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Blood For Love (Episode 8)

Deep enters arohi’s room and tries to find her

Deep:Where is she

Deep is about to leave when he stops

Deep:Why do my heart says that arohi you’re in trouble I should also check bathroom

He first hesitates but then enters the bathroom  he goes towards the bathtub he is shocked to find arohi lying unconscious


He takes her out of the tub he takes her outside and makes her lay on the bed he checks her nerves

Deep:Thank god she is still breathing

He puts blanket on her he tries to revive her

Deep:For god sake open your eyes I will not be able to live without you

Suddenly arohi coughs and open her eyes

Deep:Arohi!Thank god finally you opened your eyes

Arohi:Why do it all feel like it all has happened before

Deep:Because it has happened before

Arohi:It was in the past I don’t love you anymore

Deep:You’re lying

Arohi:And how are you soo sure

Deep:Your eyes they never lie and that show how much love and care you have for me

Arohi:Don’t use filmy dialogs these are not working on me

Deep:Then why would I save you

Arohi:I don’t know

Deep:OK close your eyes and think about love the first thing that comes in your mind is the person you love

Arohi close her eyes and thinks about love she remembers all the moments spend with Deep she smiles


Deep:I knew it look you also said my name smiling

Arohi opens her eyes and is confused

Arohi:Why did I say deep’s name

Deep:Because you love me

Arohi:It can’t be how could I love you I have suffered enough because of you

Deep:I know that I hurted you but don’t say that my love was just a betrayal your the only person that I would die in love for you

Arohi:Ok maybe I do

Arohi starts to  her and wipes her tears

Deep:It will turn all these tears into flowers for you

Arohi:I need sometime to think please leave me alone for sometime

Deep:OK I am leaving but take care of yourself and please change your clothes

Deep leaves he goes to his room and changes he sits on his bed and holds a photo of arohi

Arohi:How could I love a man that ruined my life

Deep:I know it’s hard for you to accept
Arohi:He did save bhabi and nikku but only because of my one and only bhayia died

Deep:I know only because of me your brother died and I should be punished

Arohi:I should give him a chance to clear all the misunderstandings between us

Deep:Arohi just give me a chance to clear all the misunderstandings between us

They both sleep .After sometime deep wakes up to drink water but the jug of water is empty he goes to kitchen after drinking water he passes by arohi’s room he sees her shivering he touches her and finds that her clothes are still wet

Deep:I told you to change your clothes but you didn’t now I can’t even change them with out your permission

He thinks for something and then goes to his room he brings some extra blankets he puts them on arohi while putting the blankets arohi change side hugging deep

Deep:(with a big smile on his face)Even in your sleep you can’t stay away from me

He tries to get away

Deep:If a move a little bit her sleep will be disturbed

He sleeps .In the morning Arohi wakes up as soon as she sees deep.She pushes him off the bed.Deep wakes up

Deep:Why did you do that

Arohi:What are you(sneezes )in my room

Deep:To cover you up but still you’re sneezing

Arohi:Then why would you stay here

Deep:I was leaving when you hugged me

Arohi:I didn’t do that

Deep:Yes you did in your sleep

Arohi:I am going to change

Deep:See you at dinning table

At the dinning table everyone is having breakfast when police comes there with tara

Tara:I am the real arohi and she is tara

Arohi:What the hell are you saying don’t believe her

Deep:Yes inspector she is my arohi Tara is only deciving you

Tara:Sir look what I told you this proves I am real arohi

Inspector:Your game is over miss arohi aka tara your comming with us

The police arrests arohi and takes her with them Deep tries to stop them but he fails


Tara:Look how smart am I just gave them a fake video and they trusted me

Deep:You’re comming with me we are going to police station

Tara:Look first hear what’s going to happen with arohi she will go to jail the jailer will beat her up and then she will go to the same cell where mom is kept and then she will be beaten up to her death

Deep:No this can’t happen

Deep is about to leave when some goons start to beat him up Deep fights back when tara hits him from behind.

Tara:Look deep look at your arohi

Tara shows deep the live video from jail where the jailer is beating arohi up


Tara:There is no one to help her because you’re also going to die with her

The goons beat deep up after soo much beating deep faints and the goons throw him in the forest that is miles away from the jail where arohi is

In the jail

The jailer finishes beating arohi up they throw her into the cell where Roma virat and Prithvi are ready to kill her

Roma:Look who is here

Arohi looks at them with burning eyes she tries to stand up but her legs gave up

Virat:Me and Prithvi will help her to stand up

They both pick her up Roma picks a rod from the floor and starts beating arohi up

Virat:Mom I also want to beat her

Roma:Virat bad manners


Roma:But you can help

Virat takes the rod from Roma and starts hitting arohi brutally.After taking so many hits arohi’s body gave up she starts to bleed blood starts dripping from her head.Blood comes out from her mouth  she falls to the ground


Roma virat and Prithvi starts laughing at her

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