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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni suffers from selective memory loss

Dil Se Dil Tak 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The doctors take Teni for some tests while Parth was concerned about her condition. Chutkan senses there is some problem in Teni’s memory, she was concerned about the bills of hospital.
Shorvari hurries to hospital. Parth tells her that Teni was behaving strange when she got conscious. The doctor calls them into cabin after MRI report. The doctor says Teni is suffering from selective memory loss- a patient forget a portion of its life. Teni has forgotten a few years of the accident. Chutkan says Teni thinks she was brought her here after she fainted in a dance bar two years ago. Shorvari was worried that Teni would now recognize none of them as well. She was concerned when she will recall everything. The doctor was doubtful about it. They forbid them to pressurize her for anything. Chutkan

goes to inquire Teni’s mental stage. The doctor says if stressed, the brain nerves may result in stroke and even in comma.
In the room, Teni was happy to see Chutkan. She was worried about the bills of this hospital. Chutkan says they won’t have to fill the bill, she must consider they won a lottery. Teni says she hasn’t gone insane. Chutkan says when he was carrying her to hospital a car hit them, and the car owner brought them to this hospital. They will bear the expense. Teni was now happy and asks if they are still here, then bring them in.
Outside, Shorvari asks what Teni would now think about them. Chutkan says he was helpless. He says Teni doesn’t believe them, she would confirm who would fill the bills.
In the room, Teni holds her aching head and sends the nurse away. The nurse says she was instructed to stay here. Teni deters about complaining against the nurse. Shorvari signals the nurse to leave. Teni asks Chutkan to shut the door. Afterwards she looks over at Parth and asks if he thought she would spare her so easily. He would have to pay all the losses she would bear. She grabs his collar and says she has bear a number of rich like him. Before she could punch Parth on face, Chutkan says he is the driver. Teni says his dress doesn’t show he is the driver. She then comes to Shorvari and says she must be the owner, and must go to jail now. Shorvari was reluctant to come close to Teni. Teni says she won’t be able to dance and sing for a few days. Shorvari says they only wanted to take care of her, and are ready to help her. She says she won’t be able to work for atleast ten days, while Shorvari must pay for atleast twenty days expenses. Shorvari promises to bear all her expenses. Teni then sends Parth to get juice for her. Teni dances around with Chutkan while Shorvari and Parth watch her from outside. Shorvari says she has become whom they met two years ago. Inside, Teni was jumping over the hospital bed.

PRECAP: Shorvari convinces Parth to let this drama be what its like.

Update Credit to: Sona

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