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Half Marriage 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun asks Sulochana to accept Chandani

Half Marriage 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandani thanking Sampath. Sampath says I call you betiya and says whatever happened with Supriya bhabhi was a sin by us. He hopes they stay happily. Arjun thanks him. He brings her home. Chandani asks him to talk to Sulochana first. Arjun says we will talk together. They see ambulance. Neighbor tells that Sulochana’s condition deterorated. Sulochana is still fine and tells that that girl came back again. Manohar says you shall be happy that Arjun got the criminal punished. Arjun and Chandani run to come inside. Arjun comes first and asks what happened to Maa. Manohar says anxiety attack. Chandani is about to enter, but Sulochana stops her. Arjun tells Doctor that his mum will be with them and is not going anywhere. He says nothing will happen to her. Doctor leaves. Arjun

asks Sulochana, you are still angry with chandani, even after watching the news that she didn’t shoot me. He says even I had a misunderstanding that she shot me, but she helped me reached the real culprit and got her father arrested. He says truth is that Chandani tried to save my life 2 years back and asks her to accept Chandani. He goes out and holds Chandani’s hand.

Chandani is still standing out and refuses to go inside. She says I wanted to become beti here and not to become bahu. She says I will not cross this line until Maa accepts me else I will not cross this line. She says which daughter would like to hear her mother’s anger. I came that day, but you called me guilty. I didn’t tell anything that day, and says I had come as Arjun’s home is my home. She says she entered politics and became minister, just to fulfill Arjun’s dreams and was searching his real criminal. She says I could have done this if stayed here, I would have taken you to temple daily and had taken care of everyone, but you didn’t listen to me and thought me criminal. She says I was never guilty.

Surinder says Chandani’s all sayings are right and asks her not to be stubborn. Arjun asks Sulochana to wipe Chandani’s image and make a new image. He tells that Chandani has taken care of you all indirectly and tells after Mama ji’s accident, shop would have been closed, but Suddenly Anuj got a job because of Chandani. He says she has taken care of you all. He says I had left house because of your stubbornness. He asks her not to give him option to choose and tells that he can’t stay without Chandani and can’t leave you.

Sulochana says I should have let her come inside the house 2 years back. She says I knew how I lived and accepts Arjun’s decision. Maya is shocked and upset. Sulochana says my heart and door is always open for you. She goes. Rakhi goes inside following her. Arjun holds Chandani’s hand and says like 2 years back, I think we have to return from this door. Chandani says no, Arjun…not again. She says I had said then and will say now itself, I want to come here to unite everyone, but not to separate everyone. She says she can feel Sulochana’s decision and says she don’t want to come like this. She says I will stay here until Maa accepts me or till she closes the door. She has to decide.

Sulochana does tilak and aarti of Chandani. Chandani enters home after grah pravesh. Maya thinks to take Chandani’s life. Janki says he is Chandani’s Arjun.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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