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Nimki Mukhiya 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi sends photos to Amma

Nimki Mukhiya 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Abhi says she is just kidding. Nimki says such a good pasta. Abhi makes world good pasta. abhi says no no she is just saying. Abhi says try please. Babbu says how to eat this. He tries eating the pasta.
Amma says she has no shame. Diamond says I hate her. Sweeti says you go from here. They hear Tettar and Ritu talking about something. Tettar says to Ritu you couuldn’t handle a case. Ritu syas I will handle it don’t worry. Tettar says you can’t do anything.

Amma says to sweeti your dad is mad at Ritu. Sweeti says yes. Ritu comes. Amma says what happened? How are you two fighting today? Ritu says he isn’t doing right. For some money he is giving ticket to that man. Ritu says why are you so bugged. Amma says this is politics. No one is no one’s.

is angry. Sweeti says leave all this we will live in patna in our house. Dad wont stop you either.

Abhi says babbu why are you not eating? Is it not good Babbu says not hungry much. Nimki syas don’t lie. These people re like family. Mausi says I will make paratha. Nimki says he loves pasta. Babbu says she is right. Babbu can’t eat pasta. Nimki says don’t mind. He is used to making me eat him. Nimki makes him eat. ABhi takes their pictures. Elena says does he make you eat too? Nimki says yes he does. Babbu makes him eat.

Scene 2
Parbatia is doing laundry. Sweeti says get the food ready. She says I thought I saw a snake. Nimki is a nagin. Sweeti laughs. Sweeti gets a text. She is dazed. Amma says what is it? Abhi has texted Babu and Nimki’s picture. Amma takes phones and sees them. everyone is dazed. Rekah says her does drama here and thats what he does outside with her. Amma breaks the phone. Amma syas to sweeti why she sent them to you? DO you talk to her as well like your brother. amma says I don’t know why she sent me. Rekha says why didn’t she send me? Dablo syas whats wrong with you all. I will get you a new phone sweeti.

Babbu says we are done with the food. Nimki says please stay. Babbu says I have to leave. Abhi will drop you. Nimki says elena why are you sad? Elena syas do you know how much my papa loves you. Nimki says I know he does thats why he called me and my husband on lunch. Nimki says he is a family to me. elena says more than babbu?
Precap-Nimki and babbu come home. Nimki says we have also invited abhi on lunch.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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