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Mehrya My version Part 61

Next day morning Mehak left home early to White Chilies, she wants to be alone and doesn’t know where else she can go. She rested her head on her hands and lie down on the table as she is so tired, and feeling sick as well. She wants to cry on someone’s lap but she don’t know where to go. All of sudden she felt Sharma Nivas is no longer her home. Everyone around her is not her people but strangers who she have burdening them with her existence.

Shaurya after his morning run asked Awara where is Mehak and he replied bhabhi already left to White chilies early at morning. He decided to check why Mohit needs so much money and he dialed Sonal’s number. Sonal answered. After the usual greetings, Shaurya asked what happen to Mehak since Ghod bharai she was looking sad and yesterday I saw her passing money to Mohit what is happening here. Sonal slapped her forehead. She realized she is trapped now and Mehak haven’t told him what happen on that day, she slowly told what happen on that day how Mohit and her mother taunted her as she is orphan and been a burden in the family that’s why Mehak was so sad and broken. Here all wanted to talk to her but she is not answering anyone’s call. I sent her numerous messages but she didn’t reply any of them. Shaurya becomes immediately angry and wanted to beat the hell out Mohit for using such language on Mehak. Then Shaurya asked where is the job company let me know I will find out Sonal told him the details.

After a few phone calls and it was confirmed the job offer is a scam. Mohit also have paid to the agent which promised him that will give him the Job offer letter in 3 weeks. Shaurya brings this matter to the Police officials as the scam ring will be caught and no innocence money gets missing further, Police assured that they will take the necessary action. He quickly called some more people and thinks what to do next.

Mehak returns home at evening and she freshen up, she was quieter and Harish papa asked her if she fine or want to go see doctor as she is pale. Mehak assured she is alright just a lot of work. He asked her to rest for a while or else health will be ruined.  She said she will. Shaurya was sitting at dinner table just glance at her and he continue to look at his food. Vicky started the conversation bhaiya when you were away for the Mumbai trip, papa, bua and maasi with bhabhi we all went to shopping, watched movie had lunch and enjoyed our self, papa said we should do it more often we never did such thing in our life right papa, he asked and Harish papa laughed yes Vicky we should go like family outings more often. Mehak gets up and said she is full and wants to sleep. She went to Dolly maasi room to sleep. Then Harish papa said we were leaving the mall and KD came in and he greeted us he was talking casually and left. Then sooner we left as well. Something strikes at Shaurya’s head that means Mehak met KD at the mall and someone purposely took her picture shaking hand with him to create all these tense, but who and why they need to do this, he felt guilty for causing so much pain and agony in her. Sooner he excused himself he peep at Dolly maasi’s room and saw Mehak curls herself into a ball and sleeping. He wants to talk to her but he wants to find out who is behind of all these problem.

He started to call the internet news portal company enquiring who sent the photo and the news, sooner he started to gather the clues.  He became restless and he felt immense pain in chest as he accused Mehak without and started realize she wanted to talk but he didn’t let her to talk. If he would have listen to her all these will not happen in the first place.

Next morning Shaurya called Mohit and ask him to meet him at a place. He told him about the job scam run by the ring and now police has arrested them. Mohit was shocked. Then what about the money, he asked the police has retrieved all the money but not sure when we will get them back from police. In the meantime you wanted a job right? Mohit looked at Shaurya, my friend at Jaipur is opening a restaurant and he is looking for a reliable trustworthy manager for his outlet.  I have recommended you to him, Salary is good for a beginner. Also the package is good. Would you like to go there? Mohit quickly replied yes jiju I will go. When I should leave, Shaurya replied in another 1 week. Please get everything done and start working. I heard you talked very badly to Mehak, if you were not Mehak’s brother I would have ripped your face and taken out all bones and muscles out of your body for hurting her like that. She didn’t even bother about your taunting but she still went to pawn her jewelry to help you. She didn’t tell me anything about all these I just find out about all these I have my own way to get things done.

Shaurya told him not to tell Mehak about the job and the money, he will tell her when everything is fine. He ask him to call Mehak now and inform her about the job , Mohit obeyed and called Mehak and put the mobile in speaker mode, she answered hi Mohit how are you? He replied di I am fine, just to let you know I already get the job, it’s at Jaipur as a manager for a new restaurant. I need to go on end of this week. Mehak gets elated and wished him congratulations and was really happy that she helped him and now he got a job. She asked him to go home and inform others at home, they will be even happier than her. He thanked her and hang up. Shaurya asked him see you say all those words to her but when you say something she felt genuinely happy for you that’s Mehak’s character she is happy when people around her happy. Mohit felt sad for hurting Mehak after he listened to his useless mother in law.

