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Mr.Arrogant and Ms.Sweet (Kanchi ff) (Part 4)

Hello lovely people of the internet I am really sorry for not replying to your comments , exams are on my head so I am not replying to your comments but it makes me really happy when you guys appreciate my work so please do comment even though I cant reply to those it really makes me happy and keep the love and support
Aashiq banaya aapne song is playing in the background.
Saachi pulls Kabir really close to her and they start dancing . She then takes Kabir to the bar and forcefully makes him drink alcohol . Both of them are drunk and starts to dance really close to each other on katra katra .
Kabir’s friends click pictures of them .
Kabir : this is so much fun
Saanchi : ha , this is so lit
Kabir : yes and so are you
Both of them laugh
Kabir : you are hot
Saanchi : nope you are hotter
Kabir : nope you are the hottest
Both of them again laughs
Saanchi pulls Kabir towards herself and both of them dances sensuously .
Kabir starts to come closer to Saanchi and leans towards Saanchi to kiss her . She quickly backs off and teases him and walks slowly towards a lonely area . Kabir smiles and follows her , both of them end up in a room .
Kabir : you are teasing me ???
Saanchi : maybe may not be
Saanchi starts to laugh .
Kabir : oh really ???
Kabir grabs her by her waist and holds her really close to him . Kabir cups her face and kisses her forehead and slowly approaches her lips . Saanchi also following suite . Both of them kiss , he tightens his hold around her waist .
He slowly turns her around and starts to place kisses on her neck and slowly moves towards her collarbone and slowly starts to suck her sweet spot . Saanchi starts to melt in his arms and moans with his every kiss . She starts to unbutton his shirt . Kabir starts to caresses her face . he is about to hold her suddenly Saanchi pushes him . She then falls . Kabir smiles and lifts her up bridal style and Saanchi remembers her dream and is about to tell him something but she loses her consciousness . Kabir then places her on the bed and is about to leave when he trips and falls on Saanchi . He smile seeing Saanchi and also loses his consciousness . Both of them sleep in each others arms .

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