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Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakhi successful in planning an outing together

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, Preeta was irked about Karan’s attitude. She pours herself a glass of water and convinces herself that it’s her first date with her husband to be. Shrishti comes to ask Preeta why she looks sad, if she had a fight with Karan. Preeta doesn’t recognize Karan’s name, and says she is excited about her first date with Prithvi. Shrishti says she can only see anger on her face, if it’s because of her date with Prithvi.
Rakhi stops Karan from leaving home and asks him to cancel his plan for tonight. Karan says he has to attend a party tonight. Rakhi says Rishab is taking Sherlin to a date and wants him to accompany them. Karan tells Rakhi he doesn’t enjoy that Sherlin’s boring company at all. Rakhi now emotionally black mails Karan for not fulfilling her wish. She was thinking

that Karan would protect Rishab tonight, what if he has a fight with someone. Karan says there seems to be some confusion in Rakhi’s mind, Rishab never fights with anyone. Rakhi points towards Rishab as her elder son, he never enjoyed his life and always bear the burden of business. He never commits mistakes in his life because of concerns of family. She wants Rishab to enjoy his life with full joy, and he will only learn it in company of Karan. Karan eyes Rakhi intently and agrees to go with Rishab. He warns not to use this emotional black mailing again. Rakhi blesses Karan. Rishab was busy with his phone call. Rakhi calls him towards her and shows her concern about Rishab’s burden of work. Rishab was happy to hear Karan will accompany him for the dinner date. Karan asks Rishab if he can’t spend a single night with Sherlin, how he would spend the whole life. Rishab gets serious saying he can do it, but he loves Karan more.
Shrishti was waiting for auto but couldn’t hire any. Sameer stops his car for her and introduces himself as Sameer Luthra if she didn’t recognize him. Shrishti insults Sameer that girls always discuss him to be hot and handsome, they even die at his smile. Sameer comes out of the car and asks to discuss if there is some problem. Shrishti hires the auto and hurries into it leaving Sameer behind. He was now serious about the matter.
Rishab and Sherlin come into the hotel. Rishab waits for Karan. Sherlin takes a leave for a while. Karan was curtly commenting over the hotel. Rishab senses his mood is off, and asks if it’s because his party was missed. Rishab was shocked to hear that Preeta is celebrating her engagement date fixing ceremony today. Sherlin returns and notices the tension. Rishab explains Karan’s mood was off because they spoilt his date. Sherlin was happy and asks Karan to sometime join them as family as well. She takes the menu, but Karan asks Rishab to order. Rishab makes the order, and says he wants to try every variety in food.
Sherlin turns to find Prithvi and Preeta enter the hotel. Sherlin suggests about asking them join in. Karan turns his face away. Prithvi and Preeta come towards them and greet each other. Karan stands up and curtly asks Rishab why he chose this restaurant for his dinner date.
Rishab recalls that Rakhi wanted him to clarify the misunderstandings between Prithvi and Karan and had arranged for the meet up. She understood that Preeta was a girl who would never go against the wish of her husband, and if this misunderstanding persist Preeta won’t be able to meet them after marriage. Rishab wonders why Rakhi handed the responsibility to him. He welcomes Prithvi and Preeta to join them. Karan interferes that Prithvi would like to sit outdoor, he likes greenery. Rishab asks Karan to change his point of view, its important for them to sit together for dinner. Prithvi disagrees with Karan about liking water and greenery, he likes mountains – tall and confident. Karan laughs. Preeta asks if someone cracked a joke. Prithvi joins for dinner and gives the news about their engagement in next three days. Rishab and Sherlin congratulate him, but Karan asks why so late. Rishab says Sarla would need time to prepare. Karan asks if Prithvi had high demands. Prithvi dislikes and explains he didn’t make a single demand. Karan tells Rishab that he has begun to enjoy now, and asks Preeta what she would wear. Preeta says the dress Prithvi liked for her, she loves it. The waiter brings the soup that Karan spills over Prithvi deliberately.

PRECAP: A promo for Kaleerain special episode on Saturday.

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