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Depth of darkness_ Swaragini Ch 6


“Chapter 6!”

“What is wrong with you?” Ragini cried in annoyance. “You agreed before, that you gonna play my part than how did you manage to make yourself sick, as soon as we returned from the campus.” She whined, ‘it’s cheating!”

“Sorry Ragini,” Swara feign a sneeze, “guess I’m born delicate.” listening to Swara only aggravated Ragini.

“Like, I don’t know you any better!” Ragini dashed to Swara’s side and hugged her tightly, slamming her against the wall. While Swara was struggling out of the bear’s grip which Ragini had on her, but for no avail. “we are sisters, in sickness and health, till death do us part; we have even share the same carton of milk and now we gonna share the cold as well. I won’t let go until I catch the sickness you got prone too.”

“We are not married, stop the pretence of imitating!” Swara, her words were audible across the room. “_and we didn’t share the carton of milk because you never left me any to begin with!”

“Such a lie, a drop and two must have been left_ did you check?” Ragini sounded confident.

“I think our parents gonna thank me someday, if I’m gonna kill you now!” Swara pushed Ragini back, they pulled onto each other, it was a worse scenario of girls going all out for a catfight.

Next day, Ragini was sulking but she remembered Swara’s promise to make a switch before the play, which was on the upcoming week. Laksh had planned the same with Sanskar but was not aware Sanskar had his own plan. With all the confusion going around Mr Bose announced rehearsals will be conducted with the respective character clothing, they going to enact in a play with- to get a feel of their character.

Ragini entered dressed as Romeo, she wore a doublet over her shirt with a seam at the waist and baggy pants supported by hooks inside the waistline over which the stocking was pulled, with her broad fitting shoes allowing her to fit the legs snugly.

Sanskar entered dressed as Juliet, he worn taffeta gown in green, with the short waist and wearing gorgeous pearls and jewels to his long wavy layered wig, gloves and shoes equally elaborate. He fumed at Ragini when his friend whistled loudly at his attire but what irritated Sanskar most was Ragini was the loudest in the group.

Sanskar, the JULIET:
“Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, girl!”

Ragini, the ROMEO:
“What satisfaction canst thou give me? My dear?”

“Thou shalt not dare, if thou know me!”

“The exchange of thy sorrow’s pleasing vow for mine.”

“I shall regret, to have thee still stand there,
Remembering how I hate thy company.”

“And I’ll still stay, to have thee still regret,
Forgetting any other place but this.”

“Sweet, so would I:
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.”

“O blessed, blessed life! Thou scare me.
Too flattering-sweet enough to make me laugh_”

“Yes, enough!” Mr Bose spoke out loud. “I went out for a second and what do I see as soon as I return, ‘a brand-new era of Romeo Juliet,’ people who were supposed to be lovebirds now ended up aiming at each others throat. You guys can’t you just keep your quarrel aside and focus on the real play; huh?” He utter a sigh. ”Both of you go and cool off that hot head of yours, we going to rehearse for the remaining characters of the play.”

Both Ragini and Sanskar gave each other a hateful look, “It’s your fault!” They said in the same moment. “GO_!” Mr Bose voice screeched, they vanish in unison.


“So, did you manage to cool your head during rehearsals?” Swara asked Ragini when she returned.

“Omg! Did Mr Bose rang at home too?” Ragini stood stumped.

“No! Why did you ask? Oh,” Swara looked straight up at the Ragini, don’t tell me Mr Bose asked you to do the same, that implies you weren’t able to keep your head cool.” Swara giggled, “I should have known.”

“It’s all Sanskar’s fault, he alter the script to his likes.” Said Ragini, taming her wild hair which was floating all across her face.

“an-d what did you do?” Swara eyed Ragini suspiciously.

“_I? I just modify a bit, to bring out the best in the script.” Protested Ragini.

“In other terms you both messed around with the script, to make yourselves feel better.” Swara raised her brows at Ragini. “Poor Romeo Juliet, if only they knew who’s going to enact their lives in the future, they would have died of shock before the need of poison.”

“Stop fooling around Swara, you know well Sanskar is to blame for all that happened. But I must say, he look quiet a beauty in that stunning Juliet’s attire.” Ragini added Sarcasm. “Maybe, he may not have much chance being Sanskar but if he continues being a girl, he will never go unmarried.”

“You guys did the dress rehearsal already?” Swara her eyes gleamed, “Sanskar as Juliet! What engrossing sight it must have been. I wish I could have seen with my own eyes, I could have laughed my heart out_ if only I were not sick and forced to stay home.”

“You know your not sick because I know your not?” Ragini blurted out almost immediately after Swara went quiet. “But don’t you worry my princess, I’m your guardian fairy who brings your wishes true.” Ragini beamed. “Look what I got, ta-da!” Said Ragini, shoving her cell phone in Swara’s face. “Now by waving my phone, I will just press three magical buttons, Camera-Photos-Gallery! WALAA! Feast your eyes my darling, presenting Sanskar as Juliet. ENJOY!” Ragini laughed evilly, Swara felt the chills. “More!” Ragini gazed like she was possessed, “…more, I got lot more.”

Swara wanted to ask when did Ragini got the time to click pictures. “Rather not! If Ragini were to go any crazy–” Swara swallowed the lump back in her throat. “I’m too young too die.”


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