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Mere Sai 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Damodar Witnesses Sai as God

Mere Sai 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shishya asks Sai if you have seen the God, can you show me God. Sai tells the Doha and says I can see the God now itself, within you, in your bhakti, in your innocence. God is in everyone, you have to know where is he and what is the way to see him. Shishya says I want to see him right infront of me like I am seeing you, can you make me see him. Guru ji blames Sai for taking his Shishya Damodar in his trap and tells that he forgot me in a moment. Damodar says I am your Shishya only. Guru ji goes upset. Damodar looks at Sai and thinks I feel like he can make me see God.
Rukmini talks to Servant who asks why Kulkarni is sleeping till now. Rukmini says he is unwell. Servant says Kulkarni feels that ashes are bad for health, but it is helping people. Kulkarni gets up and coughs, he looks for water, but

it is not there. Kulkarni throws pot on floor. Rukmini hears the sound and runs to him. She asks Servant to bring kada. She makes him have kada and says your condition is deteriorating day by day. Kulkarni says this cough needs time to end.

Damodar runs following Guru ji and falls on his feet, says I can’t insult you even in my dreams. Guru ji says it is my insult as you thought Sai can make you see God, and asks him to go to Sai. Damodar says I am your Shishya and says if you leave me then God will not forgive me. Guru ji asks him to go to Sai. Damodar says he felt that Shraddha is the only one thing with which I can see God. Guru ji asks him to go to jungle and call God with devotion and patience. He asks him to go and inform him when he sees God. Guru ji thinks that he did charo dham, but he never saw or felt God. He thinks Shishya is fooled by imposter Sai.

A woman and her daughter come to Sai and she tells that her joints pain is gone with his Vibhuti. Sai says you have shown devotion in it. Woman asks can my daughter become beautiful with it and says many guys families have rejected her. Sai asks her to come infront of him and asks girl if she feels the same thing. Girl tells that people’s faces are like mirror to her. Sai asks do you have any good quality. Girl says she is good at studies and takes care of her father’s accounts, and makes good rangoli. Woman says nobody sees qualities, but see beauty. Sai asks did you see parrot and crow and says when God made this world, parrot and crow were same. They went to God one day. Parrot said I want to look beautiful, and Crow said if you have made me black then there must be some reason behind it, and I respect your decision. God made Parrot beautiful and changed him. Woman asks what happened then? Sai says Parrot is caged and Crow is flying high in the sky. He says beauty is the outer quality and asks woman to be proud of her daughter’s qualities. He says when she sees her beauty in your eyes, then she will get a good life partner who will love her soul, qualities etc and he will be good and real life partner. Girl smiles. Damodar thinks today his years long wish will be fulfilled. He hears tiger snoring sound and sees snake. He thinks Sai told that God is everywhere and he will protect me. He asks God to appear infront of him and folds his hands.

Madhav and Bhama come back to their house after the villagers get it freed from Kulkarni. Kids and others set the house again. Sai calls him Shyama and says now nobody can close your school or throw you out. Jhipri talks to Bhama. Keshav is looking at them from far. Tatya misses Keshav and tells that he used to make nice rangoli, but he don’t come here. Anta and banta see Keshav there. Keshav comes back home. Kulkarni coughs and comes out. He asks Keshav to read aloud and says he didn’t hear anything since morning. Keshav says ok and reads maths table. Anta and Banta come and say that they have seen him near the school. Keshav says you must have seen someone else. Banta says we will tell Kulkarni sarkaar. Keshav asks him not to do this. Banta asks him to tell truth. Rukmini comes there and asks what you were asking? Banta and Anta make excuse, and tells that they will keep eye on everyone. Rukmini asks them to go and says you are not needed here. They leave. Rukmini asks Keshav not to let anyone scare him and asks him to reminisces Sai whenever he is in danger. They say Ram shri hari.

Damodar asks God to come infront of him and says he is his true devotee. He stands all night waiting for God to appear. In the night, he sees a light falling on him, and he says I can’t see anything. He says are you God, I want to see you…? Sai comes infront of him, but he can’t see his face. Sai says I will appear infront of you when you have saburi, and says your Guru ji will taught you saburi/patience, and asks him to take care of Guru ji. Damodar thinks if he is Sai and thinks he saw God. He gets happy and goes to Guru ji. He tells Guru ji that he saw God and Sai also. Guru ji says I am sure that Sai does black magic, I will see him today. Damodar thinks whom to believe now, Sai or Guru ji.

Guru ji comes to Dwarka Maai and see Sai sleeping, keeping lotus under his feet. He shouts egoistic and says you thought yourself as God, and tells that you have snatched my people and now my shishya. He says this lotus is Vishnu’s flower and it is kept under Vishnu’s feet. Sai says I am having pain in my legs and I can’t move lotus from under my feet. Guru ji says so you will lie down on it. Sai says I said I am helpless and says if someone would have been here then I would have asked him to remove it from under my feet. Guru ji looks everywhere.

Guru ji lifts Sai’s feet and tries to take off lotus, when it disappears and appears again shocking him.

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