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Mahek 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek and Shaurya look a boy for Anjali

Mahek 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shaurya shoves her burning dupatta away. A woman says this happens with these kind of people. Shaurya says don’t say a word about my daughter. You should not be called a woman if your toughts are that way. Don’t say a word about my sister get out now. Woman says we wont accept her no matter what you say. Kanta says to Karuna these people don’t understand anything. For God we are all equal. They leave too. Kanta says to Mahek while leaving don’t worry so much. Mahek says I thought everyone would be happy but see what happened.
Kanta says come with me. Kanta says you have to keep your eyes opne.

Karuna says to Anjali your hand is burned. Let me bring medicine.
Kanta says you know people talk anyway. Karuna dresses her burn. Anjali sys how did they know

about me? No one knew about me other than Mahek’s family. Karuna says you are right.
Kanta says to Mahek do something that gives Anjali her right in the society. mahek says you are right.

At night, Mahek is asleep. Shaurya says why are you not sleeping? What happened? Mahek says I am worried. Shaurya says I know. sHe says I don’t know what to do that will make anjali strong on her feet. I have an idea.
Anjali calls sooraj and gives her vulgar selfies. Sooraj says I really miss you. She I have a plan that needs to be executed.

Scene 2
Mahek says to Shauyra lets go and you will talk. I wont. Anjali comes. Shaurya says sit here. Karuna comes as well. Shaurya gives arti. Anjali says I have something for you. I wanna make you wear these rakhis. Shaurya says you have completed this house. Anjali makes him wear the rakhis. She says always be on my side. Mahek says gives her a gift and says this is from your brother. We will always be by your side. Karuna syas of course. Karuna hugs Shaurya and Anjali but not Mahek.

Shaurya says to Karuna I and Mahek have decided this. KAruna says anjali is lucky to have a brother like you. This is the best decision. Shaurya says this was Mahek’s idea. She wanted me to talk about it. Karuna says talk to Mr. Khurana. I will tell Anjali.
Shaurya says to Mahek Khurana has agreed. Shaurya says Anjali you will get love and respect you deserve. Khurana’s son lives in UK. i am sure you will like him. she says what.. Karuna says yes he is such a good boy. Shaurya says you should settle in your life. We will celebrate a lot and we will always be there for you.
Karuna says you will look so pretty as bride.
Precap- Mahek gives her sweets. Anjali throws them away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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