kabhi  chodna math mujhe ” she hugged him tightly

He too hugged her back
” You have to bear the punishment for making me cry and leaving me in airport alone “

” What punishment “

” Marry me ” he knelt down and proposed her

” 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ” She acts like thinking

” 😒😒😒😒”

” She smiled and captured his lips saying yes “


After 1year


” Why are you shouting sanskar “

” come in I can’t find Shampoo ?? “

” I have kept it there on right side😜😜😜 “

” 😣😣😣 Soap “

” It’s there near shampoo 😝😝😝😝”

” 😤😤😤😤 I want towel ” he said in rage

” Towel it’s in hanger have a look “

” No…it got wet “

” Acha….I will get another one “

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” he screamed

” What happend Sanskar ?? ” She asked while entering into washroom
Soon he dragged her in and bolted it

” You tricked me like this “

” You are not coming …den wat to do??? “


He slowly turned her and started giving wet kisses on her nape and she is moaning his name
” Sans..sanskar ….no….”
He undressed her saree
” Sanskar not here ” she said

He lifted her and opened the door and went to room
And placed her on bed and kissing her and made love …


“Don’t go for  Office “

” Seriously!!! He started removing his bag and tie “

” You will be ready na…I have to go meet Diya come with me “

” After office we both go till then wait for me and take care eat food and take care”

” Okay “

” I love you Ragini “

” Love you too ” she pecked his lips and he left ❤️


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