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Ek dil hai (ragsan) os

he looked towards her with sad pout and she glared him he hung his head down in disappointed

‘back then you were enjoying teasing her and now enjoy pacifying her’ he thought in mind he looked up towards the stairs from where he heard some giggling sound

He glared them all

And they bust into laughter

The hall was beautifully decorated and some flower decoration was still going on

She walked holding a thali covered in veil but then she felt a pull of her duppata she turned

He was holding her duppatta and he cutely muttered sorry

She gave him I don’t care look

She walked ahead and he still followed holding her duppata like a love stick puppy

She was enjoying his antics yes she was angry he shouldn’t have made her embrass in front of all

She pulled her duppata from his hands and he misbalanced a bit

“sanskar” her hands were on his chest preventing him from falling

“duffer” she said and walked

He brushed his hairs

‘akadu’ he said under breath

He entered the room thinking of how to pacify his angry wife

From past 5 hours he was trying to cool her but she and her anger both are stuburn

Oh god

His pov

She’s angry just because I lifted her in front of all what was a big deal in that

Her pov

All family members were present there and guest too what all would think he never leaves a chance to embarrass me and this time I won’t speak to him

His pov

Fault was her’s she had to be careful but she she’s from pulto na always busy in taking care of others

It was uttra’s haldi and she had not ate anything from morning when ever I ask her she had changed the topic

She left me with no other choice

Her pov

Agreed that I was careless about my health but that no where means he shouts at me like that and then forces me for something

His pov

I was already frustrated because of something and she never leaves a chance to add spices on my wound she herself invited trouble

Her pov

I am his wife not some tissue for use and throw he hurt my ego now I don’t care for him

His pov

Fault was her’s why every time I need to tell her sorry now I won’t try anything

He looked determined and walked towards his room

As he opened the door he was lost in the eternal beauty standing in front of him she was adjusting her jewel’s and didn’t notice him

His eyes were stuck on her waist which was bit visible

She felt some one’s present and turned and found him

And smirked within herself seeing his mouth hung

She know’s well how to make him loose his control

She walked to him and snapped her finger’s in front of him

He came to senses and blinked his eyes

She pushed him a bit and walked like that

‘she’ll kill me some day’ he thought in mind and when turned he found her walking attitudiously and still her waist was visible and she had moved her hairs on one side revealing her back

He was shocked and angry by her moves

Yeah she was angry on him but she enjoyed teasing him

She knows well how possessive he’s about her and now this was her way of revenge she smirked imaging his facial expression

Today was his sister uttra’s mehendi ceremony

And she knew there won’t be more guest other than ladies  so she purposely wore that dress

‘why me’ he muttered to himself

He felt a hand on his shoulder and found his brother had kept his hand on his shoulder and was looking towards all

“today bhabi is really looking good na” he said only to receive a glare from him

Sanskar jerked his hands

“areh bhai” he made faces towards him

“bhabi man gayi” he asked

“ tu ruk beta abhi bhatha hu” saying he chased laksh

“kuch karan padega” he said to himself

“areh ragini beta won’t you apply mehendi” one of the guest asked

“I would aunty but some time later you guy’s enjoy the function” she warmly said them

“bhabi” uttra called her she was sitting in a grand swing and mehendi was being applied to her



“I am getting”

She walked inside the kitchen and found him standing near the fridge folding his hands and gazing her

She felt a tickling sensation feeling his gaze it was really hard for her to keep that stern face

She walked to fridge taking a water bottle out and filling the glass with water

It was hard for her to stand like that he was gazing her and not speaking anything

He knew just his one gaze how strong affect it has on her

He walked to her and slowly touched her waist

She closed her eyes feeling his feathery touch

He slowly traced his fingers on her back he clutched her lengha and closed her eyes

He slowly covered her waist with duppata and tucked it to other side completely covering it and adjusted her hairs covering her back

She was so lost in his act that she didn’t feel actually what he was doing

When she felt him kissing her neck she came out of her dream land and slowly jerked him away and walked out glaring him

