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Piya Albela 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela tries to get closer to Naren, to kill him

Piya Albela 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren hugging Pooja and thinks about Bela. He gets tensed. Supriya gets doubtful about Bela. Harish comes and tells that Chandrika is leaving. Supriya asks why did we let bela stay in the outhouse. Harish asks what happened? Pooja asks Naren if he will finish all love stock today itself. Naren asks her not to go far from him and asks why did you keep Bela in outhouse. Pooja says she has done so much for you, can’t we give her a room in our house. Supriya tells Harish that Bela called him Praveen. Harish says may be she told it mistakenly. Supriya says this girl Bela will bring storm in our life. Bela looks at the knives, nails and other equipments.

Supriya asks Chandrika if she has decided to go and says we can go later. Chandrika says we will go together again. Harish

apologizes to Chandrika for insulting her and says you are our son’s mother and have high place than us. Dada ji says Harish is right. Naren and Pooja come there. Chandrika blesses them and asks Naren to keep Pooja always with him, says she is your shield, if she is with you then I will be relieved. Bela hugs the voodoo toy, and cries. Chandrika tells Dada ji that she will go.

Bela changes her clothes and wears colorful western dress. She thinks until Pooja is with him, she can’t go near to his heart. She calls Naren and says she wants to take bath and don’t know which button to press. Naren asks her to press the button next to wash basin. She asks him to be on line. She touches the button and acts to be electrocuted. Naren runs to rescue her. She throws the phone. Naren lifts her and takes her to room. Bela calls him Praveen. Naren is shocked. Pooja comes there and asks what happened? Naren tells everything. Bela hugs Pooja and tells that she don’t want to stay alone here and says it would have been good if she had died with Praveen. Pooja asks her to get ready to have food.

At the dining table, Supriya asks Naren why did you go and asks why Bela called you. Harish says where is Pooja? Pooja comes with bela and tells that she is thinking if bela can stay in the house in day time. Harsha tells that if Bela stay in the house, then Surbhi and I will not stay here. Rahul says then I will also not stay. Neelima asks Bela to work as a servant. Bela agrees, but Pooja refuses to let her work and says she will do all house work.

Supriya tells Pooja, you will not do work. Pooja says whoever have work can tell me. Supriya thinks she can bring storm in your and naren’s life. Naren gets up and goes. Pooja asks Bela to have food.

Later when Pooja is working in kitchen, Naren comes and says we both will pay for Bela’s favors. Ishq hai ibadat plays….

Bela makes poisonous pan for Naren. Pooja asks Naren to go and says she will come in 5 mins. Bela comes to Naren and asks him to have it, calls him Praveen again. She thinks just one pan and then in 10 mins, your whole body will be poisonous.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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