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Always Swasan FF part 20

After somedays everything became smooth in Anshi’s life.  After the 1st encounter Adinshi met at office. She again tried to fight but he deals with her calmly and they become friends.. They often see each other and talk each other on phone.. But Anshi has some guilt in mind. She is sitting under a tree in College Park. She is thinking she want to share everything with her best friend but couldn’t get any courage.  Something else too bothering her is that if she see any romantic movies she remembers adithya.. Why? She doesn’t know. She wanted to share these with Toshi but she can’t.  If she says about him she has to talk to him that how did she meet him.. Thinking about this Tears started to flow from her eyes….. This was seen by Tushar..  He ran to her.

Tus: ( cups her face) Anshi why r u crying?  What happened to u?  Tell me?  Did mami scold u? What happened dear?  Tell me.. ur best friend is here?

She noded negatively.  She has guilt to misunderstand her friend as a lover.  She doesn’t have to fear to talk with him.  But she doesn’t know why is she fearing him.  It will definitely break his heart. His best friend loves him.. No.. No it’s not love, misunderstood his friendship as love he will definitely break down..

Tus: Anshi what are you thinking?  Tell me na..

She noded negatively. She couldn’t control and started to cry. Thushar hugs her and pats her shoulder..

Tus: if you don’t want to talk to me now.  It’s OK.  I will wait for it. Whenever you want to talk to me I will be there always..  Don’t cry.. You don’t know whenever you cried u will look like a  bhoothini, chudail or whatever I can’t describe Anshi…

she didn’t realize what he told… She nodes her head.. He controls his laugh..

Ans: yeah… I know.. (realize what he told. ) what? You  devil what did you say? (he started to laugh loudly) ugh… I won’t talk to you…

She looks other side.  He stopped his  laugh and went to her to pacify.  But she went away from him. He again came to her.  She takes her bag and walks.. But stopped hearing a guitar sounds.  She looks behind. Her best friend standing there holding a guitar. He started to sing.. She started to walk..

Oh oh oh my freind tidthe titey nanne
oh oh oh my freind kodthe kottey anthe
oh oh oh my freind i am so sorry siri bunga muthe petaku ala

Oh oh oh my freind tidthe titey nanne
oh oh oh my freind kodthe kottey anthe
oh oh oh my freind i am so sorry siri bunga muthe petaku ala
ne alakalona mana mana palakalona teliyani sangeetamedo unde
sara samana ninnano anna saheli thoda tho samjona

Chirugalithe edo tiyani hariveena
vadagalithe edo badhani telipena
chitapata chinuke neku taalam nerpena
saare kaniree geyam vane vanena
palike vedatam aina inka saramsam aina
kalige anandam aina ragile avesam aina sangeetam kada

Oh oh oh my freind tidthe titey nanne
oh oh oh my freind kodthe kottey anthe
oh oh oh my freind i am so sorry siri bunga muthe petaku ala
ne alakalona mana mana palakalona teliyani sangeetamedo unde
sara samana ninnano anna saheli thoda tho samjona

Sunday monday antu rojulu eduna
reyi pagalu maravu enduku emaina
ali antham rendu teliyavu anukuna
gamanam nuvvai munduku sagali antuna
cheritai velagalanukunte aruvu sagali anthe
gelupu votami anavi gamayam kadani teliyali anthe
kanulaki kalalundali le kadaku malupu undali le edi emaina friend..

Finally the best friends got patched up… Anshi thought she will say everything after sometimes..

One day she went to college alone as Tushar went to college early.. On the way sanswara and Sanskriti joined with her. When she entered the the college she froze there.  Because they enter into a romantic spot.  There is a stage decorated with flowers, balloon, etc.. Thushar is standing holding a Mike looking at sanswara intensely and lovingly. She looks at sanswara she is standing freezed.. But Sanskriti has teasing smile. She looks at him and signs👍. She gets hurt, her best friend proposing his girl and he didn’t inform anything to her.. She went from there.. Tushar is looking at sanswara because of that he didn’t see Anshi… He started to sing..

Pehli Nazar Mein Kaise Jaado Kar Diya Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga Kya Hoga Kya Pata Is Pal Ko Milke Aa Jee Le Zara
Mein Hoon Yahan Tu Hai Yahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Aa Bhi Ja
O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa
O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jaha Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa

Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You … So..
Baby I Love U Oh I Love U I Love U I Love U So
Baby I Love U
Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai Tujhse Hai Rahtein
Tujhse Hai Chahtein
Har Dua Mein Shamil Tera Pyaar Hai Bin Tere Lamha Bhi Dushwar Hai
Dhadhkon Ko Tujhe Se Hi Darkar Hai Tujhse Hai Rahtein
Tujhse Hai Chahtein

Tu Jo Mili Ek Din Mujhe Mein Kahin Ho Gaya Lapata
(O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa ) ….. 2
(Kar Diya Deewana Dard-E-Kash Ne Chain Cheena Isqh Ke Ehsaas Ne
Bekhayali Di Hai Tere Pyaas Ne Chaya Suroor Hai
Kuch To Zaroor Hai) ….. 2
Yeh Dooriyan Jeene Na De Hal Mera Tujhe Na Pata
(O Jaan-E-Jaan Dono Jahan Meri Bahon Mein Aa Bhool Ja Aa) ….. 2
Baby I Love U, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You, Baby I Love You … So..
Baby I Love U Oh I Love U Baby I Love U I Love U… ….

