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Ikyawann 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel and Satya end ties

Ikyawann 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Susheel shouting Satya…. Satya gets up. She cries and turns. She sees Shivam. Soumya gets worried seeing Shivam and gets up. Shivam angrily goes. Susheel cries and goes. Nitish says Shivam, where were you, ring ceremony is staring. Shivam throws the plate and says there won’t be any engagement or marriage. Mehul and Leela ask what happened. Leela asks does this happen in your marriage to refuse for marriage. She sees Mehul. Susheel says Shivam, don’t get angry. Shivam asks are you saying this to cover up your husband’s mistake. Leela asks Dada ji did he not teach manners to children, they do whatever they wish, Mehul rejected my Kiran, Shivam is rejecting Soumya now. Susheel says enough, see what mistake your grandson did. Kali asks what did he do.

Mehul asks what

did Satya say. Leela thinks everything will be ruined today. They all ask what happened. Satya and Soumya come. Satya says tell them everything, you don’t hide anything from them. Soumya says we didn’t know when Satya and I got close. He says relax, I m right here. He holds her hand. Susheel cries seeing them. Kali asks what nonsense is this, leave her hand. Leela says its my family matter. She sends the guests out. She asks Satya what happened. Satya says this should have happened long time back, everyone will know that I was not happy with my marriage, we never shared the bond of husband and wife’s relationship, it will never happen, she is just Susheel namesake, not of nature, a girl should be feminine, she should be calm and have patience, she can take down anyone. Susheel shouts stop it, your disgusting words, what you did can’t justify anything, cheating is wrong, you have done wrong with anyone. Susheel and her family cry. Susheel says this can never get right. Sejal asks what did Satya do. Kali slaps Satya. Leela asks what are you doing. Kali says his attitude shows he did a mistake, I won’t keep any relation with him. Susheel says he wasn’t teaching kite flying to Soumya on terrace. Kali beats Satya. Satya asks what wrong did I do, I like Soumya, she also likes me, right Soumya. Soumya bows down. Satya says her marriage didn’t happen yet. Vishu says but your marriage has happened, are you mad. Satya says I was mad to marry Susheel, is this marriage, look at me. Susheel cries.

Satya says tell me what differences did you see in me, I don’t want this heavy burden, I feel suffocated when she is with me, I wanted a girl like Soumya. Shivam gets angry. Satya says look at her carefully, this is a girl, and here Susheel is a man, four men raised her and made her a man, she only knows how to fight and wants to equal a man. Shivam goes to beat Satya. Satya asks what will you do, you also know just fighting, raise your hand on me, I won’t spare you, did you learn this from your sister, I don’t love Susheel, I never loved her and can never love her, I did wrong with you, you did wrong with me too, your family is used to do wrong with my family. He asks Leela about the revenge, did she fool him. Susheel says stop it, if you think girls should be dependant instead strong, then congrats on your thinking and manliness, your name translates truth, if you believe this truth, then keep it, you no longer need to carry this burden, congrats, you are freed from our bond.

She removes the ring and says you need to know one thing, just modesty and feminism don’t define a woman. She gives him the ring and says put this ring on Soumya’s finger. Mehul, Sejal and Kali cry. Soumya comes to Satya. He makes her wear the ring. They all get shocked. Leela smiles. Sejal asks what have you done Satya, Susheel cares for you so much. She says sorry Susheel and hugs her. Susheel says congrats Satya, if I didn’t made this an issue, maybe my marriage would have got saved, but a girl can stay alone than living with a wrong man, I will not be around a guy like you. Kali stops her. Susheel says you filled the void in my life, you became my mum, don’t stop me today, you know that I m not wrong. Susheel leaves. Satya looks on. Susheel’s family walks out. Soumya holds Satya’s hand.

Satya burns Susheel and his pics. Susheel asks do you think its my mistake. Dada ji stops Susheel and says Satya did right, now leave from my house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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