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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh supports Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devina being upset that Ira did much shopping. Akhilesh asks did Ira do this shopping, how did she get money. Pushpa asks him to be quiet, she got money from someone where. She asks Devina to say. Devina says okay fine, I will say, lottery, I thought to give some money to Ira. Bhoomi calls Ira selfish. Ira says wait, I got these clothes for Sanaya’s shagun. They get glad. Ira shows the dresses. Aditya says she will like it.

Akhilesh asks Ira what was the need to buy this for Sanaya. Ira says I got this saree for you. Pushpa smiles and gets happy. Akhilesh smiles. Pushpa recalls Birju. Siddhi asks what did you get for us. Ira says I got clothes for you all. Pushpa says see Ira is so good, come and decorate the shagun plate. They go. Akhilesh says don’t get into

lottery things. Ira says Devina was lying, we won money by playing cards. She tells everything. She says I was thinking to put money in savings box, then I thought Aditya and Sanaya are getting married, so I did this shopping, it was my duty, I will do kitchen work and come. She goes. He gets his gift. He doesn’t like her handwriting and clicks pic to ask Bhavik what did Ira write. Bhavik misses Bhoomi. He gets Akhilesh’s call. Akhilesh asks him to read Ira’s note.

Bhavik checks and smiles. He says amazing, she wrote she has got fed up by hurting him, so she got a gift for him, she has written this, check the gift fast. Akhilesh checks the gift. He sees a shirt and smiles. Siddhi and Bhoomi fight for a dress. Akhilesh asks them not to fight. They fall down. Ira’s purse falls. Bhoomi asks whose papers are these. Siddhi says its medical project papers. Akhilesh lies. A glass falls. Siddhi goes to take papers to wipe the milk. Akhilesh says no need, I will use this shirt to wipe it clean, no need to fight for the dress, I will get new one. Akhilesh cleans the floor with new shirt. Ira comes and gets shocked. She thinks I gifted this to Akhilesh. He saved her hardwork. She gets sad.

She asks don’t you value my gift, you should have not made fun of my emotions. He says your papers… She says I can see how much you value my gift, I was mad to think of doing something for you. She takes her files and says I have bought this shirt from my money. She goes. Vallabh gets ready and says bless Ira, Sarla its her big day in hospital, if she gets good marks, she will get scholarship to go America. Ira thinks of Akhilesh. Vallabh comes and feeds her curd.

He asks her to give externals well. She says I m nervous. Dr. Patel calls her. She goes. Akhilesh washes the shirt. He gets angry on himself that he has hurt Ira’s heart. He says I will iron this shirt and wear this, I will go and meet her, maybe she gets happy seeing this shirt. Dr. Patel says it was last day of deadline today. Ira says sorry, I had some personal problems, I completed all projects. He says don’t expect anything, there is one way to get scholarship, you will present patient of vasectomy case in next CME. She worries. She thinks of Akhilesh. She refuses and leaves. She says no scholarship can be imp than Akhilesh’s respect. She hears Vallabh preparing her trip. Vallabh says Dr. Patel would be happy right. She says yes. Ira goes to Dr. Patel and says I will present the case without patient, trust me, I will try my best. He agrees.
She looks for CD and thinks what to do now. Akhilesh comes to hospital and looks for Ira. He says I have to give this CD to her, its imp. The girl says I will give it to her. He says no, I will give it to her. The girl says Ira won’t get scholarship. Akhilesh asks why. The guy calls him Ira’s driver. Akhilesh moves and his shirt gets torn.

They laugh. Ira tells Bhavik that she forgot CD at home, now she can’t give presentation. She sees Akhilesh. He gives her CD. She thanks him and sees the shirt getting torn. She says you have washed and worn it, but how did it get torn. He says forget it, focus on exam. The guy asks is he your servant. She says he is not my servant, he is my…..She thinks if I say he is my husband, they will raise more questions on him. Akhilesh thinks she is ashamed that he is illiterate. He asks her to focus on exam, he is just her far relative, he will go. Ira says sorry. Akhilesh says check CD first. CD falls. Ira touches his feet. Bhavik teases her. Akhilesh says women’s place is not in men’s feet, men’s place is at women’s feet. Ira looks at him. Ira says go home, I m going for presentation. Bhavik asks why, we want to see. Akhilesh asks her to go. Bhavik says I thought to make video when she wins scholarship, please come, she won’t see us.

Akhilesh says I also want to see her, come. Ira thinks its good Akhilesh went home. Bhavik says we will go in after Ira goes. Vallabh asks Bhavik to get Ira’s documents and go to agent. Vallabh goes to get sweets. Akhilesh says I will go and clap for Ira. He prays for Ira. He goes and sits to see Ira’s presentation. She presents vasectomy case. She gets hesitant and shows Akhilesh’s pic. Akhilesh gets shocked. He thinks Ira is showing them about my vasectomy. He recalls his insult. The panel asks Ira how did she convince her subject. She recalls Akhilesh. They ask her to call subject. Ira says you all want to know why my subject isn’t here, why am I so hesitant to talk, this subject is my life’s biggest…. Akhilesh says success…. I m that subject, its my pic. She gets shocked seeing him. He says she has done my vasectomy operation.

Akhilesh says you and your dad had one dream, why did you act foolish. Ira says I don’t want to leave you and go. He asks what’s our relation

Update Credit to: Amena

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