Tushar then sat on his knees infront of sanswara

Tus: I love you sanswara.. Will you be my girlfriend

sweetu: yes…

They hugged each other.. Kritu came there and hugs them..

Kritu : congrats guys…

Then only Tushar notices that Anshi is missing..

Tus: where is Anshi??

Meanwhile in beach,  Anshi is sitting in the beach looking at waves.. Thinking something deeply.

“you are also doing something to him ” a voice came from behind..it’s Adi..he came and sat beside him

Ans: I know  I am also doing the same thing with him.  It’s the most important thing in my life.  He should know that.  Its true.. But I’m his best friend it’s my right he should inform me, he should plan.. No he hasn’t said that to kritu..

Adi: may be he did that to surprise you too…

Ans: may be.   Wait.. Wait…  How did you know that?

Adi: what (casually)

She looks at him for a  moment.  Then take a breath.. Then stood infront of him. He also stand up and looks at her confused.  She crossed her arms over chest.

Ans:(sternly): how did you know about me and Toshi  I didn’t tell you anything. Then how did you know that I  am here.  Are you stalking me?

Adi now understand what is she talking.  He looks at her then take a deep breath..

adi: Yeah I was stalking you from 2 years. When  I saw u During my college days  I fell in love with u.. By stalking you I understand ur misunderstanding.  I thought to wait for you. When right time come I will tell u everything..

He sat on  his knees

Adi: yes  Ms. Swaranshi Sanskar Maheshwari, I am in love with you.. I love you so much…

She is about say something, She sees that her phone Ringing.  The phone was silent so she didn’t hear anY call.. . She takes it..

Ans: bhai I’m OK.  Now I’mJust busy. I will talk to you later in home..

Sanky(on phone): deal calmly..

Ans: you know about this..

Sanky: if anything happens behind my sister. I should know about it na.. Dad also scolded him

Ans: OK bhai I will handle it..

Hang off….

Ans(to Adi) : u know my…

Adi(stand up) : Ms. Swaranshi…

Ans: call me Anshi….

Adi: we both are strangers na. (she glared him)  OK OK sorry sorry… Anshi I was following u 2 years.. I know u misunderstood ur friendship as love.. U r overcoming it… U will do that.. I will wait for u…

Ans: it not like that Adi. I already overcome it.. But when I thought about you I got a feeling.  It’s true.. I am fearing that if it also will be my misunderstanding only..  If it’s Toshi case, before I express it to him I got to know that.  But ur case is different.

Adi: now also u didn’t express.. Give a chance to me.. We will try our best..i know one day u will feel my love.

Ans: thank you Adi. Thank you for understanding me.. I want to feel ur love with all my heart.. We will give a chance for this. We will try our best… Thank you for…..

Adi: Anshi I am sanskar Maheshwari’s employee and u r his daughter. Then u also breaking his rules (she looks confused)

Ans(realizing): OK no sorry no thank you…

They Laughed each other.. But they are interrupted by a shout..

“Anshi what are you doing here?”
They looks behind and it’s Tushar… He came towards them.

Tus: who is he?

Ans: he?.. He is Aditya  my new friend… CEO of SRM industries…

Tus: Ohho… (to Anshi) why did u come here?  U know I was searching u everywhere.

Ans:  u.. U r asking this.  U didn’t inform me anything about ur proposals. U informed kritu not me.  How can u do this Toshi

Tus: Oh my God for this u came here. I did that to surprise you..

Ans: I am not ur girlfriend but Sweetu.. U have to surprise her not me.. Didn’t u see bhai and bhai’s buddy did… (make faces)

Tus: I am sorry meri maa… I am sorry I didn’t a mistake. Now plz come with me, there she is sitting sadly thinking u don’t like her and our relationship…

Ans: what? (he nodded)  u know u both are Idiots. Eenampechik marappatti koot…

Tus: hey(yelled)

Ans: sorry sorry chakkikkotha changaran…

(My Other keralite readers both Malayalam words meaning is made for each other)

tus: hmm come with me now…

Ans: bye Adi…

Tus: bye CEO…

Adi: bye…

They went from there.. Adi is looking at them with a smile

Adi(monologue): Innocence,childishness  and maturity are joinning hands ..i really love you so much Anshi…

Anshi and Tushar is get into the bike. She stopped and looked behind and shouted

Ans: Adi did u call me..

She got smack on head by Tushar.

Tus: if he calls u, I can also hear. I didn’t hear anything.  Then how did you.

Ans: sorry I thought like that. (they went from there)

Adi: u already started to fall in love with me… When you will realize

“she will realize soon ” a voice came from behind. He looks behind and shocked seeing his boss.  Yes it’s sanskar.

San: but she is swara’s daughter. She will take so much time.

