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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa reaches vaikunth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi gargacharya coming with balram and radha to vrindavan. Kanha sees them coming and says indra dev now your truth will be expose. Rishi, balram and radha come inside vrindavan. There indra dev orders everyone do the work, rishi, balram and radha come. Rishi gargacharya says stop digging everyone. All people see rishi gargacharya and are shocked, they see devraj’s form and says who is this then? Rishi gargacharya says I am the real rishi gargacharya, you all were being cheated for these many days. Indra dev takes his actual form and laughs, he says it was me, I am devraj indra, the king of gods and the greatest god known. All people are shocked, scared and angry. Nand and all people go to rishi gargacharya and nand says we don’t care whoever you are indra dev,

even if you are the king of gods, you cheated with all people and you torture people to force them to pray to you. Indra dev says you all people will pray to me otherwise I will punish you. Nand says no we will not pray to you. Indra dev gets angry and removes his Vajra astra to attack nand, kanha comes running and says no indra dev, you cannot do that, you have let your ego take control of you. Indra dev goes and stands on top of the mountain he threw near the village and says I will destroy the govardhan mountain and make you all pray to me. Vayu dev appears and indra dev creates a storm with lightning to attack govardhan mountain, vayu dev says devraj stop now, you need to come back right now. Kanha says to indra dev, indra dev your ego will bring you to your destruction. Indra dev says I will see you all, he goes back with vayu dev to devlok.
Rishi gargacharya says that cunning indra dev had taken me captive and he came here to fool everyone into his treacherous plans. All people say good that balram saved you rishi. Rishi says everything is because of kanha, he knew it is not the real me and it is indra dev. nand says how did you know kanha? Kanha says baba I knew because rishi gargacharya never behaves the way indra dev did as he scolded everyone and supported himself, I knew it was him. Yashoda hugs kanha.
There indra dev is in devlok and he sees devlok has been attacked and its condition has dilapidated. Indra dev says wich demon dare come here and attack indra’s home? A god says devraj, it was not any demon it was some other divya power that came and swept everything. Indra dev thinks about kanha saying his ego will destroy everything, indra dev says I know who it was, it was that kid kanha. Everyone say kanha? Indra dev says kanha has done this, these people shall be punished with kanha too. Indra dev tells vayu dev to attack.
Vayu dev says yes devraj and he sends a storm in vrindavan using his power. All people start falling down due to the strong storms, indra dev laughs. There nand says how did a storm come? What to do now. Kanha says father we will go and stay safe in the cow sheds, but we have to go there safely. Indra dev uses his powers and puts lightning storms. All people fall down, kanha says I have an idea, we will hold each other’s hands and stay together this way we can reach safely to the cow sheds. All people say yes and hold each other’s hands, they go together towards the stables, kanha thinks indra dev you will be punished for your ego, your ego will destroy you.
There kansa is in brahma lok and he says it has been decided that I will die, but then I will put that in my favor, kansa suddenly gets back his clothes and he comes to his original form. Kansa enters a beautiful garden and says wow, so beautiful, so unique, what place is this? Kansa sees properly and then says yes, this is vaikunth dham. Kansa starts laughing and jumps and says I am in vaikunth, see Vishnu you did not come to fight me but I have come into your home, I will kill you Vishnu, I will end you. As kansa goes ahead, 2 guards appear with gadha as both look almost same, they are named jay and vijay.

Precap: kansa says Vishnu my hands are enough to kill your guards, I will fight them. Jay and vijay tell kansa the truth of his life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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