The ceremony’s were going in full swing all seemed happy

‘she is talking to all laughing and enjoying but me she has been avoiding me since yesterday areh yaar who get’s so much angry’

She was seeing arrangements for sangeet

She felt some flowers on her

She looked here and there and found sanskar who was throwing flowers at her

(the following song was playing in BG)

Ek dil hai

(he gestured towards his heart and then at her)
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe…
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

(he kneeled down showing that he surrender she smiled at his antics but then again back to her angry mood)

She walking ahead and he was walking behind her as a love stick puppy

He pouted when she didn’t even look at him

The function started and all guest started coming

Ragini was looking awesome in red dress

She was in there room and compeleting his makeup

He slowly came near her

Took the jewels from her and started adoring her with them

She stood up to go and he held her hand

Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai

She looked towards her and pleaded through eyes

She gave him cold look

And with a sudden pull she landed on his chest
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe


He kissed her eyes

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

(She smiled and kissed his cheek and he gave his brightest smile because finally she forgave him)

The sangeet night got over with great fun

The next day was marriage

Bidai made everyone cry

Sanskar didn’t even come out of room during bidai

“sanskar”she called him softly

“I don’t want to come” he said

“won’t you meet your sister before she leaves” uttra ask’s who was standing at door

They both bust into cry and hugged each other

Laksh and adarsh too joined them

Finally the marriage was over with completion of all ceremonies

Sanskar looked all dull after the marriage

It was case with all but sanskar looked more worried there was something that was troubling him

It was more than 2 days uttra also visited and she was now at mansion only but still sanskar’s smile was not genuine

He was sitting on bed working on laptop

She slowly moved close to him resting  her head on his shoulder



“don’t think about something which is not in your control” she said

He looked at her

“we can’t say na whether  we are going to have a boy  or a girl”

His eyes popped in shock

“so why to waste time in thinking about our daughter’s bidai” she said blinking her eyes

“how do”

She kept her finger on his lips

“because I have brain which you don’t have” she said lifting her imaginary collar

He glared her and she chuckled seeing him

He closed the laptop and walked from there

“areh listen na” she walked behind him

He was standing near window folding his hands

She back hugged him

“uttara was  our doll she was most pampered” he said she moved to his other side

“we brothers always used to fight over her we never let her cry for anything but during bidai I don’t know why I felt too weak and seeing dad’s condition I can’t explain how I felt”

His eyes were already moist

She hugged him and he hugged her tight

“still there is plenty of time” she said he broke the hug

“I won’t send my daughter away if ever she wishes to get married the groom have to stay with us being ghar jmai” she smiled at his innocence

“ohh but what if the groom doesn’t agree”

“then no marriage only”

“but if we have boy”

“naa I know we would have a daughter”

“no its going to be a boy”

“no I said na it would be a girl”

“what if its both”

“but first I want a baby girl like you”

“na I want a handsome son”

“why son why not daughter”

“because my son would be like his dad cute” she said pulling his nose

“ouch” he rubbed his nose

She started walking

He held her hand  and pulled her close to him putting his hands around her waist

He move closer to her

“lets try and see if its a boy or a girl” he whispered kissing her ear lobe

She closed her eyes feeling his hot breath

Ek dil hai

Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe…
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

“sanskar” she called his name softly when he bite her neck

He looked at her and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead

Ek dil hai…

He picked her in bridal style and walked to bed

A moon light entering the room made everything look more beautiful

Ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu
Meri baat zaat jazbaat bhi tu
Parwaaz bhi tu rooh-e-saaz bhi tu
Meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu

He switched off the light  and came over her she smiled putting her hands around his neck the screen goes blurr

Mera raaz bhi tu
Pukhraj bhi tu
Meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu
Meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu
Mera kaaj raaj aur mizaaj bhi tu…

Mere ishq ke, har maqaam mein
Har subah mein, har shaam mein
Ik rutba hai, ek shaan hai
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Ek dil hai
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe…
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain


(you people have better imagination than me (pervert minds))

Hope u liked it

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