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I miss you a shivika story chapter 5

Sorry for late guys here the next chapter

Om drag shivaay to the pool side
O- how’s bhabhi and anay

S- they both are good now , actually anay have fever and he admitted in hospital that’s why anika call us

O- where is the damm Shanna

S- he went to his family for diwali celebration

O- when u tell bhabhi we all know about her and just because of chhoti ma we all are silent why shivaay don’t u  even think u have a 1 year old son ,he wants to play with you ,enjoy with u ,and what about bhabhi she is handle everything without u why shivaay why

S- Om u know Na lost her memory in a accident 2 years ago and any kind of shock she can’t handle and I didn’t want that I I’ll give any false hope to anika so I didn’t tell her about anything

O- but do u remember that after sometime chhoti ma wants her grand children’s then what you do ,

S- I don’t know Om I just hope to to ma theek ho jaaye

SSo starts crying because he lose his faith his confidence  Om calms down him

O- don’t worry for anything now , everything will be good,Go and fresh n up

Shivaay leaves rudra came from outside

R-  o bhaiya is tensed and we all know that chhoti ma act like she lost her memory

O- u r right rudra but shivaay didn’t believe on the so for our bhabhi we have to expose chhoti ma

R- pr usse pehle hame bhabhi or chhoti ko oberoi mansion. Me Lana pdega taki bhaiya ka mood bhi acha rahe or wo bhi thode happy ho jaaye pta bhi kaise uss nakli biwi ko jhelte h m to ye bhabhi bhabhi she irritate ho jaaye hu

O- u r right Rudy that cheap arpita ( shivaay ko nakli wife) Apni aap ko OM ki baby samjhne lg gYI h we should take the charge and start the mission HAMARI BHABHI IN



Anika in mansion

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