Sw: ohO morning u r scolding him now supporting.  haa u r right,she is my daughter she is my daughter, she will realize late but Won’t Leave u ever.  (to Adi) But U don’t be like ur boss. If she confess u don’t push her away.. (make faces)

San: but our situation is different.
She is about to argue. But sanskar stopped her  then looks at Adi who is looking at them smilingly..

San: don’t u have any job in office.. (he nodded) then go. (he went.. But swasan continue their nokjhoks)

After somedays sanShiTus are in market.  Anshi is selecting something.. But she didn’t like anything.. SanTus Are getting irritated..

Sanky: anshi select anything doll.. U r searching for longtime

Tus: Ha..if don’t want  anything we will go from here. It’s so hot..

Ans: if it’s ur girlfriend, u will be hangout with them happily in this hot day.. I know u both don’t love me. I don’t want anything. I’m going.. I will tell this to uttara bua.

She went from there. SanTus look at eachother then ran behind her.. Anshi is walking angrily is bumped to a girl..

Ans: sorry dear I didn’t see u..

Girl: (crying)  kritu. (Anshi looks at her shocked seeing sanswara.)

Ans: Sweetu what happened? Why r u crying? Where is kritu ?

She looks at Anshi and hugs her Tightly and crying Loudly. Meanwhile SanTus also came there and looks tensed seeing her like that.

Swee: kritu is kidnapped …that manager kidnapped her..

Sanky(sit beside her and cups her face) : don’t worry Sweetu nothing will happen to kritu. We will find them this ur bhai’s promise…

Ans:(to Sweetu)  did she wear that watch(she nodes). (to Sanskrit) bhai it’s my watch. I lost it and she found it. U already gave me another watch so I gave it to her.. It has GPS na…

Sanky: OK u both go home we will come with kritu..

They both went from there. Sweetu and Anshi went to swasan mansion..

Swasan mansion

Anshi and sweetu come inside and sat on couch.. Sweetu is crying. Servant gave them water..

Ans: Kaka where is ma papa and others..

“Ur ma and others went to temple.  Ur papa is here ” Anshi look upward and saw that sanskar coming down.. Sweetu shocked seeing sanskar.

San: who is she what happened to her?

Ans: papa she is Sweetu.. Our friend and Tushar’s… (sanskar understood)  and Sweetu he is….(interrupted by Sweetu)

Sweetu: BADE PAPA.  .

[now do u understand who is SanSan😜]😜
sanskar and Anshi looks at her shocked..

“what did you call him” a voice came from behind..

They looks behind and saw the whole family there.  Swara is the who asked her.

Sweetu: MAUSI…

everyone gasped hearing this.

San:  Who are you?

Ans: what’s your name Sweetu.
She looks at her and everyone.

Sweetu:(hesitate)  Sanswara… Sanswara Laksh Maheshwari

Everyone become shocked first she is the one who Tushar loves and she is Raglak’s daughter. That time SanTus came there with Sanskriti. SanTus also shocked hearing this.

Kritu: Chachu….

Everyone looks shocked seeing her…

Sanky: why r u calling my father like this. Who are you now?

Kritu: Sanskriti Adarsh.

Sanskar: don’t U know U have to say ur full name..

Sweetu: that’s her full name badepapa. Daddu disowned him when he came back.  He asked to adarsh papa don’t use Maheshwari name with his name.  Adarsh papa and pari maa are not living with us.  Till u forgive them he won’t forgive… Dadi also…

Kritu: and I’m not their own daughter. My maa can’t conceive so they adopted me… Plz Chachu plz come with us..

Sweetu: ha mausi.. Plz come with us.. They are repenting..

Sw: first of all I’m not ur mausi. I am neither gagodia or bose. I’m malhotra. Raj malhotra’s daughter. I have only one Brother no sisters. U can call me Badimaa not mausi.. Sanky, Tushar drop them to their hostel..

Sweetu and kritu is cryingly starts to go. Then only she got a call.

Sweetu on phone : ha maa..


Swee: no.. I have fever.. But why are u Crying..


Swee: what.. Is dadi OK.. We are coming back…

She cut the call. Everyone looks at her worriedly.  She looks at everyone.. Then come to sanskar..

Swee: dadu got heart attack.. He is critical condition.. Plz forgive them
Kritu: plz come with us Chachu

Ram is looking hurt.  Sujatha console him whatever he did he is still his bhai. He can’t leave him like that. Seeing his dad like that Sanskar closes his eyes painfully.  Then hugs both the girls and comfort them. Swara also came there and strokes their hairs..

San: Manish..

Man: everything is ready sir.. All of our tickets to kolkatha are ready.  Our flight is after 3hrs.

Sw: Anshi, Urmi, take them with you and get ready. Then go with them to hostel and help them to get ready. Then directly come to airport..

Anshi and Urmi nodes…

To be continued…

Precap: back to kolkatha..

Don’t ask me next part soon because I didn’t write it till now.. I have to do 3 things

1. My head is spinning like hell.. I have to take rest

2. I have a paper to study for tomorrow

3. I have to update next part of my FS on Monday.  I’m going to write it only.. Else u all will kill me na…

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