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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 12

  •                      MR. FATTY!……

Sanskar  informs everyone and goes to the address. Sanskar was standing at the doorstep and found swara playing with a small white puppy.

Sanskar: Swara…

Swara looked up and saw sanskar, she gave a smile and placed the puppy on the floor carefully. Sanskar seeing her safe felt relieved. Sanskar hugged her and even swara hugged him as she know that he must be worried for her. Soon they broke the hug.

San: Who kidnapped u here?

Swara points out rudra who just now came down. Sanskar went to him and held his collar with full of anger in his eyes.

San: How dare u to kidnap my wife? He said and raised his hand and he fisted them and was about to give him a punch on his face. But ‘STOP’ saying this swara shouted and came in between.

SWA: sanskar, relax rudu I mean rudra is my friend!..

San: What? (Confused).

Soon all three settled down in the couch. Swara was again indulged in playing with the puppy after saying about rudra. Sanskar and rudra was speaking. After sometime…

SWA: Rudra, y u kidnapped me?

Rudu: I saw u in the hospital, I liked u so I kidnapped you.

SWA: Next time check whether the girl u see is married (giggles). Again started playing.

Rudu: Sanskar how do u mange her? She is such an fm radio!

San: Really (shocked)

Rudu: Y u don’t know, I guess u aren’t that close to her but when u get close to her u will see the real her.

San: hmmm……

SWA: What u both r talking without me?

San: nothing, k swara let’s leave.


Rudu: take care sanskar (mumbled)

San: k bye rudra! They shared a hug and soon swasan bidded bye to rudra and left to their house. All were very very happy seeing swara safe and sound. Swara talked with them for sometime and left to their room.


Sanskar was working in his laptop but hearing the door opening sound he looked up and saw swara wearing a royal blue saree and was drying her wet hairs. Sanskar went lost in her but soon relieved and got indulged in his laptop. Swara wore all her accessories and went near sanskar.

SWA: Sanskar

San: hmm? (Still looking into his laptop)

SWA: Do want to eat anything?

San: no

Swa: Sanskar how can be so unconscious about your health?

San: I’m perfectly fine swara.

That’s it for swara she immediately closed her laptop and grabbed his hand to make him stand. Sanskar too stood up but got unbalanced and soon they landed over the bed. Both shared an eyelock. Sanskar’s one hand was on her waist and another one her shoulder. Soon they broke the eyelock and sanskar got up. Swara sat on the bed.

SWA: Uff sanskar u r too heavy. (She gets up). How do you handle your weight?

San: I’m not that weight(making faces).

SWA: oh really MR. FATTY !….(teasingly)

San: wait……what u said?

SWA: can’t you hear me MR. FATTY!..

San: oh really!(he comes towards swara).

SWA: Bye Mr. Fatty!…(swara ran from the room).

Sanskar smiled.


God what to say uff! She is really such an kid…..and here I was so scared that she is kidnapped and there she had nice fun with rudra! And more over she wanted to be kidnapped it seems….. she’s Damm crazy and I am getting more crazy over her! I’m really loving this character of hers!…. I’m sure I will fall for her very soon. POV ends.


PRECAP: Swara is jealous!

Tadaa I’m back once again! So hope u all love this character of swara. So do read and comment 😊



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