While driving back Shaurya received a call and he saw the number it’s from KD. He stopped his car at the roadside and answered him. Shaurya asked him what his purpose of calling him is. KD replied looks like someone is trying to create rift between you and me. They know that you and me and business rivals and circulating your wife picture and mine in business portals. Shaurya asked him do you have any idea who is behind this. KD smirked must be one of your enemy Shaurya that’s why they took your wife picture while she is shaking hand with me to tarnish her image or want to create rumors as we are merging. I just happened to see your family at the mall this week and we had casual chats and soon they left. You need to think and find out who is doing this Shaurya, Mehak is good girl I know but someone is really trying to create problem between you both. Soon KD hangs up the call. Shaurya started to think and he manage to connect the dots to Archie, it was Archie’s plan to get the photo and sent to the Business online portal giving them the rumors to spread online so that both Shaurya and Mehak will have problem. He grin evilly and said you do whatever you want Archie I will know how to counter attack you. Now you will see the evil side of me.

Shaurya started to think what he can do in order to save his Mehak, business and everything he had earned. He reached home and asked Awara where is Mehak he replied she is at kitchen. He walks to kitchen and saw Mehak sharing the news of Mohit got a job to Dolly maasi. Dolly maasi also happy as finally Mohit has decided to take care of his life and everything will be good for your family bahu. Mehak smiled hearing that. True maasi now that my brother has grown up, he will be finally going to work Sonal will be happy and everyone at home will feel relieved. Actually he wants to do business but before we start any business we should have enough experience and knowledge. Its only can obtain all these when you go work with others. So once you get everything your hard work will start to pay you. Mohit still young and inexperienced. That’s why family does not want to help him. But now all will be fine maasi. Maasi said yes and asked her how much masala need to add for the gravy and both discussed cooking together. He left from there leaving both of them talking.


Mehak completely has lost her appetite she just sit on the dining table in order to avoid others question, after a little amount of food she will excuse herself as tired . At room she will fell asleep immediately but will wake up at midnight. Her mind and heart will be thinking in scattered manner about what happen between Shaurya and herself she start to ask how is she going to live like this? Is it her life is going to be like this? She was clueless. Morning she gets up after freshen she ask Awara to prepare breakfast and she heads to the Gurdwara. Over there at gurdwara Mehak kneeled and said her prayers in silent. Then she sat there to gets some peace and doesn’t want to think about anything.

Mehak didn’t realize the hours passed as she felt calm and serene at the Gurdwara environment. As she gets up from there to leave she saw Rattan cha-cha. He asked her how is she and did she came alone there, she replied yes , he blesses her as he place a palm on her head. He said you look tired and lifeless is everything alright beta? Mehak assured she is fine just she is tired has been very busy managing business and family matters. That’s why she is there alone as well. He asked her is everything alright between her and Shaurya. She quickly said all fine between Shaurya and me cha-cha. Then why beta you came to pawn your jewelry and didn’t want to tell to Shaurya, see beta don’t have any secrets between husband and wife it will hurt each other. Mehak nodded trying to control so much not to cry in front of cha-cha and the rest of the gurdwara visitors. After a while she left Gurdwara headed straight to White Chilies. When she reached there she saw Priya already done with the daily briefing to the staff and they were busy as well. Mehak greeted them and sat near a table, she checked the laptop and started to take note on the upcoming events. Vicky came in and greeted Mehak, he asked bhabhi today you were out early where did you go so early bhabhi ,she just smiled and said she left early as she had some work to do. He asked whtr she ate breakfast or not. She replied she will eat later. Both started to discuss on their Valentine’s Day event at White chilies. Shaurya came in as well. He asked Vicky and Priya how business was the past week and others. Both looked confused as why is he asking them instead Mehak. Vicky replied bhaiya we have planned for Valentine’s Day and some other orders. Shaurya saw the Valentine’s Day flyer and commented it’s nice and looks a catch. Priya quickly responded it’s all because of Mehak madam, she did all these I just helped her with the flyer designing. Shaurya didn’t say anything. He went to his cabin not saying anything. Later the restaurant crowded with the lunch customers. Mehak was busy at kitchen helping the chefs with the meal preparations. Shaurya was watching her via CCTV from his cabin.

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