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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 12

Here is the last chapter :

HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 11

He stared at his watch for the fifth time when the hands of it kept moving but the person for whom he was standing without moving was not even in his vicinity yet. His annoyance kept increasing with each second. His ears sharpened hearing those anklets’ chiming. He turned towards the stairs to find her descending down.

He lost his balance when his eyes landed on her. She had left her hair and curled them at the bottom and wore her dupatta on one side over the body hugging top which showed her curves properly and the cotton leggings which exposed her milky feet and that chiming anklet.

Her bangles made a matching melody with the anklets and his heart felt a sync with it and started beating and he stood blank as her hair dangled with her movement and she looked no less than an angel to him right then. 

Without flapping his eyes he watched her and his brain did not even realize she was very near to him unless she waved her hand in front of him. He felt loss of vision and did not understood what was happening around him. Her fruity fragrance was dipping him in a color of passion.

“Hello” her smile spread from one ear to another and his throat dried and he could not manage to say anything for a moment or more.

“Ladoo” she heard Swara’s voice and turned. Her long silky strands of her hair touched his face and it did not take ages for him to close his eyes and feel that lemon flavored scent of her shampoo. It really stopped his heart beat in the moment when he took a deep breath before opening his eyes.

He really could feel and hear his heart beats which were wild and loud.

“You look so….” Laksh paused when he walked behind Swara dumbstruck looking at her. “Different” said he and Ragini felt blood rushing to her cheeks instantly.

Sanskar’s hand rolled into form a fist. “Can we move if your muh dikhayi to everyone is over? We are getting late” Sanskar walked away from there before Ragini could even retort. She rolled her eyes and hugged Swara letting out a deep sigh. “You know there will be no easy way working with him” Swara dragged herself out of the hug and Ragini nodded her head assuring her that she will take care of herself.

“Nothing is easy Shona. Everything comes with it’s own risks” she said caressing Swara’s cheek who smiled at her. Swara looked back of her where her in laws stood. “True” she smiled turning her gaze to Ragini.

She bid them by before following Sanskar and reached his car where he waited for her. She opened the back door of the car and was about to sit when she heard him yelling.

“Oh madam. I’m not your driver. So don’t give that impression to the people around” he covered his seat with his underarm and looked at her. She banged the door and sat beside him.

“And any damage to my car will be cut from your salary” he ignited the engine and pushed the accelerator turning the steering wheel.

Ragini was taken by surprise and she banged herself to the seats due to the jerk of the speed. “And wear your seat belts so that I don’t go behind the bars” said he pointing at the seat belt. “You are so selfish” said she nodding her head. She moved that strand which was touching her lip and his gaze fixed on the rear mirror which caught her doing so.

He temporarily lost his mind and when his gut feel said him to turn he found a car which was about to hit them. He banged the brakes as soon as he could and Ragini bounced front and hit her head to the chassis.

“Ouch” she lifted her head rubbing the temple which hurt. “What is wrong with you?” she looked at him annoyed. He looked at her forehead which was red a bit. And panic ran down his spine and he immediately bent to her so near that Ragini was shocked.

“Gosh you are hurt” his eyes were analyzing her bruise with worry. Her eyes stopped when his lips were near to her eye lashes in the process. Her heart felt sudden pounding and she could not drift her eyes away when his breath tickled her eye lashes.

Her lips parted and throat dried as his cologne hit her nostrils and she closed her eyes momentarily when his finger touched her bruise and she in took that smell of him.

“I told you to wear the seat belt right? Why don’t you ever listen to me?” he moved away and her beautiful trance broke and she opened her eyes and tried understanding that she was in real world not in some dream.

“A… And before I could do that you applied the brakes” she complained. “And that was also due to you…” he stopped when he realized he blurted too much.

“Yeah yeah you have to blame me for everything in the world” she did not understand his intended conversation and he relaxed as her innocence saved him.

“Will you wear it now or…” he paused glaring. “Or what?” asked she confused. “Don’t think I’m your well mannered Lakshya Maheshwari. I will let you bang your head to the chassis every time I bang on the brakes” his eyes had that mischievous glint.

“He is not mine” she fumed as her nostrils flared up and he could not deny that she looked extremely cute like that. “Oh really then why were you blushing like Venus when he complemented you?” asked he with a smirk at the corner of his lips.

“I smell something burning here” she waved her hand in front of her nose wrinkling it. “Ha ha yeah. I can smell it from the time you woke up after Swara and Laksh’s marriage” said he mocking her and she twisted her lips and turned the other side to fasten her seat belt.

After he did that terrace drama she was in no mood to test his sense of humor anymore. She crossed her arms at her chest and sat looking forward.

Nodding his head he continued driving till they reached the building where Karma Industry’s branch office was set up.

He stood outside waiting for her to get out of the car but she took longer than usual. “Hello. Are you decking up yourself? We are not going to walk on red carpet” Sanskar banged on the glass. She rolled the glass down and pouted sadly.

“I’m stuck. This seat belt is not loosening” she said and he rolled his eyes. He leaned in after opening the door and was loosening it when he felt a push by the door and landed exactly lining to Ragini just stopping an inch away from her lips. She looked at him horrified when her head could not go further back due to the seat.

