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Chandrashekhar 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra hits Sindhal

Chandrashekhar 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagrani sending off Sitaram. She asks kids to come and freshen up to have food. Chandra says they have no clothes, what will they wear after having bath. She makes them wear Chandra’s clothes. Chandra likes them. Jagrani laughs talking to kids. She asks them to have food. Shambunath asks Sitaram not to talk of ethics, what is Britishers doing, they are looting the country, so Sindhal is also looting them in anger, who will pay for it. Policemen go for lunch. Varsha calls Shambunath for having lunch. Shambunath asks Sitaram to have food. He praises his determination to have work. He asks what happened.

They see Sindhal and his men coming to loot the grains. Sindhal says everyone is gone, give me locker keys. He hurts Shambunath and gets the keys. Chandra sits to have

food. He teaches them prayers. Jagrani explains them to thank Lord for giving food. They eat food. She asks them not to go out. Sursi says we will stay inside the house, don’t worry. Jagrani asks Chandra to take food for Sitaram, he is at Shambunath’s house. Sindhal takes the jewelry as well. Shambunath asks them to take everything. Sindhal asks for grains. Sitaram says I won’t let you take grains. Sindhal says let us take the grains if you want your life. Sitaram says no, it belongs to Shambunath. Sindhal says he serves Britishers. Chandra comes to Shambunath’s house. Sindhal says I m one of your people. Sitaram says no, I m not like you, Shambunath asked me to protect the godown, I won’t let you take any grains.

Sindhal keeps knife at his neck. Chandra comes there and gets shocked. Sitaram sees him and gets shocked. He asks Chandra to run. Chandra hits Sindhal with his catapult and hurts his forehead. Sindhal asks his men to catch Chandra, how dare he. Sitaram worries. Chandra runs in the jungle. He goes to policemen and says those men are looting Shambunath’s house, go fast. Sindhal’s men run away. Sindhal says so this was that guy Chandra, who didn’t let my aim get fulfilled, he had no fear in his eyes. The man asks Sindhal to leave, policemen are coming. Shambunath asks Sindhal not to take his earnings. Sindhal hits him. He says I will remember this wound, and won’t let you and your son forget this. He leaves. Sitaram asks policemen to follow Sindhal. He goes to call Vaid.

Sitaram is on the way. Policeman says kids are still the same in number. Gomes asks him to count them. Tatya worries. Policemen says you are right, three kids are missing, they are Mukhiya’s kids. Gomes says maybe Mukhiya knows Sindhal and he has helped the kids escape. Constable says Tatya is still here. Tatya says I don’t know about them. Gomes scolds him. He aims the gun at him and shoots. Tatya gets scared and falls down. Gomes says you didn’t get shot. Tatya says leave me. Gomes says don’t give him food till he tells about the kids. Vaid checks Shambunath and gives medicines. Varsha thanks him. Patwari comes and asks what happened, I would have not let this happen. Inspector says we have secured the place, don’t worry. Watson says Sindhal has done this. Inspector says he has attacked Watson and kidnapped three Bheel kids from railway line, his end is close. Chandra tells his friends how he has hit Sindhal. Jagrani asks Chandra to look out of window and tell what happened. He sees policemen guarding. She asks why did they come here. Policemen make a tent to live there.

Sitaram comes home and asks for Chandra. He says Bheel kids are missing. Jagrani stops him. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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