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Belan Wali Bahu 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kamini marries Dada by cheating

Belan Wali Bahu 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pinky says to Dada that we get 6 months’ pay if we are thrown out of house. Dada says what? Kamini says leave it, we dont need money, we just need sign on contract, this is exit contract which says that you people are throwing us without reason, we didnt do any less work of any stealing, remember I showed you contract before, this will get us new work. Dada says okay I will sign it, should we read it? Suzzi says this is just exit contract, sign it. Dada signs on it, Kamini signs on papers too, she asks Prem and Lata to sign as witnesses, they do, she takes papers and leave with her daughters. Roopa and other women are happy. Roopa thanks Laddo’s ghost. They all thank God.

Lata makes vanilla icecream and serve it to everyone, all men make faces and try to make others

eat it.

In morning, train passesby, Lata asks everyone to hold things down, servants are not in house anymore. They come in lounge to see Kamini and her daughters holding things down. They are stunned to see their modern and nice clothes. Lata says how are you back and getup changed? Kamini says bride has comeback home. Jitendra asks Pinky and Chinki got married? Kamini says no I got married. Lata says in this age? Kamini says Dada got married too, Dada says no. Lata asks why are you here? Kamini says I am here to get this property and money, I am new Dadi, I am Dada’s wife now, I married him. All are stunned. Suzzi says he cant even walk, how can he get married to you? dada says she is lying. Kamini says we got married infront of you all, she shows them papers which are marriage papers. Pinky says we hid these papers in contract papers so Dada signed on marriage papers. Dada is now our father. Prem asks them to leave. Kamini says I am your mother now, this is our house now. Roopa says but its Dada’s house. Kamini says Dada is ours so we will do what we want here, I am Kamini Rajnat Awasti now and if you try to do anything then I will call police and tell them you are doing domestic violence. Dada says why did you do it? Kamini says we wanted a chance so we got it, we used to do small stealing but thought to do something big so we did this marriage here, she goes to put her things in room. Jitendra says Dada shoutl have read papers, they all fight over whose mistake it is.
Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that these servants have done bad. Laddo’s ghost says I used to read all papers and do all paperwork in house, I am gone so this is happening, you people dont listen to me so find solution yourself, he leaves. Roopa says dont know what these servants will do now.

Scene 2
Suzzi checks Dada’s BP and asks him to not take tension. Kamini comes there and says arent you ashamed to come to newly weds room? leave from here and do hard work. Dada says she works for me only. Kamini says Suzzi will do all housework from now on, Suzzi sadly leaves.

Naren is talking to his girlfriend on phone. Pinky and Chinky throws his clothes and says we will live in this room so you get lost, Nare cries and leaves.

Roopa talks to Lata, Shalini and Suzzi. Roopa says I didnt know that these servants will be so clever. Kamini comes there and says who will make food? if you want to live in house then have to do work, make food of my liking, she gives them a long list. Lata is stunned. Kamini says go and start working, she leaves.

Roopa and Lata are working in kitchen. Lata says I was crazy to bring those servants here. Roopa says bad days will be over soon, Lata is angry, Roopa gives her things to break. Lata throws things in anger. Kamini comes there and asks what is happening here? Kamini shouts at Lata and Roopa and ask them to clean dishes in two minutes, you all are useless and lazy. Roopa and Lata are stunned. Shalini comes there. Kamini asks where were you? if you dont work then you wont get food. Shalini says me? ghost has held me. Kamini says ghost left, she drags Shalini to roof and says wash these clothes, you will get food after you do this work. Shalini cries and starts washing them.

Roopa serves food to Kamini. Suzzi brings Dada’s wheelchair there. Kamini says I told you to not be near him, he has wife and doesnt need you, go and work, Suzzi leaves. Kamini asks Dada to get up. Jitendra says but.. Kamini asks him to shut up. Kamini says you have to walk to remain active, stand up. Dada stands up and stumbles. Kamini sits on wheelchair and asks Dada to give her a round, all look on.

PRECAP- Roopa says to family that Kamini is blackmailing us because she has contract papers, what if we get that file and tear it, Naren says then she will not have any proof, she has kept contract papers in grey file.
All family members look around house and find grey file, they all get some grey file. Roopa says to family that I got contract papers file, they all show her that they found some file too, Roopa is shocked to see so many files.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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