Gathering themselves both drifted their eyes embarrassed. He released the seat belt and she relaxed on the spot. He stood out waiting for her to step out and locked the doors and wore his shades and walked to the building. Ragini tucked the hair strand behind her ear as blood rushed to her cheeks remembering the recent happenings.

In her thoughts and lost in staring Sanskar’s back she missed her step and fell backward but held his back to prevent herself from landing on the ground. Sanskar felt the pull and turned to her and held her by her elbow.

“Aren’t you tired of creating Siyappa’s for the whole day in just few hours?” asked he annoyed and made her stand straight. “S…sorry” she said not looking at up him.

“Dhanyabhag hamare. You asked me sorry?” he said folding his hands. Rolling his eyes he straightened his blazer and turned to walk further when his phone buzz stopped him.

He narrowed his eyes looking at the screen. “Third floor. I will be there in five minutes” said Sanskar and walked to the entrance to receive the call.

“But…” he did not listen to her and walked away. She pouted and then stretched her lips and walked to the lift. She pressed the third floor after entering it. At the second floor the lift was unmanned. She looked around it when the door closed.

She was in between second and third floor when the lift started shaking and went off in few seconds. Her heart was in her mouth when she finally realized what just happened.

“Hello” she banged on the door. But there was no response. She was never stuck in such situation which made her more vulnerable at the situation.

“Hello” she banged more loudly.

Sanskar waited for the lift to come down but when it took long time he took the stairs impatiently. He reached the door of his office and walked to his cabin. He dialed a number on intercom.

“Shreya where is Ragini?” asked he. “Who sir?” asked she confused. “Arrey the girl who came here before me” said he.

“Nobody came before you sir other than the staff who came half an hour earlier at the office timings” she said and his eyes scrunched in confusion.

He placed the receiver and walked out of the office panicked. He looked around rubbing his temple worried. “Where is this girl gone?” each second just increased his worry. He pressed the lift button to reach down but again it did not open. “Damn this lifts always have great timings” he cursed and ran to the stairs.

“Help” he heard her yell when he was near the second floor. “Ragini” his eyes widened in shock. Looking around he walked further in the hallway. “Ragini” he screamed this time.

“Sanskar” her eyes shone. She tried all her will and screamed “Sanskar”

He heard her voice and walked to the lift from where he felt the sound might have traveled. “Ragini” he banged on the door of the lift.

“Sanskar” he heard her sobs. “Ragini gosh. What are you doing there?” he asked as his heart was a bit relaxed.

“I’m stuck here stupid” she cried. He rubbed his forehead worried. “I thought you had enough of all the troubles you invited for yourself. You do surprise me” said he annoyed.

“And you are scaring me not comforting idiot” she screamed with a shaky voice. He sighed deeply realizing she was already in tears due to the fear and he was not any comfort to her.

“Fine. Be patient I will get some help and please don’t you dare to invite some more trouble within that time” said he. “Can’t you open the door?” she asked childishly. “And I’m not Hercules remember?” he mocked and walked away to get some help.

The watchman of the building and some more strong people finally opened the lift. Ragini who jerked due to the loud noise looked up to find people looking at her like she was in some zoo or museum like a display thing.

Finally in that small crowd she found the face she recognized and her panic turned to pain. “Gosh girl” he forwarded his hand and lifted her up as others helped him to get her out.

“Thank you” he told the people who had gathered and they dispersed from there.

Ragini stood clutching to him like she just came out of that panic situation and feared of landing in the same. She so did not wanted to do that.

He sighed turning to her and took her phone from her bag and held it in front of her. “This is called phone and if you dial a number it surely connects you to people on this planet not to Yamraj” said he and threw it back in her bag.

“And that very device’s signals dies inside the lift” she glared him and he shrugged his shoulders. “Now if your hugging session is over will you release me?” he asked. She immediately drew her hands away from his neck and stood wiping her face.

He forwarded the hand kerchief and she looked up at him. He signed her to take it and she grabbed it to wipe her face better.

“Are you feeling good?” asked he and she nodded her head. “I know I’m the best and my hug is the best” he said spreading his arms.

“You do have misconception that you are SRK of DDLJ don’t you?” she shot him a disgusting look.

“Wo tho mai hu. But I know you don’t like SRK. If you want I can be your personal Salman Khan” he whispered leaning to her and she looked into his hazel eyes.

“Dagaabazz re tere naina bade dagabazz re” he sang winking at her when she widened her eyes shocked.

He walked from there mischievously biting his cheeks inside and she stood looking his back.

He was just at the edge when his phone buzzed with a message.

His eyes widened in horror. Ragini was adjusting her bag when he turned to look at her.

“SHE WON’T BE SPARED NEXT TIME” he stood looking at her when the message he read repeated in his mind.

“No” he gasped looking at Ragini who was walking to him still looking inside her bag.


I know you people have very high expectations of this story and I’m trying to keep them high.

Hope I’m successful in that.

And all the very best for people who are preparing for the exams.

Happy news is my vacations are rolling from Monday.😇🤘🍻🎶🎉

And I hope my mind works and I will be able to give you people regular updates.

Lots of Love

Sally 😘

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